Second Life as the Sister of a Goddess

by Jemini

Original HIATUS Action Drama Fantasy Psychological Female Lead Gender Bender High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Strategy Strong Lead Supernatural War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Traumatising content

He had lived a good life. A man who traveled the world, saw the cultures, learned the languages. For a period, he had even discovered a historical preservation of a martial art practiced by the Samuri and Ninja in Japan that caught his interest. He learned it until he had attained a level of mastery worthy to instruct those back in his home in the United States.

Before he settled down to become a teacher, he first became a nurse. It was too late to go through the intense schooling to become a doctor, but he had been inspired by the Indian and Chinese traditions of the strong link between the ways of healing and the ways of body mastery that are the core of the martial arts.

He settled down and had his family, opened his school, and taught several students. It was a good life, his 60 years. But then, when he had finished the children’s class one day in which his own grandaughter was a student, he decided to take her for icecream. That was when it all went wrong.

He was fine after the accident. His grandaughter… was not. In that moment, someone claiming to be a fallen goddess promised him the ability to take the consequences of his mistake entirely onto himself. He would die, his grandaughter would live on in perfect health. In this moment of weakness, he could not possibly refuse.

The last thing he knew in his life was that his precious granddaughter had been saved. The first thing he knew in his next life was that he was in the womb, and he was a twin. A twin he would later discover was the very goddess who helped him to save his granddaughter.


Rest of the series is on Scribble Hub (Plan on releasing often until this site is current with SH)

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Word Count (11)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue:A fateful car ride ago
Chapter 1: An infant can do nothing ago
Chapter 2: What I have discovered ago
Chapter 3: Karie and Levin ago
Chapter 4: On the way back ago
Chapter 5: The truth about myself ago
Chapter 6: Master Eirlathion ago
Chapter 7: Learning the local language ago
Chapter 8: First words ago
Chapter 9: What the elves think ago
Chapter 10: The knowledge of gods and mortals ago
Chapter 11: Things progress and things change ago
Chapter 12: Of two minds ago
Chapter 13: Reasons and regrets ago
Chapter 14: Planning and allies ago
Chapter 15: Confrontations ago
Chapter 16: The truth I already knew ago
Chapter 17: Feigning illness ago
Chapter 18: The calling of heaven ago
Chapter 19: The end and beginning of the life of Túeth ago
(Intermission) Lore chapter1: Gaerien's lessons ago
Chapter 20: New opportunities ago
Chapter 21: Second Apprentice? ago
Chapter 22: Elder’s concerns ago
Chapter 23: Can't even come clean ago
Chapter 24: Baby steps ago
Chapter 25: Behind your back ago
Chapter 26: Into the fire of knowledge ago
Chapter 27: Let the learning begin ago
Chapter 28: Drawing inspiration ago
Chapter 29: Cultivation for everyone ago
Chapter 30: Revealing of secrets ago
Chapter 31: A call to arms ago
(Intermission) Lore Chapter 2: Four paths of cultivation. ago
Chapter 32: Anticipation of war ago
Chapter 33: Organizing ago
Chapter 34: New arrangements decided ago
Chapter 35: No longer together ago
Chapter 36: Battle preparations ago
Chapter 37: The calm ago
Chapter 38: Sense of dread ago
Chapter 39: Hidden conflict ago
Chapter 40: Guardians' rage ago
Chapter 41: Túeth's realization ago
Chapter 42: Aftermath, putting the pieces together ago
1st Arc epilogue: What really happened ago
Lore chapter 3: Catalog of the fey ago
Intermission: IRL lore origins ago

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A slight twist on the reincarnation story, it's pretty interesting but very slow.

We are at c.28 still not even at 1year old, so if there isn't a comparatively huge time skip sometime soon this will stay a rather mellow growing up story.

For that reason I can't really say much more about the story either, the character development and magic system seem pretty solid, but because of the small timeframe of the story there is nothing substantial there yet.

What I can say, and what really impressed me, is the detail, not only in describing the world and happenings but the knowledge.

It feels like the Author has real knowledge or at least done proper research on topics talked about, be it the development of infants, or meditation and martial arts.

Not like many other stories where, when the plot needs it, the author makes up some half facts or just complete mumbo jumbo for the character to seem smart, this at least appears grounded in real facts.


All in All I would definitely recommend giving this a read if you are not bothered by the reincarnated and living as a baby scenario, and even then its not the typical living in a peasant family learning everything early and becoming a magic genius (tho there is lots of the learning stuff early, just made a little more interesting than just sneaking in to read books or something)

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Starts a tiny bit slow but more than makes up for it in depth. The story is very detailed but all of the descriptions and world building is well spread out and never become bothersome.

At the time of this review (ch 40) the Mc is a cuple of months old still yet somehow i actually care about him. A step above 97.8% of all other portal fantasies on this site. Expect to see this on trending real soon :)

Don Wihongi
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I worry for this one, but it is good (for now)

Reviewed at: Intermission: IRL lore origins

It's all right, no actually it's better than that, it's good, but it's going down a route im uncertain about.

Not really a spoiler but the protag gets kinda overpowered far too quickly with no signs of any real opposition in sight just relatively smooth sailing on all sides.

(the dark elves don't count, they seem pretty pathetic so far)

So while im hoping we won't have a goku situation (where the explosions do nothing but get bigger, boring) I fear it might happen.

Other than that most things seem pretty smooth, grammar has no obvious flaws, characters are simple but likable enough and overall it is a decent read.

(Oh and yeah im not much of a fan of such easy cultivation methods giving one god powers, that is just silly and too easy, power should be hard-won, training in the Himalayas and humming does not count, otherwise we would all be gods)

  • Overall Score

This novel is very slow and very in-depth.If you want a fun story you have to read a lot in to this if you want that.