Apocalypse Born

Apocalypse Born

by artifex

The world as we know it ends in the year 2000. Over the course of a week, billions die and the survivors are faced with a reality that no longer makes sense. Can they fight back against wizards, monsters, and robots in a world where none of the old rules seem to apply, and their only ally is a mysterious heads-up display that reads like a particularly uninterested narrator?

Well, that part of the story's mostly done.

Hunter, instead of being alive in the age of heroes and martyrs, bravely fighting for the future of his entire planet, is born in 2003. By the time he can walk and talk, humanity has already fought back the worst of its demons and settled into its new status quo. What's an easily bored kid supposed to do in the Midwest when there's all this magic and nothing to do with it?

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The world building is good, but the frequent immersion breaking is distracting

Reviewed at: 7: Never Been Home Alone

The grammar is excellent in this story, the story isn't bad at all, the character is kinda "meh" but has plenty of room for growth, but the writing style is terrible.

For some reason, the author has decided to mix 3rd person view with 1st person annecdotes.  This does not work.  At all.  It is extremely distracting trying to read a paragraph that has one thing in 3rd person, then the MC inputs his 2 cents 1st person style, then goes back to 3rd person. 

Another baffaling choice is that the MC has 3 different names in the first chapter, gains a new name in the second, and then a 5th one a couple chapters later.  Nearly all the side characters call him something different which is a terrible choice.  And it's not like a side character is calling him "boy" or "kid" or something like that.  No, it's Schmidt, Hunter, Red, Bump, and I'm sure the author will add others for no apparent reason.  In the first chapter, there are 3 different characters that are in a conversation and there are 5 different names being thrown around.  Not easy to figure out who is who.

The grammar is quite good.  I didn't see any noticable errors through the chapters I read.  Proper your, you're and there, their, they're, etc.  So that was refreshing.

Overall, not a bad story to read.  For me though, the frequent immersion breaking of inputting 1st person POV into a 3rd person story is just too frustrating and distracting to read. 


Artifex has written a great start to the story. I really enjoyed the first 20 chapters. 
Sadly this hasn't been updated in 4 months or so. I was truly looking forward to more of this!

Hopefully Artifex is alright and one day comes back to continue this <3


So, this story has been on hiatus for more than 6 months. Clearly, it ain't coming back. Just thought I'd say that of all the stories on hiatus on RR, this is the one I would bring back if I could.

KrownoX Raven

I find the world to be interesting but there are some problems with the way the story is told.


Which nine year old thinks like that? Pewds' army doesn't seem so. Hunter and his friends' dialogues are too mature for their age, even with the timeskip. Just imagining a kid saying those lines makes me cringe a bit.

The other characters? I can't even give a fuck about what they are saying. And there are too much bullshit philosophical dialogue. You are face-smacking these values and ideas to the protagonist and even the readers. Can you do it in a more subtle way? Show don't tell?


The chapters are too long to fit all the bullshit philosophical ideas and world building together. You're even mixing them! Stop! And also, quit exposition dumping. Most readers will forget these jargon by the next 2 chapters. Only dump info that are needed.


I see so much hate in reviews but I enjoyed it very much

Reviewed at: Book 2 Prologue: Water/Levels

it’s definitely more of a chill story up to the end of the first book and I think that’s cool, getting a different perspective of the post Apocalypse and society. He’s hasn’t been gifted with a heavenbreaking cheat skill and there is no plot to destroy the evil system or defeat the evil demonlord, thank god. 


If you tune your expectations to reading a story about a (slight elite) youth growing up in a system world, spiced with adventure, slice of life and litrpg nerdcrafting, i think you will enjoy this immensely. 


Also for those complaining about lacking plot etc. it’s just the first book and im happy his family didn’t get murdered, or any other overused plottool was used for cheap story progression.



I held off reading this for quite a while since the description didn’t really appeal to me and I tend to favor actionloaded, survivalist litrpg. I am very happy I gave this a try and I am sure you would be too :D



Fantastic story with stupendous world building and believable characters. The writing is top notch quality.  There's no way this won't end up on trending.

The story follows Hunter, one of the first in the generation born after the system apocalypse. Things have settled down into a new normal, but there is still adventure and danger to be had. He takes advantage of the accumulated knowledge of the prior generation to maximize his growth potential and not fall into the same pitfalls they did. His "build" is unconventional, but works well in the system. The system itself is incredibly well designed.

Chapters are nice and long, but this is going to be a very long story. 10 chapters in and he's still only 16 years old and level 1. That's not to say he's weak and useless; he's currently gaining and maxing out a truly impressive list of skills and abilities. I guess it's more that this all feels like the opening moves in some grand epic, so there's gonna be a lot more to come.

READ. THIS. You will not regret it.



I really didn't want to make such a review like this since RR needs more post apocalyptic stories, but here goes:

I got to about chapter 12 before qutting this story.


Plot: There simply isn't any purpose to the story at all, and it almost completely lacks a plot, it is literally just exposition, nonsensical technobabble terms without explanations, and unnessary math and number crunching that adds nothing to any story, good or bad.

Characters: Every single side character is only there for answering the mc's questions, and almost none of them have any interesting personalities, the mc included.
The only slightly interesting character is his mother, and i would've much rather read a story about her life, and how she and others tackled the descent of all this change and chaos to the world, on top of the system suddenly appearing.

World Building: The world building could've been great, it has an interesting premise, and personally i always liked post apocalyptic stuff, but when everything is exposition it just loses any immersion it could've otherwise build on.

Writing Style: Very rarely have i been this annoyed by how speech and thoughts have been written and portrayed in a story, it is literally like this; Mc speaks to somebody: "Hey ummm, so like would you help me, i dunno, maybe make a robot so i can like, use it for ummm training?".

Then he thinks about some technobabble stuff and then; Somebody else says: "No no mr MC boy why you can't does she do that today, it would be better if you tell me have patience and do it tomorrow instead this now"

This is an example of how completely immersion breaking this is for me, and i've been entirely confused multiple times by how some of his toughts are written like that, while others aren't. Most of the time he sounds like a very slow witted 7-10 year old when he's speaking, while he's supposed to be 16 almost 17, and is seen as an adult. While earlier in the story when he's supposed to be 9 and 13, he throws around technobabble and terms a boy his age shouldn't know anything about.


Imo this story is yet another example of a highly overrated/over hyped story on RR, and it's kind of dissapointing to me tbh. I'm giving this story an overall 3 stars, with the possibility of a 3½-4 stars if there was a plot, and the entire style of conversations got changed and improved.

  I highly doubt it would happen though.


This is a very good post-apocalypse story!

Reviewed at: 7: Never Been Home Alone

This is probably one of the best apocqlypse fictions i have read here so far.

The characters are relatable and the surroundings are lifelike.

 The author implemented a system that makes sense, and seems to care about the people

Spoiler: Spoiler


Quiet Pup

Cool World Building With Dull Characters That Have No Purpose

Reviewed at: 8: Magic and Other Classes

All the main character does is train with no purpose. He so far has no goal, but trains anyway just to keep himself busy. All the other characters in this story do is exist to answer his questions and act ridiculously wholesome to the protagonist. The worldbuilding is interesting, but it is like I am reading a children's book that has no actual meaning to it. I know it is tagged as Slice of Life so a lot of my complaints so far could be just seen as complaints to the genre itself. To me a good Slice of Life story has to have interesting characters that interact with eachother. The main character has almost zero personality. He is polite and trains a lot, that is basically his whole character so far. His "friends" are barely ever described and he barely does anything with them. The adults in his life are just information dumps so he can continue training optimally. The only character in this whole story that I would consider interesting is the mother of the protagonist. So while the world the author is writing about is interesting it lacks any other meaningful thing a story should have.


A very good litrpg - looking forward to more, please!

Reviewed at: Book 2 Prologue: Water/Levels

 What an excellent story...  I really enjoy the MC's asides on events during the narration.   The MC is an interesting character, as are his 2 "buddies" and the rest o the supporting cast.

It's also a fairly novel litrpg system with some interesting new twists.

I hope we'll get to see book 2 soon!