Evil Dragon on Paper

by Fool

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content



No longer a dragon.

Well. Crap.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Ruth Woke Up Ugly ago
2. Ruth is Hungry ago
3. Ruth Decides On Murder For Fun And Pants. ago
4. Ruth Is Less Confident He Is A Snake ago
5. Ruth and the Deadly Text ago
6. Ruth Decides Not To Be Choosy ago
7. Ruth Is Unavailable Right Now ago
8. Ruth, The Mongeese Toll, and The Magical Haberdasher ago
9. Ruth and the Enmity ago
10. Ruth Swims Among Feeder Fish ago
11. Ruth and the Deadly Domicile ago
12. Ruth and the Thickening Plot ago
13. Ruth’s Lesson and the Haberdasher’s Perfidious Plan ago
14. Ruth and the College of Serpentine Skirmishers, pt 1. ago
15. Ruth vs The Ballista ago
16. The Patron of Ruth ago
17. Ruth is BACK BABY! ago
18. Ruth Knew He Was Important ago
19. Rush and Ruth ago
20. Ruth and the Cannibal Pixies ago
21. Ruth is Slightly Concerned For The Immortal and Deadly Text ago
22. Rush and the Expanding Territory ago
23. Ruth: Haberdash THIS ago
24. Ruth Dreams of Electric Sheep ago
25. Ruth and the Difference ago
26. Rush Adopts A Stupid ago
27. Ruth Doesn’t Know What To Make Of This ago
28. Ruth and the Spectral Invader ago
29. Ruth and the Secret Subterranean Surface Entry ago
30. Ruth Gathers His Strength ago
31. Ruth and the Draconic Enthusiast ago
32. Ruth is Promised Riches ago
33. Rush Gains A Vassal ago
34. Rush and Sikes, How to Train Your Vassal ago
35. Ruth and Sikes, How to Train Your Ward ago
36. Ruth and the Women of Under Arch ago
37. Ruth Wants To Get Even ago
38. Tamara and the Teachable moment ago

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Go in blind, it's a blast

Spoiler: Spoiler


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A tad dark but lotsa fun.

Standard summoned to a fantasy world to be a piece in a game between gods trope.  But, the MC was a dragon and is just a wee bit unhappy that he isn't anymore and his goddess is far more interested in her new toy than some stupid game.


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Really well written story about a goddess and her stupid pet

Ruth is a former dragon that has been abducted and reincarnated into a humanoid shape by a goddess of questionable intent.  This is the story of the spiteful little bugger as he tries to gain the strength to exact vengeance upon all who have wronged him. 

It should be mentioned that in this world, dragons aren't the wise/intelligent creatures of the dungeons and dragons world.  As a dragon, Ruth had been incredibly lazy and for that reason he is incredibly stupid when reincarnated as a humanoid and has to learn a lot to survive. 

This story is a lot of fun, and I would recommend it to those of you who read "The Iron Teeth: A Goblin's Tale".  It has the same kind of humor as Blacknail's story, though this is quite a bit faster paced. 

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Ruth-less Dragon believes in snakes and it is hillarious!!!

Hello there Raccoon in a trashcan here. 

This story is nice! No, this story is superb!!! High quality I tell you!

But it is cliche and simple at the same time, yet has that tinge of complexity for people to like. So beware if you dislike gods, chosen, dragons and certain conspiracy's. 

Story: I give five because I like how 3 grumpy types of well defined characters mix in the story. And the author does mocking fairly well. As the story includes high level comedy. 

It is simple because it is a candidacy trial for a chosen by the gods. In this case Ruth, a previous prideful yet... Special dragon shows us how a dragon feels when being toyed... Would he be toyed all the time? I think this will be a twist... So this has potential. 

Grammar and style: Its incredible for flow. Although sentences can be long for some it flowed fairly well to me. Only got some words that made me stop like corn silk to describe a yellow thread If I recall... But it can be used in my opinion, just that for personal reasons I stop to think about those descriptions in some stories. Overall its very good.

Characters: well defined and somehow makes you dewell on them as you want to know what will happen. We only get how they mock or trigger each other easily but there should be more to come. 

Summary: read if you like a tinge of fantasy in a enjoyable read. Plot is nice and easily presented/understood. So it is fun and nice.


  • Overall Score

Awesome.  This book incapsulates a lot of things that I absolutely love, an op character, interesting background worldbuilding and fairly compelling side characters.


Keep up the good work Fool

  • Overall Score

I love the premise and I adore Ruth but I am sick of the POV changes.

I loath the goddess that mistakes ignorance for stupidity.

Why do the system messages get their own POV?

I honestly could care less about Heath.

And why do you keep switching to a character that doesn't even get a name?

I was so excited for a dragon living as a tiefling and I love Ruth's POV because it feels rather realistic to me but slowly the story is getting consumed by other characters. Just time skip like a normal person aah