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It didn’t take us long to find the demon nests that were dotted around the area of a few acres inside the forest. Jonathan and I made quick work of them while Marion was waiting on standby as we fought.

“... Don’t you feel anything when killing these things?” Jonathan said as he caught his breath after crushing the common demon acting as the nest queen.

“I don’t think of anything during this. We just do it... I do it because it needs to be done.”

Jonathan shakes his head. “But you’re a demon, that thing looked just like you!”

“As far as I am concerned, I am a human.” I finished my sentence by using a shotgun style [slingshot] spell at a group of fleeing petty demons. “These things are just pests that can turn into something dangerous if you don’t put them down quick enough.”

Jonathan smirks, and then says “Like you?”

I sigh and shake my head. “Give it a rest, man. Do you think I’ll go apeshit and start tearing things apart? Do I seem like the kind of person that will do that?” I have, indeed, done just that before, though… but to bandits. Fuck bandits.

“Ahem, Morris teaches that demon kind is the personification of all of humanity's sins, and grand demons are the greatest and most terrible of all the demons!” Jonathan spits away from us, onto the corpse of a lesser demon, and shakes his head in bitter confusion. “I know… that… you’d never hurt Marion… or myself. I think I’m just… A bit conflicted when it comes to your existence. You’ve saved me twice now, and now you, a grand demon, is killing your own for human kind.”

I shrug and shake my head. “Have you ever thought that maybe a grand demon is so dangerous because it can think for itself?”

Jonathan opened his mouth to speak, then shook his head and continued to look for demons inside the forest. I smiled, and followed behind him.

As night was about to fall upon us, we had finished cleaning out all the nest offshoots and found the corpse of a partially eaten greater demon, and the remains of several shredded lesser and petty demons surrounding it.

“Ugh, sick!” Jonathan holds his nose at the smell of the rotting meat and sulfuric blood. The stench is something indescribable, making me retch as I try to get myself accustomed to the smell... I can’t use my only hand holding my nose if something decides to jump out at us. Jonathan grabs a knife from his belt and walks up to the greater demon and cuts it’s horns off.

“Why are you doing that… For proof of completion?” I ask Jonathan who is now putting the horns in a pouch on his belt.

“Well, yes and no. Even if there wasn’t a greater demon here, we could just take a few of the lesser demon heads with us to show that the job was completed. There have been more and more sightings of greater demons on the continent, and by me taking these horns, we can prove that we saw one and beat it. We COULD have taken parts of the grand demon for study but…” I give him a dirty look before he could finish saying that, and he shakes his head. “Anyways, I’m not going to pass this chance up to curry favor with the church and my father.”

Shrugging, I look at the corpse of the greater demon and think about when I first came into the world. I wonder… if that greater demon was going to give birth to me… Would I have gone berserk like that boy? Would I have become something hunted and eventually killed by a group of adventurer’s as a monster?

I shake my head to clear these thoughts. It’s not healthy to dwell on something for so long, but it’s healthy to grieve and move on.

Jonathan and I made our way through the forest, back to the wagon where Marion was found sleeping on the camping supplies, yet again. Her sleepy eyes enchant me, and since we’ve become a couple, I can hardly keep my hands off of her. I kiss her cheek as she sleeps, and she opens her eyes briefly and smiles, then gets up to help set up some of the camping equipment.

Marion and I share the tent while Jonathan slept in the wagon, with a blanket covering him, as it was too late to set up both tents. We didn’t fool around that night, instead opting to snuggle together. I can’t sleep right now, I keep thinking about the past and everything that happened in the forest about two months ago… which leads me to think about my relationship with Marion. She was initially using me for comfort, I know that much, but is it wrong if I like it? I really don’t know, but it doesn’t feel wrong... Why can’t I be someone’s comfort when going through times like this? Sure, she can be a brat at times, but she also not too long ago turned sixteen… I shouldn’t think about things like that too much anymore. As I’ve said before, I’m not in my previous world… It’s like that saying ‘’when in Rome”, and all that.

With that final thought a release from my restless mind, I finally fall asleep.

I find myself back in that red room, back on that leather couch, and back here staring at those French doors. Nothing’s changed since my last dream, if I don’t count that scene reminiscent of ‘A Clockwork Orange’. I have no will to get up and see myself raped, or have my heart pulled out, or watch as whatever scene is being readied for me in that room past this antechamber. I’m scared of it, frankly, and I don’t feel like getting up.

“This is important, y’know”, says a scratchy voice coming from the corner of this small room.

I don’t care. I really just don’t fucking care. Let me sleep in peace next to my girlfrie- waaait, how can you hear me when I’m not speaking? Actually, never mind, fuck off.

“How rude! You weren’t chosen to come to this world to follow that church, y’know! If I wanted some random guy from this world, I sure as hell wouldn’t have traveled to the Human realm and given you my feather, y’know.” An old woman dressed as a bum steps out from the shadows and from the corner of the ro- “Do you narrate to yourself often? That’s gotta be tiring, y’know, keheheh!”

Man, that ‘y’know’ is really tiring itself... How about you fuck off already and let me sleep?

“FINE, I’ll just outright say it: read about the past when you get back, and think about the last few dreams you’ve had. You really are the one that has the highest potential to replace me, y’know?”

Implying I even want to replace a vagrant hag, and why? I’m comfortable with my life as it is right now.

“Don’t get too used to it, there’s a reason I chose you. “

Cool, just let me sleep next to Marion a bit longer, please?

“I don’t mind that. In fact, she… Y’know, I won’t spoil it for you.”

Spoil what?

“Nothing... But when I say that ‘you guys are going to be happy for a LOOONG time’, believe it.”

That’s a bit spooky... Anyways, who are you?

No reply huh? That’s fine, I’m just gonna chill out on this couch until I wake-

“...! u-up!?” I awaken like my eyes have never closed. Marion is sleeping soundly on my arm, just like she was when we had first laid down. I shake my head in dismissal, and end up falling back to sleep… This time, without experiencing any of those demented red room scenarios.

Tomorrow will be the start of our journey back to [New Wyvernia].

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