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We spent the next hour inside the [Adobe] shelter, gathering all the mana available to us. Marion charged her greatest [Health Magic] spell available to her, while Jonathan cut into his hand and wrote a [Circlecraft] spell into his clothing using his blood, enchanting them with protection. I don’t have anything like that to charge, so I guess I’ll just think of battle strategies.



Marion and I should be kept in the back while Jonathan fights close up. Marion will constantly manage Jonathan’s mana during the fight, closing up any wounds or fortifying muscle functions. While they do that, I’ll spam [Slingshot] and take the grand demon out with my most powerful melded magic, the fire and earth combined spell that creates pillars of lava, [Pompeii Spire]… This is a spell of my own creation, and doesn’t have anything to do with chants, though if I needed to recite it, I could… if given thirty minutes. If the worst comes to pass, I will try to trigger my [Limit Break] to save them, though I will need to get into the mindset.



“Is everyone ready?” Jonathan says with a shaky voice.



I look at Marion and then at Jonathan. “I am… Marion should be ready, and she’s in heavy focus right now.”



Jonathan nods, and paints a bloody circle on my forehead with blood, marking it with strange and arcane symbols. I suddenly feel myself lighter on my feet and ready to fight.



“What kind of magic is that?”



“It’s a spell called [Brave Aura], it’s a [Circlecraft] configuration that uses the properties of [Health Magic] to get rid of hesitation in mages. If it comes down to it, I will need you to sacrifice me to destroy that monster.”



Jesus, that’s dark… But his logic is sound. Letting something that’s unhinged with my power out into the world would be terrible.



Marion’s eyes open and then she nods. “My spells are ready.”



“So, Instead of fighting in that forest where we can’t see anything, should we lure it close to here?” I ask aloud to the both of them.



Jonathan nods. “Let’s do it. Let’s go further into the field and make some noise. I’ll stand closer to the woods, Marion, Red, get a few meters behind me, I’ll keep it busy while you support me.”



“I need to ask this before we start… have either of you faced a grand demon before?”



Marion looks away, shaking her head… that much is obvious.



“I… Haven’t, in fact. I only just became a paladin a few months ago. The only thing nearly as strong as a grand demon that I have faced off with is… that… vampire…” He trailed off at the end, but I heard him. I’m left with my mouth hanging agape… Aren’t paladins supposed to be super cool warriors of light, and all?



I… I can’t let these two die. I am the only one with any inkling of power to take on a grand demon, being a supposed grand demon myself. “… Jon, can you enchant my skin?”



“W-why?” He says as his eyes get wide in confusion.



“I can’t tell you that… yet. I can only hope that you have the kind of trust in me like Marion has.”



Marion looks away, blushing, while Jonathan tries to find the words to speak. I begin undressing down to bare skin, and tell him tell him to do it. Before he moves, all he can do is stare at me and sigh in resignation to do it. The knife hurts, but I can feel the mana pouring into every symbol carved into me. My arms glow with red as he finishes the enchantments of regeneration.



“R-right after carving!? It didn’t glow for me until after it was healed up!” Jonathan continues to carve into my skin with bewilderment at my natural aptitude for magic. Supposedly, the more mana you have flowing through your body, the more these [Circlecraft] enchantments on skin work… Good thing I have a broken amount of it.



After he is done carving the patterns into my skin, I take a vial of ink we have for writing letters, made of soot and water, and pour it over my body. My natural regeneration from my [Dhampirism] closes the wounds and sealing the ink inside the cuts, and after rinsing my body off with some of our drinking water, my body starts to feel incredible.



“Why did you have me do this? And how did you heal those cuts so quickly!?” Jonathan looks at me after cleaning his knife off, looking confused at the regeneration happening in front of his eyes. I pick up my identification plate that fell out of my pants and call the both of them over to me. I hand Marion the card, and after she reads it under the light pouring in from the hole on top of the [Adobe] wall, an “Ah” escapes her mouth as she nods. She hands the card over to Jonathan who reads it, then looks at me with confusion and disgust.



“Y-you’re a fucking undead? How can you still use magic!?”



“I’m not fully undead, [Dhampirism] is a curse that happens when you consume vampire blood instead of a vampire consuming your own. I accidentally swallowed some when I splattered that vampire in [Dunsmuth].” When did I get so good at lying to the people I care about?



Jonathan gives me a nasty look, and hands me my card back. “So you want to handle it by yourself? Fine, see if I care about some shitty undead abomination.”



Marion glares at Jonathan, and pokes his chest. “Hey, don’t talk about him like that! If it weren’t for him, your ass would be that [vampire]’s dinner! It’s not his fault that this happe-“ I interrupt her with a hug, and whisper into her ear a thanks.



“Jonathan, I don’t mean to stay this way,” Yes, I do, “I’m going to research a cure for this back at the church.”



He sighs as a sign of resignation. “You’d better if you’re going to start a family with Marion. I wouldn’t want you to suck the life out of them.” He smiles and hands the card back to me, which I toss back onto my clothes.



Marion walks over to me and kisses my chest. “Please be careful, I know you’re strong, but even this is insurmountable. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, and run if you know you can’t win.” Honestly, I’m kinda surprised she has faith in me when it comes to this… but she has seen the carnage at the bandit’s camp, and saw me survive inside of the [vampire]’s lair. “Okay, let’s start casting the spell on you. – Imperium, Ingens, Fulgur - Servo nos a periculo. Defendat nos a malo. Ut possimus aequabilitas in omni vita! – [Asclepius Overdrive]!!!”



A vibration in my body reacts violently, as my skin glows all sorts of colors. Everything in my body feels sore, and then incredibly good… So good, in fact, that my natural reaction to this feeling is my member downstairs getting hard. Jonathan snorts in a chuckle and Marion looks at it, pretending to cover her eyes while blushing.



“S-so I guess it worked, e-eh?” I look between Marion and Jonathan, who are now laughing aloud.



“I never actually thought that happens when this spell is cast. I mean… Ah geez, just go kill that demon already!” Jonathan shakes his head while chuckling and points to the hole in the ceiling.



Marion, looking away, is giggling to herself. “Y-y’know… what if that spell doubles as an a-aphrodisiac?” My ears cannot comprehend what I am hearing at a time like this.



“Yep, I’m leaving. I’ll be back in a bit, and if I don’t, I’ll release the barrier, and you guys just run for it.” I smile and laugh, then shake my head. I know we are in a pretty precarious spot, but it feels good to lighten the mood a little bit. Because of all the enchantments on my body, and my natural strength, I jump out to the hole on top of the [Adobe] shelter and land on a patch of grass right on the edge of the forest.



*inhale* OVER HEEEERE!” I scream out into the forest while shooting a large and slow [Firebolt] into the air, continuing to scream as I do. A chill tingles down my spine as I feel it coming closer, approaching from the front.





It’s not running, but walking calmly. His hair is long and black, with a horn poking out of each of his temples. If it wasn’t for those protrusions and the yellow blood coating his body...



He would look just like me.

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