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Marion shifts under our blanket and places a kiss onto my lips. I’ve already been awake for an hour now, as the blood pumping through my body is still hot from our night of passion.


“What’s up? Can’t sleep?” I open my eyes to see her looking at me, crying.


“It’s nothing, Red. Hold me, please?”


She doesn’t even need to ask... With any kind of cute look she gives, I would embrace her. I wrap my arm around her on the ground as she backs into my chest for warmth. Her skin is a bit sticky from the sweat produced during our time together, but I don’t mind it. With her right arm holding my right arm close to her body, she grabs my hand and kisses it. Soon after, we fall asleep for the last time that night.


I wake up to find Marion buttoning up her robes, and smiling at me.


“Good morning, sleepyhead, we’re going to leave soon. After you get dressed and we get packed, you can eat your breakfast on the road.” She sets my mage uniform next to me and smiles at me again when exiting the tent. I quickly put my clothes on and begin packing everything back up. By this point, it’s been ingrained into my muscle memory. As I load the gear into the wagon, Jonathan comes up to me with a wide grin on his face and thumbs up.


I shake my head with a heat growing on my face. “W-we weren’t too loud, were we?”


Jonathan laughs, and then pats me on the back. “Let’s just say that it wasn’t quiet... I think you guys would have made rabbits blush by how many times you guys vocalized.”


Jesus, Jonathan, I thought you were a gentleman! Still, I guess this is the usual talk between men. I smile and shake my head again, then look at him while he’s nodding. “Well, it’s been a long time since I had felt the warmth of a woman so beautiful. How could I not indulge myself?”


Jonathan laughed again, and then went back to what he was doing with a huge grin on his face. I’m guessing that he knew of Marion’s feelings for me, so he must be happy that something came of it.



During our ride, Marion and I slept next to each other on the camping gear while Sarah and Jonathan talked to each other in the front seat of the wagon. Occasionally, we would wake up to kiss, talk, or just cuddle up with each other. We aren’t going to be fooling around in public, even though the only people around are Sarah and Jonathan. I walked my fingers along Marion’s stomach and playfully poked her nose.


She smiled at me and whispers into my ear. “Let’s play again tonight.”



The next day was generally the same as the last, and the next… and the next…


We finally arrived at [Winshel].


The town itself is about as plain looking as [Dunsmuth], though the townspeople are a lot more lively than the husks that were walking around and spying on us at that place.


Jonathan waved to a nearby couple that were sitting on a bench, eating grapes and talking to each other. The guy stood up, waved back, and walked over to the wagon.


“Hi, first time in [Winshel]?” The man looks normal, at least... He doesn't look like an [eldritch] creature walking around in human skin.


“Yeah, actually, we are on a mission under from the Church of the [Health God]. We just need to stock up on provisions and take a break from the road.”


“Ah, then you'll be wanting to visit the general store, than the town’s inn. Just follow this main road until you see the sign that says ‘Jason’s Sundries’, then across the street is the Inn, ran by his sister, Margret. They’re both nice people, they’ll take care of you.” The man gave a friendly smile before tipping his hat and going back over to his own company.


“Darn, I should have asked him about a ride back to the city.” Sarah says, lamenting her thought that arrived a bit too late.


Jonathan smiles, and then shrugs dismissively. “You’ll get the chance to talk to this Jason fellow when we see him. Don’t be impatient.”


Sarah smiles, then sinks back into the seat quietly. Shortly up the road, a large building with a sign hanging off it told us we had arrived at ‘Jason’s Sundries’. We stopped the wagon right outside of his shop, in a place where we could see it, but where it wouldn't be a bother to other people. Volunteering to handle provision acquisition again, Jonathan and Sarah entered the general store and left Marion and I out in the back of the wagon.


“This town seems nice, I heard that [Winshel] had a drink here made of rice, milk and cinnamon. Sounds strange, huh?” Marion giggled after telling me about the local specialty. It sounds like a drink from my old world, horchata, from Mexico. I’ve only had it a few times, mixed with tequila from the US while I was visiting my old roommate in California. I wonder if they have agave plants in this world… It would be crazy to think that I could get shitfaced off of my favorite booze in this world.


“It sounds like it could be pretty tasty, we should look for the tavern after getting settled in at the inn!” Smiling, my hand moves on its own to Marion’s backside.


“N-none of that, yet! Wait until we get a room!.” Her face is flushed, but has a cute and stern look on her face.



Later that night, I wake up next to Marion, hearing a knock at our door.


“Red, it’s me, Jonathan. I have to talk with you about something.” He says this in a whisper, with a serious tone.


I climb out from under the blanket, covering Marion’s body as I stand up. I put on the bathrobe that's hanging from the desk chair, put it on, and crack the door open. “What do you need, Jonathan? You should be sleeping.”


Jonathan’s face shows an annoyed smile, and he shakes his head. “So should you, but I know you fucking aren’t… no pun intended.”


He’s got me there.


“Anyways, Red, I wanted to talk to you about yours and Marion’s future.” This makes me raise an eyebrow. Why would he want to talk about that, right now? “I know you two love each other, and hearing the noises you guys have been making at night for the past few nights hasn’t really been keeping me up. No, what has been keeping me up is the thought of the both of you not following church protocol in instances like this.”


“What do you mean by “Church protocol”? Marion said it was fine for people under the church’s thumb to do what they want with each other.”


Jonathan tilts his head back and forth, “Well, yes, and no. You can get with a member of the church while being a part of it, but here's the thing…” He stops and rubs the back of his head, with a troubled look on his face. “You need to have a child with the person you choose to be with, and marry them.”


Um… What? “She didn’t tell me that. She said she would be fine when we first, uh, did it…” I cross my arms and rub my chin in confusion. “She said something about [Health Magic] when I, uhmm, yeah…”


Jonathan frowns and shakes his head. “She should know better than to suggest that. If she said it because of you, man up and tell her she doesn’t have to blaspheme against the church to please you.” Jonathan is kinda scary when he is being serious, as it turns out.


“I will, don’t worry.” I clear my throat and scratch my head. “You’re very adherent to the church, aren't you? Zealous, even.”


Jonathan smiles, and then nods. “I was raised by the church; they took me in and gave me status. I owe them everything.”


I smile back at him, then yawn. “That's great; it's good you have such dedication. However, it’s late, and my eyes are heavy. Good night, Jonathan.”


He nods and leaves from in front of my door, and I go back to the bed and rub Marion’s ass. Hmm, she’s pretending to sleep, her body is honest though.


“Marion, we have to talk.”


“...I heard.” She pulls my ear and head closer to her mouth, and whispers to me, “I don't mind disobeying the church a little bit for you.”


“I don’t want you to blaspheme against the church; if something were to happen to you I wouldn’t forgive myself. If you feel like you're not ready, then-”


Marion sets her hand on my face, and kisses me. “...Once we get back to the city, let’s make it official.”


My eyes grow wide; I can’t believe what I’m hearing. I’ve known this girl for about four months now, and with almost a week of sexual activity, she wants to get... “Y-you mean… Marriage? If you aren’t ready, I’m willing to wait.”


“I don’t want to wait, I want you to mess me up whenever we have the chance, and marriage is the best way to keep everything good in the eyes of Morris.”


I can’t believe I was just proposed to, this is quite unexpected… but not unwanted. “... I accept. I love you, Marrion.”


Marion smiles as a tear falls from her eye. "I love you too."

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