Nova Vitam; A New Life in a 'New' World



Chapter 6: Limit Break; a Small Crack Upon a Smooth Surface


A note from Witiko

~Hello, everyone! This chapter contains heavy gore, please take caution while reading this. Again, If you don't like stuff like this, please let me know, and I'll practice a bit more restraint. Your silence is your approval to my writing, after all.


Thank you for reading so far, and enjoy!~



My eyelids are heavy and my vision is blurred. Marion is lying next to me, and from what I can see, she’s wearing nothing.


“M-Marion”, I whisper to her, “Marion, open your eyes, please, god, wake up…”


Her eyes shift in her head, but there is no major physical movement.


“Dwane is gonna like these two a lot. The boy is in prime fighting condition and I think that elf-girl only just became a woman.” The older bandit sniffles, and then scratches his nose after he sets us into the cage. His silhouette is just barely illuminated from a lit scone on a stone wall. The room smells of bodily waste and blood.


“I’m gonna have Rok grab the girl, due to his ‘condition’ he’s not going to spoil the goods.” The younger bandit tells the older one while walking away with him, just after locking the cell door. Control over my body is coming back to me, and I don’t feel as groggy, but I’m still not in the best condition. If this guy is coming alone, I should wait for him, and then catch him off guard. Neither of us is bound in any way, so it should be an easy matter to handle.


About half an hour passes by, when suddenly a large muscle-bound man walks into the room; He is carrying a canvas cover and rope with him, and appears to be unarmed. I keep my eyes barely open as he walks into the room and opens his canteen, pouring it over my face. My vision goes dark again as the familiar scent of the [Soporatus Leaf] gets into my eyes and down through my sinuses.



A splash of cold water awakens me as four men stand around me as I’m suspended in the air by my wrists, one holding a brand in the shape of a dragon’s head and one holding a whip. The other two are standing near the door, looking on with wicked grins plastered onto their faces. The room is surprisingly well lit, with mirrors surrounding me.




The air leaves my body as the skin of my back is ripped open by the whip.


“A-A-AAAAARRRGHAAAAAAHH---HAHAAUUUHuuuh!!!” I flail around in the air as the overwhelming pain takes hold of me.


“That girl you were with told Vargas that you were a runaway from one of the local bandit groups. There are only two groups in the forest and you sure as shit didn’t come from our camp.” He readies the whip again and lashes my left side, the pain sends a shocking sensation through my body as I piss onto the ground and scream at the amusement of the four bandits in the room.


“AAAAaaahhhhuooo huhuh… I-I’m a noble of h-house Deitrich!” I give the name that was generated for me before I came to this place. The bandits look at each other in confusion.


“Never heard of them.” The bandit holding the whip stares at me with an eyebrow raised. “Still, you should be worth a ransom if someone knows about you. I’ll be back tomorrow to tear you a new asshole if you’re lying to me.” He walks out of the room as he lifts a bucket from the corner and douses the hearth behind me. The other three follow the bandit with the whip out of the room, closing the door behind them, and leaving me alone in the darkness.



A dream of my past life plays out before me: my final hours on Earth. I play a third person role as I look at my previous body bleed out of my neck onto the van’s tarp covered floor. All I can do is stand there and watch as the life leaves my/his face.



It seems like hours have passed, and I’m still in this nightmare, though my lifeless corpse is now slowly crawling towards me. The van seems much larger in this space as he moves closer to my body. His sunken, grey eyes watch me as his arms clumsily drag his corpse closer to my feet, little by little. As he gets to me, he slowly reaches into his pocket and pulls out that fake-looking red feather from his pocket, and hands it to me. I grip onto it, and it dissolves into my skin and a burning feeling on my head is felt. His eyes sink into little endless voids, as black blood pours from his mouth, gurgling out a word to me.




I shoot up from my sleep to find myself still in the dark room, but no longer hanging from the rope suspended in the middle. Most of the skin on my wrists has rubbed away, making the blood trickle away from the open wound. It must have been torn off while I was thrashing from that whipping I received, and the blood must have loosened the ropes hold on my arms, making me slip out from its grasp. Being too dark for my night vision to properly work, my heightened sense of hearing is telling me a single set of footsteps is approaching the door.

I hide behind the door when it slowly opens, as a man holding a torch and a whip comes into the room, not paying any attention at all to his surroundings. He’s the same guy who whipped me earlier, and is unarmed. I take this as my chance, and I jump onto him, pulling the torch to his mouth. His muffled screams are music to me, and the searing of his flesh the crescendo. He thrashes around as his chubby body buckles and his knees give out. He drops his torch and his whip, gripping at his mouth with both of his hands, retching and crying in pain. I take his whip and wrap it around his throat in a loop, pulling on both ends of this torture device.


“Now it’s time to die!” The words escape my lips covered in a deep and hateful poison. The grumbling of my voice sounds like the intro to a death metal smash hit.


As much as I want to relish in his suffering, I want to find Marion. I stomp on his head and a delicious snapping can be heard from his neck. His body hits the ground as blood escapes from his eyes and charred mouth. I begin to strip his body to collect anything of use and… and…


Oh? There’s familiar tingle that’s starting to overwhelm my mind.




Ahh, this feeling… why now?




A… quick…


No, That’s… wrong…




Maybe.. a quick.. bite... couldn’t… hurt… could it?




Ah, ha ha… no, it won’t.


The compulsion to eat takes ahold of everything that makes me sane, as I begin to claw and bite at his chest in a blood-frenzy. There is only one part that could satisfy my lust to ruin this man’s body after death, his heart. Pulling apart his ribs exposes the crimson jewel in the center, the motives of the soul, the drive of mankind. I grasp my hand around it and rip it out with devil may care freedom, and put it to my mouth. My teeth sink into the warm organ, and I lose consciousness.



As I wake up, scores of dead bodies surround me in what looks like a mead hall. Some of these corpses are frozen, partially melted, shredded into a human-shaped pile of meat, or still shaking on the ground, bleeding from every orifice in their face. They all have holes in the middle of their chest, and my body is covered in blood. The taste of iron permeates my senses, as I begin to vomit blood onto the ground. My body feels much stronger, and I’m more alert than I’ve ever been. I find a linen blanket on a nearby shelf and tie it around my waste, and begin my search for Marion.


I don’t recognize where I am, but it’s apparent I’m in the same building Marion and I were taken to... I can smell her, though it’s faint. I’ve been wandering around for a few minutes, and each room I come across is empty or splattered in the blood of some poor sod unlucky enough to come in my way. I grab a torch held by a scone on the wall as I begin to wander through some of the darker parts of the building that my night vision can’t help me through. In the darkness there I come across the room in which I was being held in. The hearth in the corner of the room is unlit, and my night vision still isn’t compensating for this impenetrable darkness. As I light the hearth, the room flashes in light suddenly, and after I adjust my eyes to the bright light, a scene out of a horror film is splayed out before me.


“... Ugh, god damn it.”


The floor is covered in a sticky mixture of piss, vomit, and blood, and in the center lays an obese corpse with its chest cavity ripped apart, pooling blood where his heart was. Each mirror was shattered, and lighting the room in crimson rays of light. I walk up to one of the less shattered mirrors to look at myself. My skin is stained a light shade of red due to the blood, and my once shoulder length black hair is now down to my waist, stuck onto my body due to the blood drying out. My now chiseled physique and tall stature make me look like a proper adult in peak physical condition, though there are two spots on my temples that are slowly bleeding. I’ve really become a proper demon, haven’t I?


I quickly leave the room and shut the door, allowing me to get a scent of Marion close by.


I’m on my way to you, Marion... Just wait a little while longer.

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