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I came across They are Water by /u/SamponGlass back in November of 2017 and got inspired.

I am a Seer, one of many of my race. You know of my kind, both the legends and actual scientific publications. Some of us pry into the future, with middling degrees of success and certainty. Others into the past, unearthing records of what was. I am unique in that I do neither of these things. I am an appraiser of people and races. I Look upon them and see what they might be, what they have the potential to accomplish. What I See depends upon whom I am Seeing. Artists show forth as displays of color and sound; the more vibrant and varied, they more wondrous their works might be. Of soldiers and warriors, I see battlefield and killing grounds; count the dead and the scope of the field and you might know how capable they are. members of the same race will show similar themes, so one will be much like his fellow. These Sights do not change over time, only with potential wasted or stripped away by injury or misfortune.

There are debates surrounding my work, of course. Fate vs. free will, the ethics of sharing the results with the one who was Looked upon, their parents or caretakers, so on. I keep everything confidential unless the one Looked upon permits it

I have Seen mountains with beasts of many shapes at their peak, howling to the stars and leaping to sail across them. I have Seen warriors standing atop mountains of corpses and awash in oceans of blood. I have wept at the Sight of endless displays of art and the most beautiful echoes of the sound of creation. but I will never forget the first time I Saw a human.

He was an Engineer, skeptical of my abilities and those of my race. Usually, I simply shrug these off. But the human was willing to try, and I was interested in what I might See. We sat down, and I began to Look. I saw the Engineer sitting before a great library, full of the knowledge of his people, their triumphs, their failings. I Saw a learned man, content with his place in the fabric of creation. But as I moved to pull away and emerge from the Sight, the Engineer stretched out a hand and bid me look about further. I was elated! Never before had the Vision reached out and interacted with the Seer. Curious now, I did as the Engineer bid and looked beyond the library and Saw a great ocean calmly lapping at the banks of the island. And within the depth of that ocean, I Saw the strength waiting. The currents of emotion running deep, each one fit to shape entire systems. I Saw the clouds in the infinite sky over the ocean, and knew of the great storms that they could become, each one capable of tearing apart all in its path. I turned back to the diplomat and Saw in his eyes the echo of the Fires of Creation and Destruction themselves.

When I emerged from the Sight, shaken to my core, the Engineer asked what I had Seen. I looked into his eyes, and saw the Fires still echoing there.


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