The Collected Short Stories of Necrontyr525

by Necrontyr525

Original ONGOING Short Story Slice of Life

Hey all, Necrontyr525 here!

Rather then drown you all in a flood of one- to three-chapter mini-fics, I've decided to put out all of my short stories in an 'omnibus' format, sorted by series and by release date. These stories span my entire progress as a writer-for-fun over the past three plus years, with the corisponding variance in length, subject matter, and quality.

Each chapter will get an Author's Note as a sort of forwards. Not nessisarily as a summary, but more to give you all some context for where each short came from, as well as any chapter-spicific trigger warnings. I can't think of any off of the top of my head, but better safe then sour.

Comments, reviews, and constuctive criticizm is welcome, but please do recall that these works collectivly represent a great deal of my growth as a writer.

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