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In a constantly warring world consisting soley of females, Blitz, a ninja brought into the tribe Kor, decides that simply being alive is not enough. Mysteries of her past pester her life in the Kor bunker, the one place she'd never left since the Katana War. When a messengar of the Rebels reaches out to her through a vision, Blitz decides that she needs to know what's outside the walls of her prison.

While her slow commander, Rhea, stubbornly refuses to have any knowledge of the person that provoked Blitz's vision, Blitz runs away, relying on sudden impulses. Along her journey, she meets a ninja dressed in silver, and a mysterious assassin that seemed to always target her. But as she leaves her tribe, she discovers that the world is a little more complicated than yin and yang. And suddenly, it seems like Blitz is now out of control...


New chapters every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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