Dark Star Survivor

by Enraged_Bear

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Female Lead Magic
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

A universe obliterated, with only one survivor. She was sent into a new universe where she will once again have to struggle to survive. A place where the strong rule the weak, and only strength matters. She will carve her legacy into the very fabric of the universe!

[Teaser from Chapter 57]
"Looks like you are enjoying this as much as I am little fox," the man in black said to her as his blade deflected another strike by Zoey's knife. "Why don't you at least tell me your name? We will get to know each other really well soon after all."
His leering grin made Zoey realize that she was not taking this fight seriously enough. Even if she had more options to help her escape, there was no way he did not have other methods to capture her that she did not know about. He may have been just playing with her this entire time!
Once she realized this, Zoey made a desperate swing at the man with her handgun. He saw the opening and eagerly swung his blade, knocking the gun from her hand. At the same time, he grabbed her left arm that was controlling her knife with an iron grip and locked her right arm against his side, preventing her from moving. Having trapped her, he grinned at her with that creepy smile while he held her.
"Looks like the game is over, little fox!" he said excitedly. "There will be no more running from your fate!"
[End Teaser]

I will be writing this novel in my free time during and after work, so I apologize for the shorter chapters in advance. I hope that everyone enjoys this story in some way.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1 Survivor | Despair ago
2 Trace of Hope ago
3 Quietly into the Night ago
4 Evolution ago
5 Mindset ago
6 History of Gaia ago
7 Arrival ago
8 Surfacing ago
9 Deal ago
10 Unexpected ago
11 Talents ago
12 Rules of Magic ago
13 Equipped ago
14 Encounter ago
15 Civilization ago
16 The City of Colten ago
17 Caution ago
18 Cornered Silver ago
19 Across the Rooftops Part 1 ago
20 Across the Rooftops Part 2 ago
21 Nito ago
22 Heritage ago
23 Preparation ago
24 The Hunt ago
25 From Above ago
26 Essence Stone ago
27 Ascension ago
28 Perspective ago
29 Modifications ago
30 Secrets of the Exile Frontier ago
31 The First Trial ago
32 Rewarded ago
33 Trial Complete ago
34 The Final Trial Part 1 ago
35 The Final Trial Part 2 ago
36 Out of the Dungeon ago
37 Nito the Great ago
38 A Gift From the Mad Smith ago
39 New Additions ago
40 Friends on the Hunt ago
41 Scrap Metal ago
42 On the Edge ago
43 Engineering and Vengeance ago
44 The Beating of a Heart ago
45 Repercussions ago
46 Shadows in the Caves ago
47 Forty Versus One ago
48 Life in the Underground ago
49 Growth ago
50 Connections Through Blood ago
51 Viridi ago
52 Cohesion ago
53 The Coming Storm ago
54 A Light in the Dark ago
55 Here Comes the Boom ago
56 On the Edge ago
57 Into Darkness ago
58 Scent of Pine ago
59 Chance Encounter ago
60 Close Encounter ago
61 Determination ago
62 All Inked Up ago
63 Savannah ago
64 The Cube ago
65 Distant Desperation ago
66 Doris ago
67 Squabbles ago
68 Creepy Crawlies ago
69 Catching a Ride ago
70 Humming Along ago
71 Shine Bright, Dark Star ago
72 The Amber Cage ago
73 Dark Falling Star ago
74 Tricked Out ago
75 Trust ago
76 Gnoll Tenacity ago
77 Opportunist ago
78 Corruption ago
79 Back to Sand Pit ago
80 Inner Change ago
81 The Older Brother ago
82 Setting Goals ago
83 Descending ago
84 Inverse Summit ago
85 New Heights ago
86 Character Through Combat ago
87 Emergent Firepower ago
88 Sails in the Night ago
89 Reunion ago
90 Sixty Years Ago ago
91 Future Plans ago
92 Exodus Preparation ago
93 Not The Only One ago
94 Small, but Heavy ago
95 Sails Underway ago
96 Pursuit ago
97 Speak Softly ago
98 Request from a Goddess ago
99 The Arbiter's Mark ago
100 Premonitions and Enmity ago

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