Dark Star Survivor

by Enraged_Bear

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Female Lead Magic
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

A universe obliterated, with only one survivor. Zoey, the last living being from a planet called Gaia, was sent into a new universe where she will once again have to struggle to survive. A hostile place where the strong rule the weak, and only strength matters.

She will face new threats, greedy nobles, ferocious beasts, strange dungeons left behind by the gods... and more!

Along the way, she will make enemies and friends, and maybe she can one day unravel the mysteries that surround her and her mysterious powers...

No matter where, she is determined to survive. She will carve her legacy into the very fabric of the universe!


I will be writing this novel in my free time during and after work, so I apologize for the shorter chapters in advance. I hope that everyone enjoys this story in some way.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1 Survivor | Despair ago
2 Trace of Hope ago
3 Quietly into the Night ago
4 Evolution ago
5 Mindset ago
6 History of Gaia ago
7 Arrival ago
8 Surfacing ago
9 Deal ago
10 Unexpected ago
11 Talents ago
12 Rules of Magic ago
13 Equipped ago
14 Encounter ago
15 Civilization ago
16 The City of Colten ago
17 Caution ago
18 Cornered Silver ago
19 Across the Rooftops Part 1 ago
20 Across the Rooftops Part 2 ago
21 Nito ago
22 Heritage ago
23 Preparation ago
24 The Hunt ago
25 From Above ago
26 Essence Stone ago
27 Ascension ago
28 Perspective ago
29 Modifications ago
30 Secrets of the Exile Frontier ago
31 The First Trial ago
32 Rewarded ago
33 Trial Complete ago
34 The Final Trial Part 1 ago
35 The Final Trial Part 2 ago
36 Out of the Dungeon ago
37 Nito the Great ago
38 A Gift From the Mad Smith ago
39 New Additions ago
40 Friends on the Hunt ago
41 Scrap Metal ago
42 On the Edge ago
43 Engineering and Vengeance ago
44 The Beating of a Heart ago
45 Repercussions ago
46 Shadows in the Caves ago
47 Forty Versus One ago
48 Life in the Underground ago
49 Growth ago
50 Connections Through Blood ago
51 Viridi ago
52 Cohesion ago
53 The Coming Storm ago
54 A Light in the Dark ago
55 Here Comes the Boom ago
56 On the Edge ago
57 Into Darkness ago
58 Scent of Pine ago
59 Chance Encounter ago
60 Close Encounter ago
61 Determination ago
62 All Inked Up ago
63 Savannah ago
64 The Cube ago
65 Distant Desperation ago
66 Doris ago
67 Squabbles ago
68 Creepy Crawlies ago
69 Catching a Ride ago
70 Humming Along ago
71 Shine Bright, Dark Star ago
72 The Amber Cage ago
73 Dark Falling Star ago
74 Tricked Out ago
75 Trust ago
76 Gnoll Tenacity ago
77 Opportunist ago
78 Corruption ago
79 Back to Sand Pit ago
80 Inner Change ago
81 The Older Brother ago
82 Setting Goals ago
83 Descending ago
84 Inverse Summit ago
85 New Heights ago
86 Character Through Combat ago
87 Emergent Firepower ago
88 Sails in the Night ago
89 Reunion ago
90 Sixty Years Ago ago
91 Future Plans ago
92 Exodus Preparation ago
93 Not The Only One ago
94 Small, but Heavy ago
95 Sails Underway ago
96 Pursuit ago
97 Speak Softly ago
98 Request from a Goddess ago
99 The Arbiter's Mark ago
100 Premonitions and Enmity ago
101 Seven Oh Four ago
102 Eastward on the Wind ago
103 Complacency ago
104 Approaching Brumau ago
105 The Grey Sky of Brumau ago
106 Downfall of the Asurai ago
107 Swarm ago
108 Self Realization ago
109 Empty Eyes ago
110 The Beast Tide ago
111 Defending the Gap ago
112 Hidden Battle ago
113 Ignorance is Bliss ago
114 Zoey's Choice ago
115 Scion of the Sun God ago
116 The Scion's Anger ago
117 The Arbiter's Fist ago
118 Bring Me the Sky ago
119 A Ship's Heart ago
120 Captain on the Bridge ago
121 Artificial Copilot ago
122 Anchors Aweigh ago
123 Dance of Pain and Death ago
124 Signs of Filth ago
125 Precognition ago
126 A Mother's Farewell ago
127 A Moment of Rest ago
128 Finding Purpose ago
129 Old Acquaintances ago
130 ASURAI ago
131 Bird of Illest Omen ago
132 All Impending Doom ago
133 Rejection of the Abyss ago
134 Arbiter's Purpose ago
135 Zoey's Promise ago
136 Rain in the Night ago
137 Will to Live ago
138 Remembering ago
139 Naomi's Guiding Hand ago
140 One Small Step ago
141 Into the Wasteland ago
142 Loaded Up ago
143 Thrusters Engaged ago
144 Life In Flight ago
145 Descent into Fog ago
146 Locating the Source ago
147 Orchestra of Horror ago
148 Facing Corruption ago
149 Drawing Blood ago
150 Battle Finale ago
151 Depths of the Dungeon ago
152 Fate of the Universe ago
153 Closing the Dungeon ago
154 A Good Dream ago
155 The Alchemist's Journal ago
156 Migration to Deck 2 ago
157 Eve, Mother of Knowledge ago
158 The Dungeon Core ago
159 Mystery of the Shard ago
160 Little Guardian ago
161 Flight of Duality ago
162 Old Enemies ago
163 Too Little, Too Late ago
164 Captivated ago
165 The Realization of Markus Rellen ago
166 The Approaching Storm ago
167 Wasteland Confrontation ago
168 I Am The Dark Star ago
169 Incoming Fire ago
170 Emergence ago
171 Skybreaker ago
172 Driven To Fury ago
173 Inside the Storm ago
174 Toll of the Bells ago
175 Iron Bones ago
176 Ancient Industry ago
177 Unlikely Cooperation ago
178 The Little Guardian's Purpose ago
179 The Ant, The Titan, The Survivor ago
180 The General, The Shark, The Siren ago
181 Taigen's Doubt ago
182 Azure Flames ago
183 Saigo's Retaliation ago
184 An Asurai With Purpose ago
185 Zoey's Remembrance ago
186 Memoirs of a Dead Homeworld ago
187 Reflections of a Foe ago
188 Zoey's Conviction ago
189 Encounter with the Stranger ago
190 Zoey's Friends ago
191 Volcanic Volaia ago
192 The Stubborn Little Guardian ago
193 Altered Memories ago
194 Truth of the Past ago
195 Depth Pressure ago
196 Leviathan ago
197 Struggle for Survival ago
198 Transforming Desperation ago
199 The Guardian’s Fury ago
200 A Noble End ago
201 Signals ago
202 Voice of a Friend ago
203 Stalking Prey ago
204 Zoey’s Turmoil ago
205 Sky City of Mystery ago
206 Cacophonous Song ago
207 The Machines ago
208 Siren’s Fall ago
209 Machines of Confusion ago
210 Connected Origins ago
211 Falling Shadows ago
212 Falling Flames ago
213 City of Sunset Storms ago
214 Goals ago
215 Athena’s Journey ago
216 Volaia’s Fate ago
217 The Plan to Silence the City ago
218 Doubting the General ago
219 The Noble’s Irony ago
220 From Fear to Purpose ago
221 Machine Vs. Engineer ago
222 Fist of Urgency ago
223 Limited Options ago
224 Seeking Solutions ago
225 Sacrifice ago
226 Facing the Storm ago
227 Call of the Dead ago
228 Embracing the End ago
229 Salvation ago
230 Display of Power ago
231 Sorrow and Loss ago
232 Battle of Titans ago
233 Defection ago
234 Futile Running ago
235 Alternative Function ago
236 Machine Manifesto ago
237 Leader’s Return ago
238 Primordial Chaos ago

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  • Overall Score

Wishgranting storymode telling. Its passable and doable for audiance that need no basis of reality in their explanations. 

This artstyle resemble how i come up with stories for my friends kids. 

They love it but it feels unchallageing for myself.

/ds second language user here.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Interesting Story Premise that the Author Summarily Ignores

Review as of Chapter 85 (I will not read further).

There is one main problem with this story that ties into the style, story, and characters. The author brings up plot points to hint at future things for the readers, but makes the characters ignore the flashing lights in front of their eyes. If the progression of the plot is predicated on the characters acting like complete buffoons, when that is not their character trait, then that should not be how you progress your plot.

Style: The style is pretty generic litrpg fair after the very interesting opening setup. A unique litrpg system does help, but the feeling remains similar to a lot of other works. The similarity is by itself not a bad thing, but after crafting such a great opening it falls flat. The score is lowered to a three star because of the 'let's ignore what's in front of our face because I don't want to deal with that plot point right now' device.

Grammar: I did not notice anything wrong about the grammar, so I can't give anything less than a five. I should note that I am not very good at noticing puncutation errors.

Story: An amazing opening that leads into a pretty normal litrpg fantasy story. There were a few hiccups during the beginning of the normal litrpg fantasy story of 'why didn't the author mention anthing about that', but I felt they could be brushed off up to that point. However, in recent chapters, the brushing off has reached hair pulling stupidity levels. I even did a quick glance over the next few chapters, but the issues had still not been addressed.

It should be noted that the problems of the recent chapters I've read aren't themselves so bad that I had to drop the novel, but combined with plot points from the beginning that haven't been addressed it became my breaking point. Even with my problems, I like generic litrpg stories, so three stars.

Characters: Continuing with my previous problems, to make sure certain plot points aren't addressed, the main character acts completely out of character in these scenarios. The other issue is that the villians (besides the threat at the beginning) aren't even up to the standard of mustache twirling evil, but are cry baby evil. It's terrible.

Otherwise, the main character and the few side characters aren't amazing, but I'd call them servicable to good. I was able to read up to eighty five chapters of their personalities, so there is no way they were less than two stars worth.

Overall: The story has an interesting opening with a few glimpses of it later on. However, those glimpses are more for the reader than the main character. If the making the characters act like idiots, because the plot points can't be dealt with right now, problem was rectified, then the score would probably jump up to a four star. For now, the novel is a 2.5 star because while it has its good parts and I enjoyed reading the story up to a certain point, the combination of it not being amazing, ignoring the great opening, and the agravating plot device that affects story, style, and characters drops it down to a 2.5.

  • Overall Score

After the character Athena is introduced it feels like the quality of writing went down but maybe there just hasn't been that many characters up until now. The character seems two dimensional with ridiculous plot armor for why her and the MC should totally be best buds forever. And the dialouge between the two is just bleh.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

The plot holes got to me

TL;DR got me excited early on, but it didnt deliver. Too many plotholes and strange choices by the very OP mc.

First of all, I have read till chapter 178 and the beginning was worth it. But at one point you just get jaded due to all the plot holes and decision making of the mc. Someone else said that it went downhill when Athena was introduced, and I totally agree.

One huge pet peeve of mine is the: oh I can steal her power by forcing sex! And that is the main driving force of nearly all the bad guys (shes had a confrontation with).


I loved the 'prologue' chapter's, they really got me hyped. It is about the last surviving human in a dying universe and how she got transported to another one. In the new one there is magic, and that is where the writer went down the wrong path in my opinion. She has two VERY OP abilities besides access to ALL the knowledge of her previous universe. And there are all kinds of powers in the world but we have only really seen/read anything about the mc. Even the powers of the bad guys werent mentioned/totally not worth being mentioned.

The general population is a rank one or lower (0-? Power level), and the author make a rank 2 seem pretty powerful and rare. But it is a real easy thing to reach...

Furthermore the mc wants to grow stronger by fighting monsters and risks her live while then forgetting to even 'upgrading' herself for a couple of chapters.


Decent. But I got annoyed when he suddenly decided that there had to be a sudden influx of perspectives (around ch 174), while it was mostly from the perspective of the mc before that.


I didnt get annoyed much by grammar mistakes, so that means a 3.5 star for me. Pretty decent as well.


Besides all the plotholes this is the weakest point in my opinion. The first main side characters is all dumb when you meet him, but he is the assistant of a world renowned scientist... like wtf. Furthermore she was all buddy buddy with all 3 of the main sc's in no time. 

  • Overall Score

the author tells us what happens

The author just tells what happens and it really isn't much of a story, just someone doing stuff with no purpose.  Disappointing too because its a cool premise.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Potential of the story was not reached


I love the story but the MC in this novel is an idiot. Now there are many lovable idiot MCs out there, but sadly Zoey is not one of them.

Spoiler: Spoiler


All that said, I have read worse so I gave it 3.5 stars because I can see my self forgetting it's bad parts and coming back to try it again.



  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

It’s just going nowhere

Style: Other have already said it, it's a pretty generic litrpg story with some element of chinese webnovel (cultivation and that sort of thing). The prologue was great but everything after that is just disapointing. 2.5 stars because I don't dislike litrpg, but it falls short.

Grammar: Nothing to say here, some error, but nothing really big or crippling to the story. 4.5 stars because it's really rare on royalroad.

Story: It's my biggest disapointment. As of chapter 143, the plot is not going anywhere. It's like the author does not know what will happen next and make up thing at random. I really wasn't expecting this when I saw the warning traumatising content, the most traumatising thing I read was the prologue and even then it wasn't that horrible. There are plot element everywhere, but as soon as the MC discover one, she forget about it and goes to the next one who got absolutely no relation with the precedent. 2 stars because I am so disapointed.

Character: What happened? The main character is the last living being of her universe. She hasn't had a single discussion with anyone in 250 years but she doesn't present a single of the characteristic I would expect of someone like that. She has 2 power that would be considered overpowered even if she only had one, she has a collection of legendary artefact and she "cultivate" 24 times faster than anybody else... she is OP. Even then, I have no problem with OP character, but she is also bland. She trust her friend way to easily even when she doesn't really know them. As for the other character they are not really worth mentionning. They are stupid, not really likeable and seem to have problem with logic. As for the villain, they are after the MC because "they can have more power by having sex with her". 1.5 stars because that's trash.

Overall score: 2.5 stars

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Poor descriptions kill what could've been great

At first I was very intrigued. The premise starts out well, very little grammar errors, and the magic system is interesting.

However, the main failing is that the speaker constantly tells us what happening instead of showing us. This is especially obvious with nearly every single sentence that uses an exclamation point. 


"Their curiosity overcoming their uncertainty, the clanspeople were soon filing their way in the cargo bay, looking around in awe at the strange design, the crystal lights, and the glowing conduits that lined the walls. It was an alien design to them, as all they had known until now was the comparably primitive and inefficient aether piping that was used in most places. What they were seeing here was clearly more advanced!"

What does this whole paragraph tell us? The people look around in awe, but doesn't show us their reaction. The description of the ship itself is fine. But saying it's an alien design is pointless because it was literally designed by an alien to them. Similarly, the book has repeatedly mentioned that the MC has much better technology already. As for the final sentence with exclamation point, it's overdramatic and points out the painfully obvious.

This is honestly one of the more mild examples of redundancy. I think the author could make some great stories. But they have to fix 1) Show don't tell 2) Redundancies 3) Too much plot armor/OP main character (I didn't mention this but some other reviews did).

Andross Guile
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

It's a decent portal fantasy with an everyman protagonist. The MC doesn't have much of a personality and the other characters are caricatures straight from a wuxia novel. 

The author's style needs some work but mainly a thesaurus. The author repeats too many of the same adjectives. (Using "huge" 3 times within two sentences.) The spelling leaves a lot to be desired but it's acceptable by RRL standards.

The story is fine. I haven't read any portal fantasy like it, so that's a significant plus. The MC meanders around a new world and through her ridiculous plot armour and cheat like unique skills she powers up incredibly quickly. 

It's a wuxia and for its genre it's far better than average. It has a slice of life element to it which is in my eyes unnecessary fluff but some people might enjoy it. 

It's a decent read until about ch 70. Check it out.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Not Perfect, but close enough

As of Ch 130 -

A truly enjoyable story. Excellent grammar, engaging story, a few character issues but nothing crippling or demeaning.

My largest issue is that the villains seem a bit too stereotypical. Too arrogant to be smart, but their portion of the story has barely begun, so we'll see in the long run.

Currently being released in 10 chapter blocks that I devour voraciously. Not sure if I'll starve to death if/when this drops to 1 a day. lol.