May Aien Have Mercy

by Shiryu

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

He was a slave for life, born without a name. One of many, and yet few, that allowed the majority to live comfortably at the cost of their well being. Despite these circumstances, his kindness and righteousness knew no bounds. Not once had he resented the Gods or blamed destiny for his circumstances. Not once had he lost sight of what he believed in, no matter the cost he had to pay to do so.

This was the man known by his peers as Mentor.

Yet, even the ideals of such a man had one day begun to crumble under a cruel reality.

An escape attempt ended in failure, resulting in a vicious punishment that led to the man's demise. He was finally able to welcome the sweet embrace of death, but fate was not done with him yet. Reincarnated into a different world, he was filled with hope for the future. Assuming it was his just reward and a chance for a new life, he set forth into the world, trying to reach towards a simple happiness, that could make him forget his past suffering.

Alas, he didn't know how whimsical fate could be.

As betrayal followed him with every step, he realized, time and time again, the shackles of his own destiny.

Until at last, as he was faced with the injustices of his two lives, his ideals and hopes were broken beyond repair. Unwilling to restrain the accumulated hatred within him any longer, he'd finally unleashed it upon the world, where none would be spared from his hate-fueled vengeance against the world.

Thus, if you dare follow Aien on his road of destruction, leave behind your morals, and witness the birth of a Demon.

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One of the best executions of a traumautic past on a novel i have ever read!!The emotional turmoils are captured exquisitely well!The author uses a slow tempo to build up emotional situations without making them seem cringey at all!LOVED IT!


I love it, man! Before continuing, I will remind you that English is not part of my native language, so sorry for the inevitable mistakes I will make next. So first of all I will leave for the extension of this novel that I loved. It was such an amazing time that until now I feel speechless. This book is a masterpiece. Unfortunately, I do not see so many comments ... This novel, arrested me from the beginning to the end of so much excitement and twists ... The perfection man, I highly recommend reading.

gachiHYPER Clap

Dark, twisted and amazing

Reviewed at: Chapter 31

This is not a novel for the feint of heart, and it fully lives up to its premise. If you are looking for your basic antihero crap this is not it, Aien is a true vilain that never fails to surpise me with his actions. Overall This story is amazing full of twists that feel as if they were planned from the very begining, yet I rarely saw any of them them coming.



Dark and depressing

Reviewed at: Chapter 4

Really dark and depressing. If you are in the mood for something like that, go for this story. Otherwise stay away. Good writing.


I did not expect to find this and im glad i did, thank you for this new world to explore Shiryu. 


 I don't know about others, but after the end of the first book I was pretty hyped. Author masterfully shows the struggle of a kind man against harsh reailty, and in the end, the man becomes devil.

Style: Sentences are well-structured, understandable and devoid of unnecessaral fillers or info dumps.

Story: The main storyline is nicely accompanied by POVs that are directly linked to MCs actions. The main storyline in itself is pretty unique and well-written.

Grammar: There's no weird sentence constructions and I failed to find any grammar mistakes. Not that I was focusing on finding them anyway; I was enjoying the story. 

Characters: Characters are pretty reasonable and behave somewhat like people would behave in the real world. All these betrayals of our MC are not so far from reality; who would want to risk for a stranger, even a good one?

Conclusion:There are some depressive notes in the first book, they are there to show us the development of MC. Also, if you think that most people are good, then in this novel it's the opposite.T

This story would tell you a bitter yet exciting story about a downfall of the kindest man. As the saying goes: those who are the kindest tend to become the vilest.


A well written real evil mc.

Reviewed at: Chapter 34

Great story, well written, understandable character development, a not foreseeable cool plot twist and a really evil mc something you dont see to often in good execution on this site. 5/5


I can't stop reading!

Reviewed at: Chapter 23

My heart. Oh gods, my heart. It's like reading Warlock in a Magus World, but far better. If I had the option, I would pay for advance chapters - and I've never done that for any book, with the sole exception of I Shall Seal the Heavens. It's that good. Keep it up, Shiryu. I love what you're doing.


This Novel is Godlike

Reviewed at: Chapter 27

This Novel is Godlike, and worth reading. 

Story - An interesting story, with all you would expect from a anti-hero. Even has many plot twists, that you don't expect. 

Style - Flows extremely well. Don't feel it's too slow or rushed. 

Grammer - Perfect.

Character - Main Character has great development. The side characters are not half baked ideas, and is very detailed. 


Let me repeat. I do not know what the MC will do next. The twists and turns are damn good. 

However, be prepared for traumatic experiences. It does have physocological element. 


There many good things about this novel. The mc and his struggle versus the world. The interaction between the characters. The grammar. The story in general.