Death By Protagonist

by TheDonQ

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Donavan has made his living by wading through hundreds of stories in search of the quality few he and his firm believe to be worth publishing. After a strange twist of fate, he gets trapped inside the fantasy book of a particularly campy and amateur author. There he will have to navigate a world built on wish fulfillment, power fantasies, and fanservice in order to fix the story from the inside out if he ever wishes to leave. But can he bring himself to play the many roles necessary to manipulate and guide the characters to a satisfying conclusion?     


Authors Note: Death By Protagonist is meant to be simultaneously a satire of, and love letter to the isekai/portal fantasy genre. It both makes fun of and embraces many tropes of the genre such as harems, explicit sexual content, OP protagonists, and other things many people might think of as "trashy." If that doesn't sound like your thing, you've been warned, but I hope you'll give it a shot anyway.   

Update Schedule: Plan is to at least put out one new chapter every week, hopefully two.

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Unoriginal Concepts, Original Execution. Interesting Thus Far.

Reviewed at: Chapter 8: Baka


This is an unoriginal story. The concept of poking fun at terrible modern fantasy tropes is well known, and The Simulacrum is a story that exists that already has a main character that exists within a fake world that runs on a narrative. The key difference between these stories would be characters, storytelling, and setting.

Donavan, our main character, is a cynical straight man to the ridiculousness that is the fantasy world he finds himself in. He is conflicted in his motivations and the nature of his role in things, but is trying to make the best of what he can. He's written in a pretty solid way, being fairly consistant in personality, but not to the degree that he is a flat character. Those around him are similar, but marred by the unrealisticness that is the world that was made for them. 

The story hasn't progressed very far as of this review, but it has high potential for being interesting. Hopefully, the author will keep a semblance of originality and not fall into the tropes.