The Equilibrium Games

by Roninek

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy GameLit LitRPG Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Welcome to The Equilibrium Games!

Don’t panic; it won’t change anything and will waste your time. The time is what you don’t have. Your task is simple:

Don’t die.

Such a simple message appeared before Eric’s eyes as he stepped onto the hot sand of some unknown beach. He couldn’t remember who he was, or where he was. The only fuzzy memory in his mind was an enormous vortex appearing over his home town and hundred of tentacles snatching people out of the streets. No, it couldn’t be right, could it?

Moments later, as a set of icons appeared in his vision, he realized one more thing. He was transported into a world governed by a video game’s rules.


Welcome to my new LitRPG story — just a few clarifications at the start.

If you expect everything in this universe to make sense, then this might not be for you.

If you expect a hero, rushing to rebuilding the society on the new planet, then this might not be for you.

If you expect ‘We’re all going to die, hero save us!’ storyline, well this might be for you (sometimes), but probably not.


If you expect a thrill of adventure into the unknown, then this might be for you.

If you expect a gradual rise in power, then this might be for you.

And finally, if you like a bit of number crunching, gearing up, looting and slicing monsters, then it is definitely for you!

So with this short introduction:

Let The Equilibrium Games commence!


I’m aiming at five releases per week (Mon-Fri) on a fixed hour (9 PM CEST).

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Welcome to The Tutorial 1.0 ago
Welcome to The Tutorial 1.1 ago
Welcome to The Tutorial 1.2 ago
Welcome to The Tutorial 1.3 ago
Welcome to The Tutorial 1.4 ago
Welcome to The Tutorial 1.5 ago
Welcome to The Tutorial 1.6 ago
The Runestone 1.0 ago
The Runestone 1.1 ago
The Runestone 1.2 ago
The Runestone 1.3 ago
Down the Rabbit Hole 1.0 ago
Down the Rabbit Hole 1.1 ago
Down the Rabbit Hole 1.2 ago
Down the Rabbit Hole 1.3 ago
The Golden Carrot 1.0 ago
The Golden Carrot 1.1 ago
The Golden Carrot 1.2 ago
The Golden Carrot 1.3 ago
In the Rabbit’s Skin 1.0 ago
In the Rabbit’s Skin 1.1 ago
In the Rabbit’s Skin 1.2 ago
In the Rabbit’s Skin 1.3 ago
In the Rabbit’s Skin 1.4 ago
In the Rabbit’s Skin 1.5 ago
In the Rabbit’s Skin 1.6 ago
In the Rabbit’s Skin 1.7 ago
The Class 1.0 ago
The Class 1.1 ago
The Class 1.2 ago
The Class 1.3 ago
The Class 1.4 ago
The Class 1.5 ago
Preparations 1.0 ago
Preparations 1.1 ago
Preparations 1.2 ago
Preparations 1.3 ago
Preparations 1.4 ago
Preparations 1.5 ago
Preparations 1.6 ago
The First Wave 1.0 ago
The First Wave 1.1 ago
The First Wave 1.2 ago
The First Wave 1.3 ago
The First Wave 1.4 ago
The First Wave 1.5 ago
The First Wave 1.6 ago
The First Wave 1.7 ago
The First Wave 1.8 ago
The First Wave 1.9 ago
The First Wave 1.10 ago
The First Wave 1.11 ago
The First Wave 1.12 ago
The First Wave 1.13 ago
The First Wave 1.14 ago
Unexpected break ago

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The story's pretty good and the characters are mostly well-written, but the author really needs an editor to go through and clean things up. There are relatively frequent typos and occasionally weirdly worded sentences, and sometimes a bit of the pacing just suddenly drops. A lot of the characters don't have their own "voice" and sound the same.

That said, the plot is very good and the idea behind the story is excellent. I definitely want to see where this goes, but it needs editing.

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I was hoping for more from the top of trending, but if you need your fix of stat tables, it's alright.

Review as of chapter 11.


The good: It's LitRPG.

The neutral: The grammar could use some work, but the typos aren't too distracting. The setting is the same bland, everyone-for-themselves that you have definitely read before, with a small twist in the prologue.

The bad: Flat characters that wouldn't know how to dress themselves without instruction from the main character. They exist to look dramatic when they die, and to take over boring tasks.

  • Overall Score

Needs work but has potential

Reviewed at: The Runestone 1.1

The Good:

Concept and pace of the novel are awesome. The system in place for this story is intriguing and am interested to see where it goes. I didn't find any glaring grammer mistakes either.

The Bad:


The chracters speak as if they are on a childrens show, one that needs to use small words to help the audience understand everything, which, to me, leaves the interaction between characters cringy.

A good story that needs some work to be great but I am postive the author can pull it off. 

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Enjoyable with interesting MC class choice, but needs work

Reviewed at: Preparations 1.4

(as of chapter "Preparations 1.4", i.e. the 39th chapter)

Groups of humans without hard memories of their former lives awake in teenaged bodies to the messages of a game system and are told they are getting a tutorial now. Then they have to pick skills, defend against monsters, gain experience and classes and most importantly, try to survive what is thrown against them. Sounds familiar? Yes, but from the first chapters on this doesn't take the standard "one all-powerful blade-and-magic MC saves the world" route, instead this MC chooses an interesting non-standard class.

Style/Grammar: The story is told in third-person internal style and follows the MC. The descriptions are rather scarce (important things are described, the rest barely exists), the dialogue is simple and the narration is a bit clumsy at times. The author is not a native English speaker so there are many strange phrasings and often the articles are missing, but this does not hurt the story too much.

Story: The main events are nothing special so far but there are things in the side quests (which span about half the chapters) that clearly show that the world is much more complicated than it seems, with forgotten history, fallen races and looming dangers. The pacing is fine, the first character levels are reached rather quickly but the MC still had to work for them.

Characters: Most of the chapters concentrate on the MC and one other character, only one third person has relevant scenes in the whole story so far. While they act in a rather reasonable way and sometimes quite smart, some decisions feel a bit stupid or at least naive/not-genre-savvy to anybody who has RPG/RRL experience (exploring dangerous territory and a dungeon as a group of two low-leveled people? That's usually a baaaad idea). The personalities are a bit simple for now.

As it looks so far, the foundation of the story is okay without being great but the special point is the MC's unusual class, which might lead us readers down an exiting road we haven't travelled before. Like with the author's other work, all in all this story is very interesting and I'm impatient for the next chapters.

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  • Character Score

Fantastic LitRPG Survival Story

Reviewed at: The Class 1.1

Just finished the In the Rabbit's Skin arc and I have to say I am definitely digging this story. It is certainly  similar to other kinds of litRPG on this website but it has its own unique twists to the genre. This story has enough potential  that I can recommend others to come read it. I'm talking Delve, He Who Fights Monsters, Defiance of the Fall. That kind of story.

The MC is pretty standard for a good story but that's not a bad thing. Eric has some clear goals and isn't some rapey isekai fucker.  The other characters are also pretty good I especially like the drill sarge. Overall their interactions are fun to read.

I was over thirty chapters into this story and it started off very strong. I can say that the quality and action overrall has not dropped. You can't say that about many stories. If  this pace continues for the next few arcs I can very well see this being in atleast the top 25 on RR.

The world this story takes place in seems interesting. An island seperated into biomes with a safe zone for a town in the middle.There has been hints of world building with more to come over time. There are some very unique stuff hinted at such as perhaps the monsters they are fighting were other conquered races from previous cycles.

There are a few spelling errors and grammar issues but I can usually gloss over that so I don't mind to much.

Overall the pacing has been consistent throughout the story with enough amount of information every chapter that you don't feel that you are being info dumped on.

Once again I think it is a great story, with  potentional out the wazoo. This kind of story can be especially awesome and I just want the author to keep writing and do their best to avoid burnout like I see so often on these kinds of stories.  Keep writing and keep the current release schedule even if the chapters are a little short at times and you will be golden.

Once again if you like litRPG and liked stories such as Delve, He Who Fights Monsters, and Defiance of the Fall, I am recommending that you give The Equilibrium Games a fighting chance.

  • Overall Score

Slow paced but enjoyable litrpg story

Reviewed at: Preparations 1.3

If you like litrpg storys you will enjoy this one. I personal enjoy the fact it is a bit more slow paced compared to other stories on here. I suggest you leave it for a couple days to let the chapters to buiild up (usually a mini arc) then read them.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Great idea, good execution, could use a little more TLC

Reviewed at: The First Wave 1.4

Overall, I've thoroughly enjoyed this story so far (as of The First Wave 1.4).  I really like the overall premise of the story, and I'm excited to see where it goes.  It is a little obvious that English isn't the author's first language, but the author does a pretty good job of editing and it didn't detract too much from the story for me.

The system of the world is clean and doesn't feel forced.  There's no great number crunching like some stories, but arbitrary numbers are not just being thrown at the characters (so far).

The area I think that could use the most attention is a little more character development and more developed dialogue/relationships between characters.  While the characters don't have much in the way of memory of their life before being transported to this new realm, the interactions between characters feel too light, like they are boiled down middle or high school kids instead of adults.  It feels like the least natural part of the story so far.  That said, it's not any where near enough of an issue to keep me from continuing to read this story.

Pale imitation
  • Overall Score

Limited vocabulary cookie cutter characters

Reviewed at: Welcome to The Tutorial 1.1

Authors good at world building and setting up the plot but fumbles with phrasing and dialogue. Lots of potential, I encourage the author to read more to increase their vocabulary and character building.

  • Overall Score

Awesome and more( Prologue killed it for me i mean in a good way)

Reviewed at: The Class 1.3

Something of a kind, refreshing while familiar with its kind.   That prologue was Fing awesome pulled me in like a vacuum in space.   Hope author doesnt drop it midway, have been reading novels on royalroad for years now this is my first review as long as i can remember  just wish autorh wont repeat same crabs as forgotten emperor author did .  

Anyone having second toughts just read the first chapter(prologue) if it wont make you read this novel till the end then damn you aint fantasy novel material 

  • Overall Score

A promising but flawed first effort

Reviewed at: Welcome to The Tutorial 1.0

This story has a lot of good things going - an interesting setting and a good grasp of grammar. The pacing is a bit strange - there is a lot of action but story-wise there is little movement forward, after almost 300 pages in we are technically in an extended prologue (Tutorial).
The characters are the real problem - in the beginning, it's barely felt, but when we reach the "Preparations" arc individual quirks morphed almost into a caricature. The single facet that made characters a little special becomes the defining trait.
Nevertheless, at his best, the author shows engaging characters and plot.