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POV shift narrator saying his piece

Much time passed and still, the world remained.

The world turned and turned, ever on its celestial axel, a constant in an uncertain universe, the myriad lifeforms on that spinning ball of rock, hopefully rising from slumber every day to try their luck and fortunes at the game of chance and initiative that existence was.

Every form of life went its own way, some dug and burrowed some soared and flew, and others stalked and prowled.

Every beast having its own path laid before it.

But, not every creature was satisfied with their place in the world desiring more.

And some didn't seem to belong at all in this world.

It was a creature like this that flicked its antennae as it rose fresh from its egg.

This creature was lost and afraid, it could not fathom how it came to be here

It only knew that it didn't belong here and that it was hungry.

Looking for answers and food, the tiny being, took its first tottering steps into this game of chance.

Not knowing the true extent of its own significance.

POV shift three days later, say hello to our protag the roach

I sprint around the corner at maximum speed pushing my body to the limit, a huge and terrifying figure following along slowly behind me, I glance back at the figure it is easily keeping up and will soon catch me, this is bad, this is really bad.

If this thing catches me it will be all over. The shadowy figure hops into the light of the reflecting water revealing itself.

It is a frog, yes a frog, not a shadow frog or a demon frog, just a frog. and I am not a person, I am a roach, more specifically a cockroach.

I was not always a cockroach I think, as I have vague indistinct memories of being human, an Australian in fact.

I remember going to bed one day after taking my medications then before I knew it, I woke up here in some Random sewers as a cockroach.

It was terribly confusing and mortifying at first and I kept running into walls in a panic, but after much self-reflection I have come to terms with my new existence as a humble roach, although I don’t approve of the degradation of my human memories, in fact I can’t even recall my own name, occupation or my gender, rather aggravating if I do say so myself.

Perhaps that is a result of limited storage within the tiny nerve clusters that act as my brain? or perhaps not.

But either way that matters little at this current time, as presently I am running in terror from what I can only consider a horrible monstrosity of an amphibian.

The nasty warty looking frog is gaining ground on me and will soon gobble me up if I don’t think of something quickly, I desperately survey my surroundings as I sprint at full throttle.

As stated earlier I am in the sewers, Like many sewers, a shallow column of flowing putrid water runs down the center of the sewer passageway surrounded on two sides by brick walkways.

It isn’t a sewer I recognize from my hazy human recollection, but judging by the crude and primitive building materials of stone brick and mortar, rather than concrete, I can only assume it is a very old sewer.

Spotting some of my fellow roach brethren skulking around a discarded wrapper of some kind, I make my way as fast as I can over to them.

When I first encountered other roaches, I was dearly hoping that they might be fellow trapped humans, but I quickly denounced that idea as the encountered roaches showed no outward signs of intelligence, being only regular roaches.

It was after my first encounter with these plebeian roaches that I deemed them suitable sacrificial pawns.

The roaches don’t listen to me at all no matter what I try but… I found other uses for them.

Dashing past the roaches, some of the roaches twitched and flicked their feelers agitatedly as I passed them by, but most ignored my passing and continued gnawing on the vile looking wrapper.

Perfect! I didn’t stop to watch the roaches behind me who had yet to realize their imminent deaths, instead, continuing as fast as my minute multi-legged feet could carry me.

I heard the crunching and rustling of paper behind me, the frog had reached the wrapper immediately after which, crunching chewing sounds echoed about the sewers.

it sounded like the frog was enjoying a plentiful meal.

The other roaches hadn’t noticed the approach of the frog presumably because they were blind unlike myself, why they were blind was curious when I wasn’t but I'm not going to complain after all their weakness has allowed me to survive this long.

Turning another corner I ran to an adjacent wall and scampered up it with relative ease heading toward the small crevice I had made my home.

I squeezed into the crack and found myself in my only sanctuary, a smelly and relatively unsafe sanctuary, but so far the only one that didn’t have spiders and centipedes hiding in it, so really quite an excellent little place of respite.

Chittering in nervous relief at my near brush with death, I was settling down when a notification like a box filled with clear script appears on my view. {escaped denge frog 10+ exp}

Occasionally I had received these little pop-ups like this in the past since becoming a roach three days ago and I had been thoroughly stumpt at what they meant, but now I had a theory.

The 10 exp moved over to a set of bars that were normally hidden, filling one up slightly before becoming hidden again.

Yes, I have a theory, it wasn’t my theory originally but now it is, my theory is this.

'I am in some sort of crazy video game world’, I don’t really know if this is the case since pain, taste, and sensation still seem real enough but so far it is my only conclusion from what I have observed.

I thought of testing whether respawning was a thing but that was a stupid thought, if I didn’t respawn then I would be dead for good.

Shaking my segmented head at my prior foolishness I settled down and chewed on the moss that grew in the corner of my little roach den.

Ever since my transformation into an invertebrate, I have hungered endlessly, my hunger never truly sated merely temporarily pacified, it's gnawing pangs always present beyond the edges of my mind.

Truly it makes thinking clearly, very difficult.

So I eat.

As a roach, food is a real potch to come by so I take every opportunity to eat, even if its carcasses and pond scum, of course, it tastes like garbage (probably because it is) and is far from satisfactory but sewer-dwelling invertebrates can’t be choosers so I endure.

Although I still have to be careful as I have seen my fellow roaches infested with horrible afflictions and parasites likely from eating something very unsavory.

In comparison to those roaches conditions and the awful taste of almost everything, this moss isn’t too bad really, it’s not very nutritious or appetizing but it sure beats parasites and starvation.

I sit hovering above the moss until I've eaten my fill, {consumed Rocca moss 5 exp} the hidden bars reappear in my vision and a yellow bar that likely refers to hunger begins to fill slowly.

The moss is bitter but not entirely unpleasant, after the lackluster meal I lay on my belly and ponder things deep and meaningful, like my current place in the universe, that of a cockroach, during which, a thought comes to me.

‘If this world is like a game perhaps I should try to level up…’

A note from Don Wihongi

To the guy who suggested I space out my paragraphs, (from big blocks to chunks) I salute in gratitude, and to the guy who suggested I bolden the notifications, I offer a bow. (wave left arm about theatrically in a formal bow while tipping imaginary bowler hat) thankyou gentlemen for helping me oil my now less creaky story.

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