ROACH- rising pestilence

ROACH- rising pestilence

by The true Narrator

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

A weary mind awakens in an unfamiliar body, lost, confused, scared, and very far from home.

He doesn't know where he is, he isn't sure what he may become, and his stomach growls hungrily.

But he knows one thing.

He must feed and he isn't too bothered on how, only when.

Through his struggles to survive trying to take his place in this world. It, the world will be forever changed.


My first story here so let's do it! hopefully with flying colors. (This story is not about an insect that goes on an edgelord, death rampage, so those who came for that, know now what you are reading and stop rating down thx, still, some murder and mayhem is involved) 

Feel free to critique, I will be checking on reviews and comments every now and then to see what others think of my writing and how I might adjust it in the future. (although I'm also doing this for fun so don't get your knickers in a twist if things don't change to your liking).

(Know that even if you comment/review that doesn't mean I will respond or that I will take your advice, after all, I too have my own preferences).

A chapter tends to come out every fortnight, however sometimes it may be sooner or later, It depends on how lazy I'm feeling or how busy I am.

Ps. A friend of mine drew the cover art, appreciate its homebrew goodness.

PPs. serious readers may want to read the author's notes as well.

PPPs. If you rate down please say why, I want info, not merely ratings that don't tell me anything, preferably in comments, so I can try to best satisfy my audience, or at the very least understand their reasons.

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The true Narrator

The true Narrator

A concerned observer

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Whispers of legends ago
C1 V1 swift start ago
C2 V1 Elsewhere but close... ago
C3 V1 Growing pains ago
C4 V1 a harrowing tale + Narrators meddling ago
C5 V1 I dream of system ago
C6 V1 Uncertain membership ago
C7 V1 A montage and just a pinch of revenge ago
C8 V1 I totally Didn't see that coming... no not at all! ago
C9 V1 Spreading blood ago
C10 V1 Bug meets girl ago
C11 V1 A touching story (extra) ago
C12 V1 My money is on the big one (extra) ago
C13 V1 Cut a deal with... the devil? ago
C14 V1 Muddled ago
C15 V1 Synergy (extra) ago
C16 V1 Taking stock and taking hearts ago
C17 V1 A guide on how to make friends... ago
C18 V1 A guide on how to make friends (part two (extra)) ago
C19 V1 A guide on how to make friends... (part 3 (extra)) ago
C20 V1 Party of five ago
C21 V1 Clairvoyance ago
C22 V1 Hunters and hunted ago
C23 V1 Turning tides (a brutal chapter) ago
C24 V1 Sacrifice and loss (the 'actually' brutal chapter) ago
C25 V1 Cleaning up ago
C26 V1 Inner conflict ago
C27 V1 Head-closed ago
C28 V1 Climbing the ladder, (The first rung is sought) ago
Volume 1 epilogue- Ascension and System troubles ago
A Christmas special- Bestiary and codex ago
False idols (early serving) ago
C1 V2 Listen to your Taldurs ago
C2 V2 Surface tension ago
C3 V2 Scheming and sightseeing ago
C4 V2 A day out on the town- Conifer square ago
C5 V2 A day out on the town- All in good jest ago
C6 V2 A day out on the town- Bearly standing ago
C7 V2 A day out on the town- Bear eccentrici-teas ago
C8 V2 Rodent resolutions ago
C9 V2 Waking up ago
C10 V2 Quick-fix ago
C11 V2 My rock! My star! My love! (A side story, sort off...) ago
C12 V2 Self awareness ago
C13 V2 Teens will be teens ago
C14 V2 Criminally underrated ago
C15 V2 Electrical discharge ago
C16 V2 Crispy concerns ago
C17 V2- Key ago
C18 V2 Claybed port ago
Untitled goose story V2- Intermission ago
The end... ago

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Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they all stink. Here's mine.

Reviewed at: C6 V1 Uncertain membership

Roach- rising pestilence is a solid novel, that releases frequently, and has an interesting story about a cockroach in a fantasy setting.

Don Wihongi does a great job editing; is willing to listen to comments and critiques about his work. The story is very intriguing and does a great job at establishing a consistent flow of revealing information about the world and the characters that inhabit it.

I personally think this novel is great and the way it's written just leaves you wanting more.

Don Wihongi good shit my man! Keep up the great work!



Ren Kuro

Reviews are annoying to Write but here is mine

Reviewed at: C16 V2 Crispy concerns (Big chapter)

A story worth reading, The grammar at the start can put you off, but once you get past that the story becomes much better.

The style that the story is written in is not my favorite, but we all have our prefreneces, But since i like the Story so much i can look past that.

Almost all the characters in this are likeable, My top two are Dewy and Dwayne, The way they are written, the personailites and everything else makes up a Good story.

Considering everything that the Author put into this, The detail, the Mystery, the Characters, and the fact that this is the Authors first story....

Gotta give this Piece of art a 4.5.

Hope to see more, Good luck.


Story: 5/5. System-Based Monster LITRPG Fantasy. Unique with dual POVs. It sort of reminds me of Dakota Krout’s Divine Dungeon series with a non-human POV and human POV. I’d give it a 5 for originality. The nice thing is there no immediate drowning in exposition, the story gradually unfolds naturally through the viewpoint of the character.
Style: 4.5/5. Written in third-person present-tense with multiple perspectives. There is a narrator's POV which is more omniscient manner while the other two character POVs are more limited. At first, I thought this would be an issue because many authors I came across had issues juggling multiple POVs. Thankfully, this author is not among them and the story weaves around the three naturally. Only two minor issues was the use onomatopoeia (which is a personal take), and instances where it seems telling would do better than showing.

Grammar: 4.5/5. Some minor mistakes but nothing that makes the fiction illegible. I’d rate this in the upper quartile of RR fics which nets it a 4.5.

Character 5/5. Unique characterization from a cockroach who is struggling to survive and begins to quite literally climb and eat his way up the foodchain. A bit like Super Minion, except the cockroach is more inclined toward growth and gaining strength versus the more exploratory mind-set of the Super Minion. There were also some very humanizing instances with Lescar in the later chapters which I found to add dimensions to the character. 


Don Wihongi has crafted an interesting tale here.

The system our MC is reborn with is pretty bare-bones with few descriptions and little explanation for most of its facets.

Our MC grows fairly quickly, through a process of small time-skips, into something vastly more powerful than its surroundings (a vast sewer system). 

Enter humans and adventures. Who are proportionally more powerful than our MC and quickly assert their dominance.

From there the story changes rapidly and becomes more of a team-building exercise rather than just developing our MC.


The entire story is well written and entertaining, although it may not be everyone's taste.


I personally liked the beginning and hope we return to that style again soon.

Thanks, Don for the tale!



I'm not up to date but I'm enjoying this story so far! Good concept, it's a little slow at the start but it picks up. My only other qualms is the spelling, grammar and cohesion which other reviewers have mentioned, thankfully its pretty minor and doesn't really take away from the reading experience. Other than that interesting characters and well written plot.



The Handsome Cockroach Really Rocks

Reviewed at: C3 V1 Growing pains

Mr. Cockroach is awesome and badass. I hope he will become a cockroach king and rule the entire fantasy world.

Please keep up the good work.


Spoiler: Spoiler
_W_T_F _

I love this new concept of being a cockroach it new to many other insect reincarnation title still I give my 4.5 for giving the effort in intro well cause it your first Story


Starts rough, rapidly improves

Reviewed at: C21 V1 Clairvoyance

For all who want to try this out, fair warning, the earlier chapters are a bit rough in terms of grammar. Starting out, the grammar is somewhere in th 3 star range, as of chapter 20 it improves to about 4 stars.


The style is interesting and the story is fine, but the characters, especially the main character, aren't fully fleshed out yet.

All in all, a decent start, with a writer who is rapidly improving as the story goes on.


A very fun story with a promising future (and frequent uploads!!!). The grammar could definitely use an editor, but it is rarely immersion-breaking. The characters do fall somewhat flat occasionally, but that can also often be attributed to the grammatical and syntactical errors. All in all, a job well done.


I like the story even I hate cockroaches

Reviewed at: C13 V1 Cut a deal with... the devil?

I can't give you the perfect score for the grammar because I see some mistakes.


Spoiler: Spoiler