Heroes of Midlaris

by KurtMKing

Original HIATUS Fantasy High Fantasy Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Reincarnation School Life Slice of Life Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

After a long, exhausting day at work, where he faced the usual harassment from some of his coworkers, Luke just wanted to return some books to the library, head home, and rest. Instead, he died on the way and became reincarnated into the world of Midlaris, a world of myth and magic. There, he was found and raised by seven elders, who each taught him their craft as he grew up.

When he turned sixteen, he began to attend university in the nearby kingdom, beginning a tale of love and friendship, of creativity and growth, and of an ancient past that begins to return.

The first several chapters covers his childhood, for those coming to read about him at university.

Posting Schedule: Alternating between 2 days and 3 days (so two chapters in a 5-day period). Patrons can read up to 15 chapters early.

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Kurt continues to impress with HoM. Unlike most of his series here, this one isn't an isekai, though some of the spell system explanations seem to lean in that direction. That said, a number of KMK tropes can be found here, which - if you like his other worlds - are certainly endearing. 


Honestly, if I were to register one complaint - aside from the fact that I read too fast and am stuck waiting for updates - it's that the cast feels a bit overly large at times, and there were several moments where I felt like I needed an in-depth bios/ relationships glossary to keep up with everyone, especially when you run into similar names or someone who hasn't had the spotlight in a while suddenly having an arc appear out of  left field. 


Minor nitpick and not enough to detract from the overall score in my opinion. 

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Very enjoyable Slice of Life with some cherries on top.

Reviewed at: Chapter 0031

As of chapter 45 (patreon):

As a preface, I find this to be one of the better reincarnation stories I've read, with an interesting take on how it would work, and I strongly reccommend checking this one out. 

At the beginning of the story, I found Jason to be wildly overpowered and a bit out of place. I'm glad to say that this has calmed down significantly, as he has found antagonists of similar power, and every other main character isn't nearly as unbalanced as he is. The story has really developed well as it's gone on, little things that annoyed me at the start are long gone, and I enjoy Kurt's writing style. 

My only gripe with the story right now is that it seems a bit directionless. There's obviously a plot unravelling and it's started to drive the story a bit harder, but right now the story seems to kinda dart between different, maybe-connected, events, and sometimes struggles to stay on pace. It makes tons of sense as a slice of life story, but the growing (sub?)plot makes me want a bit more direction. This gripe is rather minor and really only a personal preference, but worth writing down, I think.

Keep up the great work Kurt.

char good but op-ness is a bit much at the start, grammar good, like the style, story is good but could use some more direction


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Nice character progression

Reviewed at: Chapter 0027

This is a gem of a story. The main  character is op but, that is countered by his lack of knowledge. Not only that but it is problem up by the POV of several different sources.  It is a nice touch to the story of reincarnation that they find there past lovers. That fate and love bridge us across time. 

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I am thoroughly enjoying HOM!  I was reading on RR, but liked the story so much, I had to join Kurt's Patreon to get more!  The characters are developing at a good pace along with the story line.  Keep up the good work.  Looking forward to many more chapters!

  • Overall Score

Best reincarnation SoL

Reviewed at: Chapter 0021

Better version of Magi's grandson, reincarnation isnt a huge inconvenient thing like other books.

MC is gay, but in my opinion, its fine, not going overboard

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I want MORE BEARS! 🥰

Reviewed at: Chapter 0074

This is one of the best stories that i have EVER read! I can't wait for the next chapter to come out! 

Characters have DEPHT and its full of action! 

I've been following Kurt for quite some time and read quite a few of his stories. I really like his style and his naratives. 

This is NOT a story where you can see where it will leed after reading only few chapters. So if you are lazy reader, don't even try 😁  But you WILL see it is well written story! 

English is not my native language, but nevertheless I had no problem understanding the storyline .

Thanx Kurt and keep up the good work! 

Ps. Bears RULE! 😘

Rick Proehl
  • Overall Score

This is a Great Story with so much detail. It is a very good read and you will live it.

  • Overall Score

Good story overall,

The characters are quite human with their strength and weakness, you will enjoy following Jason ( the MC ), his parents and his friends.

We got differents POV, but it's well done and easy to follow, it allow us to discover the world with differents set of eyes and give some depth to the different char.

The world building is extremly well done, the world is full of mysteries with danger and challenge that mankind will have to solve sooner or later, can't wait to see the next shit that will fall over the head of the civilisation. 

It's true that the MCs are OP, but it doesn't decrease the dramatic tensions, there are lots of vulnerable charachters around our heroes and dangers can kill their friends/family. It's a bit like One Punch man, while we know Saitama won't be in danger, we are stressed for his friends. That's the same kind of vibe for Heroes of Midlaris. ( only for this aspect of the story, ofc ).

I got some setbacks, but it's more due to my personnal taste than real objective mistakes from author, the nigga has some talents, I hope he will keep writing.

  • Overall Score

A story worth the time to read

Reviewed at: Chapter 0033

From the moment I started reading this story I was hooked. I love medieval fantasy stories and it's cool to see one where magic is common place and you just need to will it to happen (if you know how).

If you're looking for a new story to read, give this one a chance.

  • Overall Score

Really good, premise is kinda copied, but takes a very different approach and is beautifully written. The character personalities, interactions and everything are very noice, though mc is pretty overpowered as of right now. Usually I hate that, but the story is so fucking good that it pretty much completely trumps everything bad.