Book 1, Volume 1

Chapter 20

“Anari, I didn't really have much time to read about these Furbees when my eyes spell brought up their details in the Info Box; Is there some way to bring it up again so I can fully read it this time or do I have to use my eye spell again?”

[ No worries Wylla. You don't need to use your eyes spell again. I'll bring up the in-game logbook... And there it is. ]

“Thanks, Anari,” Wylla replied as she began reading the Furbee Info Box again. Her eyes moved left to right several times before reaching a certain part that caused her eyes to water and a frown to appear on her face.

“I... I didn't... know...” Wylla quietly whispered in a small quivering voice as she clutched the middle of her chest with her free hand. Her shoulders drooped down as she read the words again: “Furbees are docile by nature, they rarely attack others unless attacked themselves or if their hive is in danger...”

“They're docile... and … and I killed them...” Tears flowed down Wyllas cheeks as her sakura hued hair hid her heart pained face like a pair of partially sheer silken curtains.

[ Before you get too down on yourself Wylla. This might be a good moment to reflect: In Abrynth as in life, things aren't always as they appear to be. It's not always good to judge a book by its cover. But that being the case, it's also not good to let your guard down when unknown things appear. Being unguarded is a good way to get hurt, especially to the unknown. Understand? ]

“But then how am I suppose to know... even though I should have known since my Spirin Eyes told me so...”

[ That might not be the case: Remember first that your Oryn Spirin Eyes spell is new and very low ranked so it will only give you the basic known knowledge. And second, Furbees are attracted to the sweet scent of plants and flowers. And you, being the brand new Unique one of a kind race of Sylven, are exactly what Furbees are attracted too and may find quite tasty. So while they may be docile to others, that doesn't mean that it applies to you. ]

“So then, if that's so,” Wylla said wiping the tears from her cheeks dry, “how am I suppose to know if they'll try to put me on their menu?”

[ Well, isn't that for you to figure out Wylla? Wink ]

Wylla wanted to roll her eyes again, but Anari did have a point. This was something she had to figure out, to make some sort of plan... an experiment to determine if Furbees were friends or foes. With that firmly placed in mind she then looked at the bodies of the Furbees lying on the ground:

“Waste not, want not...” Wylla quietly said to herself as she reluctantly walked up to the Greens first to loot them.

After looting the 3 Greens she made a small pile of the loot she gathered from them. Looking at that pile she found that she really did get quite lucky with the first group she fought since they all dropped useful and much-needed items for her.

But this time the only things these 3 Greens dropped were low-quality materials and 1 low-quality... bikini top? Or is it a half tank top? Or maybe one of those sports bras? Wylla held it up in front of her eyes, her head tilted to the side as she stretched the soft clothing item this way and that with her small curious hands.

Wylla then eyed her small developing chest while holding the new clothing. Either way, if I can wear it under my current top then I don't see why I shouldn't since it should add at least a tiny bit more protection... I think.

Having made the decision to wear it she went about doing so and was happy to find that she indeed could wear the new top underneath her furbee ribbed halter top. She moved her arms up and around and found it to be quite comfortable. Hmm... it seems clothing drops automatically adjusts the size to fit the looter... well at least they do so far. Would be great if clothes did that in the real world since I'm so tall and things I like are hard to find in my size. She slightly shook her head, clearing her wishful thinking, then moved on to the next task; looting the Reds.

She walked up to the first Red and touched it as a Loot Box sprung up in front of her:

[ Young Furbee (Rank 0, Tier 0, Level 4, Stars 3) named Red has dropped the following loot: 2 medium-quality Furbee's legs used Alchemy. 1 small medium-quality beast core used in most crafting. And 1 medium-quality small-sized onyx black stinger dagger. Plus, 1 high-quality dagger sheath as a gift from one of your Divine Livestream viewers!]

[Congratulations Wylla! You have received your first Divine Livestream gift from above for providing a highly entertaining Livestream feed! ]

A note from Storymask

Looks like Wylla's stalkers... erm... Divine Viewers have fallen for her charming ways of doing things. Will this new-found fame go to Wylla's head? Find out Monday in Chapter 21: Video Killed the Radio Star

(Little Side Note: It was a toss-up between that chapter title or She's a Livestream Diva... Got Stars in Her Eyes (which is a play on Juke Box Hero))

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