As days passed she continued to train every day with no progress on her plan. Suddenly she felt that her words were simply a joke, going like this how did she get the nerve? To actually say she could finish everything in two weeks! 'Freya are you trying to deceive everyone else or yourself?!' So she thought to give herself a break and increase the deadline a little, a little means as long as she could take. After all, you can't rush this stuff, can you?

Therefore she trained, from morning to evening she trained and in between she hung out with Katlyn, Noah and Liam who liked to load her with the all the gossip you could find at the academy. Easton actually had a soft spot an angel named Ciara who was on duty in a different country. No wonder the man was so grumpy most of the time. And the bloody demigods they... they didn't seem to have any weakness. Awkward assholes!

Just as she was thinking her life was gonna be an endless cycle of training and gossip trouble walked to her door as always. While she was lazing around in bed one evening after an intense day of training hurried knocks landed on her door. Reluctantly she got up from her bed and opened the door to find four angry looking angels glaring down at her. Heavens! What did she do now?!

"Gentlemen, how can I help you?" She asked with a kind expression.

"You are summoned!" Came their curt reply. Were they programmed to talk like that? Bloody robots!

"Alright! Alright! Give me a minute will you?" Closing the door in their faces she ran back to her room getting dressed in a pair of black jeans and a halter necked marroon- colored camisole matching them with her black ankle boots she went back opening the door to meet even angrier looking faces.

"I'm ready! Let's Go!" They looked at her with incredulous eyes.

"What? A girl gotta look good alright. From the looks of it, I seem to be in trouble so the least I could do is look pretty." With stiff expressions, the four escorted her out of the living quarters without commenting on the main building. Oh, she was going to meet the demigods, how... exciting.

Entering the office room the four angels stood off to the side while Freya stood in the middle once again facing the demigods, Emidio, Abila, and Alya. It was still Emidio who spoke, the sisters seemed to be mute.

"A problem has arisen in the academy, high tech weapons and some other important lab instruments have been stolen." Okay now, this really had nothing to do with her.

"Uh! Sir, I didn't do anything of that sort so you could directly cut me off from the list of culprits." She kindly informed him.

"I'm not finished! And don't worry the crime has nothing to do with you, but the interrogation does have something to do with you. We have been reported that your training had been going well, even your combat strength seemed to be keeping up with the angels and considering you are the master of the sword of ice and blood we have decided to officially appoint a position for you."

Giving me a minute to absorb what he had dropped on me Emidio continued, "You are the new interrogator of the light from now on and your first duty starts now."

"Huh? An interrogator? Don't you have interrogators already?"

"Of course, but you will be able to get better results with your powers."

"Ahh, so you want me to fry some brains?" As soon as the words were out Emidio directed a scathing glare towards her.

"Now you have an important position in the light army so do follow the rules and protocol!" He lectured Freya with a hard expression. 'Sorry, buddy you are going to be vastly disappointed, following rules is really not my forte.'

"Yes, of course, sir!"

"Killian will fill you in on the case on the way. Good luck and Freya... you still need to attend for training." Bloodygoddamnedfreakinghell!! This was simply torturing alright!

She was taken to an elevator by Killian but the elevator did not ascend up as she thought instead it descended down towards the ground. The culprits must be kept underground. How dungeon-like.

The stolen weapons and the lab instruments had been specially designed to use against the puppet supernaturals so the security and magic protection provided had been the highest. So only an insider could have been able to carry on the task. As Killian informed her they had found left traces of the trespasser's magic allowing them to capture him alive.

"Interrogator Archer you will be given an office in the main building after you are done here you can have a look," Killian informed, with his forever paralyzed face.

"Haha... how about you just call me Freya? 'Interrogator Archer' makes me feel like a brute." She lightly informed him with a dry laugh.

"No! Interrogator Archer, this is protocol." Again that cursed protocol.

"You are an angel, right? Why do you need to call me in the title? According to what I know you still rank higher than me."

"It is different for interrogators, for all the interrogators till now only had been either angels or half-bloods so now we rank equal, therefore you will be called with the title." She stopped talking unwilling to speak anymore.

Half-bloods were the products of angels and other supernaturals. They had high psychic efficiency but still inferior to a whisperer.

Finally, the elevator stopped, walking out she was stunned for a minute. Originally due to the premise, she had thought it was going to be a bloody and grimy dungeon but in reality, it was like arriving at a world of silver. The cells were made of high-quality metal enchanted with technomagic. The prisoners were detained in technological vessels holding them immobile. All painted in metallic silver.

She could feel the hatred and fear wafting off from them as she passed by the cells.

At last, arriving near a room, they both walked in. About five people stood there all wearing white color uniforms. Must be the interrogators for they looked bloody quiet literally as their clothes were stained with red color.

But what made her stop in her tracks was the supernatural chained to the chair, he had wounds all over his body clearly the artwork of her fellow interrogators. But his eyes... his eyes did not contain any pain or any emotion to speak of. They were completely blank.

That was when Freya realized why she was needed, for the person she was looking at was not simple, he was like a puppet... he was a puppet supernatural.


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