Something Otherworldly!

by Hazel_Quill

Original HIATUS Action Fantasy Mystery Romance Female Lead High Fantasy Magic Secret Identity Strong Lead Supernatural War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

The change brought magic to earth.

For eighteen years old Freya Archer it was time for her supernatural awakening. It will determine whether she was light or dark, a daughter of heaven or hell.

The children of the original supernaturals will get their magic awakened at the age of eighteen deciding their fate. While getting your fate decided at the age of eighteen with no choice could be somewhat annoying it was how the world worked.

There were rules, the rules of the gods and demons agreed upon the truce. And they had to be followed. But of course.. something otherworldly had to happen during her awakening.

Something strange was going on with supernaturals, and she seemed to be in the middle of it all. Rules are going to be damn hard to follow.

After all, destruction tends to follow wherever she goes...

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 01: Secrets ago
Chapter 02: The Awakening. ago
Chapter 03: The Awakening ago
Chapter 04: Whisperer ago
Chapter 05: Whisperer ago
Chapter 06: The Academy of Lux Vezros ago
Chapter 07: Departure ago
Chapter 08: The Academy of Lux, Phoenix City ago
Chapter 09: Training ago
Chapter 10: The Sword of Ice and Blood ago
Chapter 11: Trouble ago
Chapter 12: Puppet Supernaturals ago
Chapter 13: Puppet Supernaturals ago
Chapter 14: How to take something stolen back? ago
Chapter 15: How to take something stolen back? ago
Chapter 16: More Trouble ago
Chapter 17: Answers and Questions ago
Chapter 18: Answers and Questions ago
Chapter 19: Weird Magic ago
Chapter 20: Weird Magic ago
Chapter 21: Weird Magic ago
Chapter 22: The Thief ago
Chapter 23: People who Pretend ago
Chapter 24: A Fleeting Image ago
Chapter 25: Chaos and Dreams ago
Chapter 26: The Gods ago
Chapter 27: Seizing The Thief! ago
Chapter 28: The God of Night and Death ago
Chapter 29: Truths and Secrets ago
Chapter 30: Truths and Secrets ago
Chapter 31: A Centuries Old Battle ago
Chapter 32: Eshe, The Immortal Queen ago
Chapter 33: Eshe, The Immortal Queen ago
Chapter 34: Eshe, The Immortal Queen ago
Chapter 35: Old Friends ago
Chapter 36: Old Friends ago
Chapter 37: The Moon Palace ago
Chapter 38: The Demigod Sisters ago
Chapter 39: Consequences of the Betrayal ago
Chapter 40: Lost People ago
Chapter 41: Kingdom of the Night ago
Chapter 42: Fates and Mates ago

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I have just read up to the latest release (chp14) and I am liking what i've read so far.

There are a few minor grammatical mistakes and a couple typos but nothing bad enough to detract from the story.

The angels have the typical (kinda) snobby justice attitudes which is often used to portray the forces of light. While it isn't anything original, it is still entertaining stuff. As for Freya, at this point she is still a complete mystery but I like her character and look forward to what happens next.

While the chapters are a little on the short side, the (currently) rapid release rate more than makes up for it.

Keep up the good work! 

  • Overall Score

There isn't really much to say about this novel.

It is really poorly written, feels more like ramblings than a novel, to be honest. 

The chapters are also very short, I don't see why the author even divided some of them into parts.

The plot is nothing special either, just another rendition of the rather popular trope in fiction with duality of choices and simply divided life areas. Heaven and hell, as the premise states.

It's okay for a first attempt at writing, expect quality of middle school project calibre.