Getting big in the Big Blue

by The One

Original HIATUS Action Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead GameLit Grimdark Magic Non-Human lead Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Girl dies and is reborn as a cute little snake. She promptly decides that being small and cute sucks.

The rest is history.

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The One

The One

ur mum

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I am a snake now, so what?

Reviewed at: Chapter 23

Nice and fun read so far, though i coulnt help but to compare this story to the early parts of 'Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?', it sure is so much like it.

MC is a fun character, with a personality much like Kumoko. She is determined to grow larger, and to become the strongest in the open ocean, and maybe even outside that.

Decent world so far, but nothing special really, this also could be due to the nature of this story not having much actual plot and the MC being unable to interact with other intelligent beings due to her envivornment. I hope there will be a clear plot, other than the MC evolving and getting bigger. The system is also not really special, though i like the thing with the system interface changing to better suit her evolved form. Due to her being forced to have no emotions at all, there is not much in terms of mental growth for the MC, but i can see that limit being a major point later on in this story

Good grammar for royalroad, even if i still noticed some typo's in this story, at times the wording could be better, but this story should read fine to the vast majority of readers.

This story is easy to read, and not complex at all, good pacing, even if at times not much happens. As said earlier, this story is similiar to Kumo Desu, and that also counts for the writing style. Chapters are on the short side, but releases are fast, so that balances it out sort of.

I hope the story stays like this, but with more plot, so long it does not bog itself down in the amount of plot and characters it adds later on.

A fun read with quite some action, stats, and a MC thats reincarnated as a snake. For most readers, this should be exactly the kind of story they want to read.

  • Overall Score

Promising start for a fun reincarnation grow and evolve monster story

Reviewed at: Chapter 5

The story’s up to chapter 5 as of writing this review so I can only say so much.  What I can say is that the story entertaining and readable spelling and grammar wise. The plot is simple, MC dies, MC is reincarnated into a little snek in a world with a system and stats, MC will have to survive the harsh environment of the osean and evolve. 

I hope the story will remain interesting. It’s still too early in the story so it might surprise me.

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good fundamentals, but lacking in substance.

Reviewed at: Chapter 26

pros: good grammar, reads smoothly


very repetitive, the name of the enemy is different but the fights all feel the same.

little to no challenge. the author tells us it's dangerous but there is only one fight where the mc's life actually felt at threat which is insta healed right after with no lingering effect on the mc

the author says that the mc has no emotions 2 to 3 times every chapter and constantly has the mc monologue about it. it feels like the author is trying make it seem like mc is conflicted and failing miserably.

and finally it feels like I am reading a clerical record about the mc rather than experiencing her life. I put this down to a case of needing to show more and tell less.

in summation I think this is a story with good potential but I just couldn't bring myself to read past chap 15.

to the author: Spoiler: Spoiler


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thank you for all the fish

Reviewed at: Chapter 18

Relaxing and charming.

There's not a lot of action as of chapter 18. I'd say it's s cute monsterish slice of life.

Most novels on RR are obsessed with magic (wooo magic ~), so it's nice to see the exact opposite of that.

I'll definitely keep reading.

Keep it up!

  • Overall Score

Damn followed and then no more chapters. Good stuff though

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This story is a nice and relaxing one to read. Currently at 21 chapters.

Style score: Uncomplicated, realistic (as much as it gets with stats and stuff)

Grammar score: I found two. I'm german so take that as you will.

Story score: The first hints of story development are in chapter 21. It's not a bad thing though, because the time is used to develop the character, build the world, show us the nature of the ocean and the everyday life of our 'cute and small' snake.

Theoretically it was also used to develop the system with how the stats work, but then the author changed it. It was still kind of early in the story and happened at a point where it is acceptable. It makes the bonus stats obsolete though.

Slice of life tag is missing. At least if 20 chapters of slice of life are worth the tag.

Character score: I really like the character desingn. The inner minds constant struggle with having emotions and not having them. The strangeness of her thoughts when she thinks about moral. It is subtle, but the last chapter brought the character rating from 4 to 5 in my opinion. Her character strangeness comes through in full bloom.

Overall score: Is the story a masterpiece? A must read? No. But it is defenetliy a nice read I would recomment others.

gamer phoenix
  • Overall Score

I really like the story its a chill read and I hope that this story isn't getting dropped but I have a good felling 

The general idea is a good story in a magic world without magic but pure physical dominance. I still have to find a point in the story that I do not like 

So keep it up.

I would like to write some more but my English is not really the best.

  • Overall Score

A really interesting story so far, and good grammar. The mc has cool abilities, and (thank god) goes a physical route instead of the over used magical one. I mean whats the point beeing a monster if the only use magic anyway?? I have i high hopes :)

Go mum go ;D

  • Overall Score

There is nothing revolutionary or brilliant about this novel. However, I find myself checking back for a new chapter regularly. The author has created something genuinely fun and interesting, and although the novel could earn the last half star I've withheld through a deeper plot, my enjoyment of it has been as high as any quality novel I've read.

  • Overall Score

I like the story. It's not the best on the site but I liked it enough to catch up to the author (Chapter 33).

It's not heavy on the plot (so far) but the main character is engaging without being annoying.  It has a system but the story isn't a mess of blue boxes which I appreciate.

I look forward to more chapters.