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After 29 years, Otis finds himself at the precipice of his internal struggle to keep up with the motions of life. He is stuck wallowing in a friendless, worthless and meaningless existence. Finding little joy in the media he entertains himself with, the food he consumes, or the substances he abuses, he is reaching his wills end. There is nothing for him to live for.

Only one person cries for him; and if he were to die there would be no one.

Making his way home one morning he runs into a strangely familiar but unrecognizable face. Frustrated that he can't seem to recall from where he'd seen the man prior, it doesn't help as the man seems to know him. The man doesn't seem to mind Otis' lacking memory and even offers him a chance find out who he is.

Otis finds himself perturbed by the offer but something inside him stirs at the opportunity. Why?

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