God of Eyes

by SuperSayu

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Speaking heresy on my deathbed led me to meet god.  Maybe it was a curse, or a blessing, but he decided I would work it off--as one of many gods on another world of magic and sorcery.  It wasn't something I intended or was prepared for, but I am willing to work to make the world a better place.  Isn't that what a god SHOULD do?  Part of the Demonsword Project universe (First Age).

Author's Note: I have a habit of getting disturbing at times, and light at other times.  If you have triggers, you may want to take the warning labels seriously.  Hoping to update twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday.

 Also, I am a little crazy with pain and isolation and might stop writing, but I will give it an honest effort.

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Jacksonion Democracy
  • Overall Score

Very nice book to read, good grammar and a nice plot -> only complaint is how there seems to be a lot of manhater characters and as a man it gets a little irritating after the 5th time.

  • Overall Score

Love the book so far, It's rare to find a book like on here and im happy I did. I have a feeling it'll get on trending soon and it'll finally get the recognition it deserves. 

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Nice story about being a (still weak) god

(as of chapter 22)

A man dies and is reincarnated in a world with magic, like it happens to many MCs on RRL. But for Ryan the new job description is not "be a swordmage hero and go on adventures", instead he is reincarnated as a god. Now, if you're instantly thinking of throwing lightning, resurrecting the dead or other miracles, that stuff is a bit beyond his abilities, divine power needs faith after all. Trying to have his weak mortal body survive and at the same time finding followers that generate divine fuel is not that easy. After getting some pointers from a friendly goddess he starts by picking a domain, after some deliberation he will be know as the 'God of Eyes'. Let's See what will come of this...

Style/Grammar: The story is told in first-person internal style by the MC as a rather reliable narrator with some aspects of stream-of-consciousness mode. The descriptions are fine. There are some parts with a confusing sentence structure or strange moments but in general grammar and spelling are okay.

Story: Most of the story so far is about the MC finding out how magic and divine powers work and about finding a way for his avatar to blend in. There have been some action scenes but not as many as in stories about isekai adventurers. As the story is about being a god, there are some philosophical musings about how gods (should) act. The pacing is unhurried but doesn't feel slow.

Characters: Ryan is a sensible guy with a quiet but friendly personality. As expected he is a bit overwhelmed by his new responsiblities at first but he soon finds his balance but he stays a bit bland. The other characters are depicted okay, many are a bit on the one-dimensional side but only a few are true stereotypes.

All in all, this is a nice story written in a rather quiet mood about creating your own religion. No aspect of it is world-shakingly new or literarily extraordinary but I still enjoy reading it.

  • Overall Score

The only bad thing about this book is the title.

This is a great story and I wish there were more like it

  • Overall Score

I think its the title.  I seem to be almost the only person reading this and its a real shame because this is one of the good ones.

This is the story of an intelligent and sensible man who because of that is when he dies made a god.  Yes god, with a small g.  Weak and helpless in a rather primitive but magical world he has to learn to survive and hopefully prosper.  But most important he has to learn how to god.

  • Overall Score

Pretty good read so far. I'll do more extensive review later.

  • Overall Score

Not sure it's for everyone.

 I'm not too sure how to rate this, as I feel this review is mostly based on personal opinion.  My personal opinion being that I just don't feel any excitement reading this, the prose is good but weird at the same time, can't think of a word to describe it but it just doesn't flow smooth in some places as I have to back track and try and understand what the mc is saying or thinking.

Then as far as the story goes I just don't feel it, I won't exactly call it boring but 15 chapters in and the only thing I can feel from this story is depression, I don't care for the road/method to Godhood either, gathering flock and all that seems sooo...drab? I much prefer wuxia style, or hardwork with magic, so this just feels stale for me.

All said, not a bad story to be honest, I think the mc is sensible and an okay sort, just not someone I want to read about, much prefer a nathan drake uncharted style adventure than the vibes I get off this story.

  • Overall Score

A very solid story - good characters, great philisophical ideas woven in, realistic system of magic, etc. Give it a read!

  • Overall Score

A nice fantasy setting with little or no gamelit elements which explores the idea of godhood from the perspective of a former human turned weak deity. Explores quite a bit about the concept of being a god, the abilities of a god as well as their limitations