Beginners' Guide to Dungeoneering

by NoDragons

Original HIATUS Comedy Fantasy Dungeon GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Magic

They die, they wake up on another world.

They discover they have magic powers, they learn they're the chosen ones.

And they'd give anything to go back. Anything to leave this world that wants to kill them in a million different ways. Anything to escape the adults who will gladly send a bunch of highschoolers to their doom in order to satisfy an ancient prophecy.

Anything for a damn cup of coffee.

Updates weekdays with a bonus chapter monday.

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A promising isekai with with unique-ish litrpg elements

Reviewed at: 0.4 Semi-Heroic

I can fairly say that this is quite the promising isekai story.

This story at times, can be quite confusing, leaving the reader with no idea of what is happening, through this is mostly the case with the start, with the MC getting dropped in the action straight away, without any idea whats happening.

So far, there have been shown to be 2 characters, i quite like both of them. Currently Quention is the main pov character, the chapters following him do quite the good job at showing the world, its power systems, the denizen of the world and how they live in it. I however do like the Rae chapters more, even if there are just so few of them, they are quite well written, and provide a additional perspective, her being a hivemind monster is quite the interesting idea for a character, and while that may seem to be a OP ability, it does come with limits, namely the amount of reserve bodies. It can be expected that there will be a couple more characters to be added, i hope they are atleast as well written as Quentin and Rae.

The world is well built, i would say its the best part of the story so far, i especially do like that this is a different type of litrpg system, without the traditional stats that can clutter a story. The Shard abilities are a nice touch, being very versatile in the amount of combinations one can get, especially since the skills can change eachother.

Grammar is good enough, barely any typo's or other spelling mistakes, maybe comma's could be improved but thats a bit much to ask out of most authors. Most readers should find this aspect to be no problem at all.

I have to compliment the author, for doing the extra effort to create custom-made message boxes and use them in this story, this does quite help the reading experience, they simply look better than the usual tables you normally see on royalroad, i wonder however how the author will handle stats, if there are any aside from the Shards.

This story has a nice style, thats fairly easy to read and flows well, but once again, theres the confusing start. Also good pacing so far, with the neccesary timeskips when required for the plot to progress. Currently the pov switches are well paced, though that can change when more pov characters appear.

This story still can change, since it is currently early on, i hope the author can keep on writing and become even better, so the story does improve even more.

Give this a try, maybe you will even like this story.

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~~~~~As of now, only the first chapter is released, so I’ll be sure to edit this review as more gets written~~~~~

Edit: I'm currently on page 100, and I'm happy to say the quality is consistently good. My expectations have been both met and exceeded.

That said, I’m absolutly hooked, the narrative is hilarious and easy to follow, with excellent imagery as well.

If you’re doubting whether or not you should give it a chance, my advice is this: Read the first chapter, I’m confident it will ensnare your interest just as it did mine.

I’m looking forward to more!

  • Overall Score

So personally, I'll wait to give an advanced review, but so far the story is very interesting in that the author has really crafted an expansive world that you discover slowly along with the main character.

The author uses his own visuals as well as his own brand of wit to make the story stand out from any other isekai - though the power system and vibe is different as a whole anyway - and making for a great read!

So what are you waiting for? Get reading!

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Pawproved! ( ◐ω◐ )

Reviewed at: Semi-Heroic

Quentin, John, Arie, Rae are transported to 'another world'. We get the PV of Quentin. Like tintin he finds himself in another place with different body and clothes. But wait where was Four-wheeled-sama when you needed him? Well he comes reincarnated towards the main char as 'it'comes to collect payment. 

Good for him though, he encounters fate disguised as a vegan dwarf that expresses its love for him with alcoholic breath and a succulent buffet offer, the so called impaling raw breakfast.  If this doesn't sound mildly interesting to you... I don't know what you want. 

Cooking is a battlefield or so they say. So just throw a rock, cut the meat and eat your bacon before it goes cold. Using a rock might not be a wise solution, learning to rush isn't a good example to earn the people's attention, nor having flashy signs of salvation. 

The clippy is weird so he needs to runaway. Well, that's all I can tell. Its a must read by the way. 


Nice prose and good grammar. 


Nice images, UV and sunscreen prose that gives you a perfect tan. 


Already described above. Seriously there is even the mighty scorpion lady, just this is a five... (Its actually like TP from LoZ... I am a fan so... Goat tee...


For the type of story it is done fairly well. Although they have part of a cliche for me as I have read those. But they are done rather well, specially the MC Quentin is the type to make unwanted jokes that throws people off. And like a conman the jealous and dumb goat fellow, the nak-nak imp and... Well just read for a newbies sake! You need to read this guide asap and follow the story!

Quick go, shoo shoo... Leave a comment on everychapter or an uncultured guy might give you 10% less attention. 

Thanks for a good story!

  • Overall Score

Writing style needs work. Needs to take a class on punctuation usage

Reviewed at: 0.1 Cosmic Destiny Wants Me Dead

Cut back on the commas. It made the writing very disjointed. It felt like riding in a car with someone who was being a jerk and continously tapping the breaks so you'd fly forward.