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Dear diary.

When you read stories about some people missing and returning after years of absence claiming they were living in another world, your first reaction is to scoff and dismiss a story as a tall tale, right?

I know I did. All the time. Until it happened to me and I no longer did. That day was today.

Some god of thunder smote me. If it were Chris Hemsworth, I wouldn't mind but it was some barbaric Hitite god that abaondned Earth some four millennia ago.

Yes, what can I say? I love the seventh art. I have more hours watching movies than any other activity, including sleep. What? Do you think I'm exaggerating? Maybe I am. I'll really miss hollywood the most. And my biggest regret is that I never got to visit the holy city of cinema.

I did not come to another world to be a hero even though there was hints that they hoped I'd save it. I did not come with overpowered abilities able to, dunno, leap tall castles in a single bound, faster than a speeding crossbow bolt, be more powerful than a eight-horse carriage, the bounds.

No. After the asshole god that murdered me brought me to his world, he gave me some boons from his discount bin and "The Power of my Soul (tm)".  Forgive my french, I hope you understand I am rather upset at dying. And he somehow decided that my power is to recycle stuff. How awesome is that? Not much at first, I must admit.

At least I got all my camping stuff and equipment with me. There's no lycra in the other world. I'll make it someday, but that day is not today.

So here I am. In another world, in the middle of nowhere. I'm no heroine. As the song goes, I'm your basic average girl. And I'm assumed to be here to save the world. But almost everything can stop me, because I'm not named Kim.


Wish me luck, diary.



This novel is going have the following features:

  • slow-paced
  • slice-of-life
  • No GameLit / LitRPG elements.
  • Movie references. Sandra likes the seventh art.
  • Journal / diary style
  • crafting (includes chemistry, engineering and metallurgy)
  • low magic
  • technological advancement (for Sandra, at least. She is not against sharing though)
  • personal relations
  • clash of perception between the modern and ancient customs.
  • bits of tension, fighting, and plot here and there.

I won't repeat myself though. Once she crafts a good batch of soap, for example, she'll just note, "I crafted soap again." Once it is estabilished how she obtains compound X, compound X2 that is obtainable from the same process will also just be mentioned. I'll try to be as realistic as I can with the crafting, chemistry, and technology.


Cover: Public Domain Image by StockSnap from Pixabay. No attribution required but we do it anyway.

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  • Overall Score

Good start to a now well established genre

This novel gets you right in to the action in this now typical genre on RR. I have read most of what the author has written here and the quality is way above average, so if you want to give it a shot read till night 5 and PM me if you are not hooked. :)

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Hard To Hate, Hard To Like

MDW is a great author, each new story brings something interesting to the table with some of the bad. Troll was putting words to paper, nobody’s first work is perfect. Princess has the best characters and character interactions but the world feels cookie cutter and the series dragged on with no clear arching plot. Monster has a better world and the MC is fun but the supporting cast is bland and while there is a nebulous overarching plot in the foreshadows, it seems the author is using that as a guideline instead of an outline.

Decompose has what resembles a good world and even what feels like a plot, but the pacing is glacier. What Decompose does better than any MDW story is it tries to make a superhero in a fantasy world without making a Mary Sue, and thus far it mostly succeeds. Where I feel the story fails is the focus on minutia over substance. Yes, it is cool her superpower is chemistry and access to wikipedia, doesn’t mean 4k words needs to be the step by step process of making a mirror. A high word count doesn’t substitute for interesting prose. It’s like the introductory chapters of a novel got stretched to fit an entire book’s worth of words and the filler in between comes off as words on a page instead of story.

Of course, the author has been very upfront this was intentional and is trying something new. I’m not trying to riff on MDW, easily one of my favorite authors on RR. This story has many fine qualities and I’m excited to see how the recent reveal involving snow turns into plot and possibly MDW’s first satisfactory story resolution. I just hope the author takes the time to outline story progression leading towards something instead of previous stories moving in a vague direction and never really getting there.

Pale imitation
  • Overall Score

Not terrible, well written relatable characters

Edit: A rewrite is underway! Let us wait a few chapters before throwing the author into the river for the water test.

Lets hope that the title power of the story will be used to greater effect. Why can't she compost living things anyways? They could just rapidly age and die. Maybe a little op. As for the way the power is explained, maybe she can use her imagination like this:

Nancy Drew closed her eyes and imagined the slag pile seperating into their respective elements. In her mind she could see the different atoms flying apart and organizing themselves into neat piles by molar weight.

Her power was not limited to slag, she turned her attention to the boiled egg sitting next to the slag pile. She discovered that seperating organics was more difficult as she had a hard time grasping the image of the shell and seperating the calcium from the complex proteins of the egg.


  • Overall Score

Bit clique but well written take on the transported to another world trope.  Decent smart female MC, strong but not OP.

  • Overall Score

It's fine, in its own meandering way.

It wanders hither and yon, with dramatic scenes and humdrum ones tucked in next to each other like hen's eggs of differing colors. It's ok, but I couldn't handle more than 20 chapters before I got tired of the tonal variance.

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So, I will start by saying I am probably biased. I adored the first incarnation of this story despite some of its flaws. While an Isekai it didn’t feel like it, we saw a modern woman struggle in an ancient society and overcome the hurdles while slowly carving out her own life in a brutal society where she had little to no rights and it took miracles, murder and magic to survive.

Then we got the rewrite. The pace is a lot faster, the tone a lot lighter, and the story flows better. We see a bit more of the world at large and other deities too. But our MC has become so very much less interesting. We get meme’s, movie quotes and silly lines rather then horror, shock and fear. A lot of the depth of the characters seem removed as well. Put simply what was a more unique, serious story became a light hearted series of tropes. 

I admit I’m rather hoping the story undergoes another rewrite. I’m giving it three and a half stars because the writing itself is really good and the core of the story interesting. 

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The first version was pretty good. But so far, the difference between the old version of the story and the new one is night and day. The rewrite fixed all of the glaring problems so far that are common on the first go-around for a story. It's a good one - you won't be disappointed.