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Chapter 8: Eliminating the Goblin's Hideout

I had said this before and I will say it again. I am very tired of being over powerful... Maybe I should ask Prince Yui to make me a restrainer since he's far stronger than me, the restrainer that he made might be stronger than the one that I had on right now.

It didn't take me ten minutes to eliminate every goblin, monsters, animals, wild monsters, magical beasts, and etc. etc. from the surrounding area within the range of 15 miles. Even though I held back a large portion of my strength and mana, I still one-hit-kill any monsters, animal, wild beast, etc. that I came across. Well, that might be because I always used headshots so it would always hit the brain inside the beast, monsters, etc.etc. Killing them instantly. This way, the core of the monsters and beasts are intact and I could sell them for more resources.

White Wolf, Black Wolf, Savage Rabbit, Fire Foxes, Black Foxes, Stone Tigress, Crystallized Moths, Goblins, Ogres, Trolls, all sorts of monsters.

When I came back, my Storage Backpack was filled to the brim with all sorts of those beasts carcasses. Ranging from small ones like the Savage Rabbits to trolls and wyverns, you can say that I totally get rid of all the monsters within the range of 15 miles from this village.

Oddly enough, one of my Secret Skill attempted to activate right when I was killing the Crystallized Moths and I let it. Since it was just a safe Secret Skill called [World Item Generator], I don't see why I can't activate this skill for a bit.

As a result, the Crystallized Moths dropped a couple of random items.

[Item: Leather Pouch]
[Type: Space Container]
A special spatial pouch made to carry currency- up to 500,000 coins worth of value. Safe from thief and magic inspection.
[Rank: 6]

[Item: Crystal Stars]
[Type: Accessory(Earring)]
Able to grant the owner +12% Physical Damage Reduction for 4 hours upon activation. Require 90 Strength and 40 Intelligent.
[Rank: 5]

[Item: Wing of Flying Flame]
[Type: Wind Armor]
A special magic wing made out of pure fire magic. Increase defense by 30% and can absorb physical damage up to 10,000 points.
[Rank: 8]

It was only low-level items but for people of this world, these items was already enough for someone like Marcus to see them as Heirloom Grade kind of artifacts.

I would probably sell them later but right now, I will just place them in my External Space- the Inventory Space.

I haven't been to the cave that was the Goblin's hideout yet. But, according to my reading, there's at least ten hordes worth of goblins inside. Ten thousand goblins, a hundred ogres, fifty trolls, two variant trolls and someone who should be the chef or leader.

Ahhh- this reminds me of something that I had experienced before... What was it again? Damn it, I can't remember. Anyway.

Then, there was a section of the cave where I believe was where they hide the human girls. However, some of them are so weak that their pulse barely beats anymore. If I don't hurry, I will be too late. Well, it was already too late to save the girls from traumatizing experience but at least they are still alive.

When I came back to the village to drop off all the carcass inside my Storage Backpack and to inform Marcus of my finding, he asked me to take the healer and the mage with me. I agreed, only so that they can help out the women inside the cave.

As a man, I will only cause them more fear. And this is insurance, to make sure that none of the women inside will fall for me. It will only cause them more pain later on if they fall for me. It happened before because of my carelessness. So, this time, I will make sure that none of that happens. Unnecessary kindness will only hurt someone else if you don't intend to take responsibility for it.

At the cave Entrance

"Shirin-sama, this is the cave right?" The mage, Mariel, asked with some doubt. Ever since finding out that I can do more than just one elemental magic, and the fact that I am also a master swordsman, Mariel, and her husband, Uris had started to call me "Master Shirin", which was stopped by me so they can only call me Shirin-sama, as their form of respects.

Since there was nothing that I can do about it, I let it go. As long as they don't spread it to the point that the merchants would start calling me that too, then they can call me that.

"Yep, this is the cave. Since you're a mage over water and ice, you can probably feel the emission of water elements inside the cave, right?" I asked.

"E-eh? Oh, yes. I can feel a faint trace of water element inside the cave at about 2 kilometers from here, a little to the west in that direction." Mariel said with a tense look on her face.

Oh? She could only feel a small trace? There's a huge ass pool inside the cave, large enough for me to be able to tell the depth of the pool, all the way to the size of the fish inside it. Not to mention, the large amount of mana emitted from within that pool might be the cause that increases the amount of goblins in this area.

If the pool inside was really what I think it is, then, this problem cannot be in my control anymore. As this will turn into a National Problem.

If not taking care of properly, the surrounding villages, towns, and cities near here will turn into dead settlements, overrun by beasts and monsters of all kinds. And it won't be just normal beasts and monsters, that will be the least of humanity's worries.

Asides from that, I could also sense the human inside too. They are getting weaker due to fear of their surroundings and not having anything to eat, along with being the force by the goblins. Not only that, for some odd reason, there's an aura of Emptiness within that cave.

"Well, then, let's hurry." I lead the two women inside. Whenever I passed by, groups of monsters would drop dead on their own. Causing the two women to be so shocked that their mouths stop closing altogether. If they swallowed flies, it ain't my fault.

Just because I have a large Storage Backpack doesn't mean it will fit all the monster's carcasses so for now, I am ignoring them. On our way back, we will loot everything that we can.

When we got to a crossroads, I made the two women stop.

"What are you doing? Why are we stopping?" Mariel asked nervously. Lindari had already stopped shaking from fear since earlier but now, she's started to shake again. As a healer, she wasn't a damage dealer. She can only heal, so she's pretty much useless until they rescue all the women. With only this much resolve in her, Lindari will never be able to be stronger than this. At this rate, she would die in here, if not next, then the one after quest or mission that is this rank.

I didn't answer. Instead, I place my hand on the earth underneath my feet and start chanting.

"Spike of Earth, strong as steel, sharp as swords, obliterated my targets!"

Within a second, screams of pain and terror shouted from the two ends of the crossroad, causing the two women beside me to shivers in fear.

I won't bother letting the monsters in this cave go. After all, even if they are tameable, they still are not very cute. Not to mention, this race of goblins aren't the kind that will be loyal to you even if you had successfully tamed them. I have no need for monsters that will not be loyal to me, much less monster that will sooner or later cause harm to others.

Mariel's eyes were shining as she looks at me.

What? Oh, the spell? It's just an Earth spell.

I then lead the two women toward the sector of the caves that were holding the human women's prisoners. I left them to their jobs as I continue toward where the Boss of the goblins was at... another two miles away from here, toward the pool that I can tell has some kind of Spirits beings in it.

Yep. There's a huge ass goblin sitting on a throne made of bones, holding a large mace. Although, the throne was placed in a not-normal place...

The throne was on a bridge going into the pool. And from what I can see, inside the pool was a ...mermaid. A mermaid with long golden hair, whose head was on the so-called Goblin Boss's lapse...

What the hell? They're a couple?!

The Goblin Boss's hand was gentling petting the mermaid. The atmosphere can only be called Lovey-dovey... Okay, I know that my lucks wasn't something that can be decreased but for real?

I can feel my mouth twitching in annoyance.

"You finally here," A deep voice call out. My eyes meet with the Goblin Boss and I feel like pulling my hair out.

Not again!

"Fuck." I cursed.

"What do you want?" I asked, completely annoying. I have been to situations like this already in my previous worlds. More times than I care to count for.

The Goblin King looked at me with surprise before his eyes turned solemn and majesty. Wisdom and intelligence that was far higher than some human out there was clearly visible in his eyes.

"Can you take Ariel back to the Sea after I die? Ariel got lost in an underground cave that used to connected to here thousands of years ago. So, not knowing that this place doesn't have seawater, she starts living here. So now, her magic was causing the water in this cave to turn into a mana pool, causing all the monsters in here to get far too strong. I tried to kill off those that are weaker but as time goes on, my level got locked by the God of the Goblin, causing me to stay as only a goblin for the rest of my life. This also makes my authority over the rest of the monsters in this cave non-existent. The only reason why they cannot come over here to this part of the cave was that this is Ariel's territory. Because Ariel is my wife, I gain the ability to see the future and I know that you will be the one to kill me. So, I can only request you to let Ariel go back to the sea. She hasn't done anything. She doesn't eat the food that I bought, much less human. So, she's pure," The Goblin Boss was strong enough to know humans language and communicate with me as he explains his situation. Completely cleared and calm.

Oh, fuck this situation.

"If I don't kill you, will you swear to be my slave? If you do, I will take you both to my home and make sure that you both are protected there. Also, I will also create a teleportation point for your wife so that she can go back and forth to the sea shall she wish," I asked. Since this Goblin Boss was strong enough to not even fear me- which might be because he has already accepted his death- and can communicate with me this much, his intelligence and wisdom will be a great help as a slave to me. Not that I need slaves but it is better than killing it.

After all, this Goblin's soul was so damn sure that it makes the surrounding area brightened up. This Goblin hasn't even killed a human before. I bet that his the boss of this race only because he's stronger than anyone else. Even though he has never done anything that he should as the Boss of this Cave.

His far too naive and innocent, this goblin. Killing someone like him would only leave a bad taste in my mouth and conscious. I just hope that Prince Yui can be convinced to leave the man alone and not get jealous out of nothing. Otherwise, yeah- this goblin might not be living for so long if that man got jealous that he can't stay with me but a mere goblin can. Pointless jealousy.

"I cannot." He answered with his eyes dimmed with tears and his face sadden with a resignation that speaks of his hopelessness.

"Even if you don't kill me, I will still die soon. Inside my body, the Goblin God has put a Cursed Magic Shard inside of me. I will die today from exploding due to the cursed magic shard or die from fighting you. Regardless of what you will do, I will still die." The Goblin Boss calmly explains to me as he continues to pet the mermaid in his lapse with a softness that causes the mermaid to close her eyes in satisfaction.

Although it seems that the mermaid cannot understand what he said, she was sensitive to the atmosphere here enough to worried about the Goblin.

"A cursed magic shard?" I nearly laugh out loud. "If I can take the shard out of you, will you be my slave for the rest of your life?" I asked, completely confident that he will agree.

This Goblin Boss might be the Boss of the goblins in this Cave but his level was very low. Only a level 10 Goblins. And because this Goblin has never killed any monsters from outside of the cave before, his strengths are oddly high while his level was oddly low. He might have an Extra Skill and or an Innate Skill, causing his level to be low but his strength and speed to be very high.

The Goblin's serene and calm eyes started to shivers with emotions. "Really? Can you really take out the cursed magic shard inside of me?" The goblin was oddly cute... His eyes were larger than normal so it makes him look very adorable. Even as a monster, this Goblin Boss doesn't look or feel like one. Although, if you ask someone like Lindari, then the only answer would be "Terrifying".

The aura around the goblin was closer to a small innocent and sensitive kids rather than a monster.

Yep. This is my luck, alright. ┐( ˘_˘)┌

It would have been far easier if I meet someone who was scum, bloodthirsty animal, or sinister demons with the brain to actually make plans but in my case- this happens more often than not.

"If I take it out, will you be my slave, forever?" I asked, completely knowing and taking advantage of this monster. Since this Goblin Boss was so intelligent, I am sure that I can make use of him. Even though I already had a couple of millions of different colored Goblin in my Space Dimension Homestead and my Soul World Space, the goblin from this world, this guy was the first one to show this much intelligence and wisdom.

Don't tell me that his soul was transmigration?

Oh. No, it wasn't.

The Goblin Boss nodded his large head so fast that it causes the wind surrounding him to change.

Afterward, I turned the goblin into a Summoned Stone along with the mermaid so that I can take them with me without causing panic. If anyone notices that my house has a Goblin Boss inside, I could just say that he was a Summoning Beast, to serve as my Slave. After all, Summoning Magic was very rare in this world so no one will question me if I said that I can summon monsters to serve as my minions.

When I went back to see if Mariel and Lindari had finished helping the women, they both look utterly exhausted and weary. All the women that were rescued were all pale and weakening. A couple of them had already lost hope in living. Their eyes are hollowed and blank while others look so miserable that it cause Mariel and Lindari to cry for them.

Even as strong as I am, my heart as a human being was still intact. I didn't lose any emotions such as pity and sympathy. So, I can sympathize with these women. However, I can't act much for them because doing so would cause their karma and fate to change too much. And that will only make it harder for them later on.

"Which one of you is Novelle's mother?" I asked, making sure to imprinted my voice with mana so that all the women would have no choice but to hear me.

A woman with pale skin, long brown hair, and green eyes raise her hand. Her face was dirty from sleeping on the floor while her clothes were torn over someplace. Yet, her figure doesn't look like she was forced, yet. She looked very tired and wrenches but that's reasonable.

So, I made it in time.

There's 47 women total, ranging from teenagers to women in their 30s. A couple of them looks newly captured while the rest seems to be here for a couple of years already.

Two of the blank faces girl had a trace of giving birth to monsters before, while three of the younger girl had signs of being pregnant. The rate of pregnancy in this world is the same as Earth if both parents were human.

However, monsters in this world have a far higher rate of birth and a much faster time during pregnancy. Within two more months, the three women with signs of pregnancy will give birth to the halfling, half-human half goblins. Three to four of them, at once.

Looking at the pregnant women, their eyes had already told me that they wanted to die. As a woman, they have no hope for living now that their body has been tainted by monsters.

Ignoring the three women for a second, I turned back to Novelle's mother. "What's your name?" I asked, causing the woman to look hesitant.

"Mayfill. My name is Mayfill," She answered after a couple of seconds of hesitating.

I nodded my head. "Mayfill, your daughter, Novelle, had officially requested me to come to rescue you as with the condition that if I succeed, she will be my employee for 10 years alongside your baby girl. And of course, you are also on the contract. For more information on the contract, please ask your daughter when we're going back," Since I am far too lazy to explains.

Mayfill looks both confused and fearful at what the contract could include. After all, there are cases where it was originally an Employee contract but it soon turned into a Slavery one because of certain conditions stated on the contract. But I guess, for Mayfill who had already thought that she will never be able to see her daughters again, this was both a good thing and a bad thing for her.

I don't care. The contract was only for 10 years Employee. I specifically made it so that Novelle and her mother will be the one working for me. What else could it be if not for making metal wires? Well, not exactly metal wires since it is for musical instruments. Like Piano Wires, Guitar Strings, Violin strings, etc.etc.

What? This world doesn't all the musical instruments that I like to use, okay? There were a couple of somewhat traditional musical instruments like herpes and plucked musical instruments but more modern ones like piano, violin, viola, and a couple of Chinese Instruments aren't known in this world. I just found that out when I read the books I bought from the bookstore in the city.

After that 10 years, Mayfill might need to find somewhere else to work for because I don't' plan on having her renew the contract. And besides, I might not be in Karnosh Town by then... Just a feeling that I have.

"Shirin-sama, what about all the monsters carcasses?" Mariel asked, feeling hesitating to leave them as it is.

"Collect them. As much as you can carry, toward the entrance of the Cave and I will make something to transport it. For now, we have to inform Sir Therius of what is in this cave." I answered.

"What is in this cave? Didn't you kill all the monsters already?" Lindari was both fearful and curious.

"A Mana Pool," I answered as I narrowed my eyes.

All the girls pale and started to panic. Some of them collapsed on their feet and starts shivering in fear.

"Enough, calm yourself down and help me transfer the bodies to the entrance," I said as I started to collects the nearest bodies into my Storage Backpack, causing both Mariel and Lindari to snapped out of it.

Everyone here knows what a mana pool is. They don't need me to tell them how there was a huge increase in monsters in the surrounding forest once they heard me mentioning about the mana pool.

Since I had already turned both the Goblin Boss and his wife, the mermaid, into summoning stones, I had also erased all trace of them in the cave. Even if the Emperor sends people to investigates this cave, they will find nothing that will say that there are beings living right next to the mana pool.

Me, Mariel and Lindari started to go back and forth into the cave to transport all the carcasses of monsters into the entrance of the cave while the women are eating the foods that I made and passed them out. This was to make sure that they won't be too weak to walk back... or never mind. I'm just going to create a wooden wagon and make earth golem to pull them all.

It didn't take us that long to transfers all the carcasses since we all have Storage Backpack in varies the size. The storage backpack that I had rented was the largest, capable of 10,000 pounds of a carriage. Mariel's storage backpack was only capable of 2,000 pounds while Lindari's storage backpack is 3,500 pounds, as she's the one that cooks for their team so her storage needs more space to hoard all the materials.

The carcasses all weighed from a minimum of 120 pounds to 180 pounds for each of the goblins. The ogres are larger so they weigh from 300 pounds to 450 at max weight, per ogre. The trolls weighted from 600 pounds to 750 pounds each. Other monsters vary from 100 pounds to 500 pounds each.

As a whole intact body of monsters, their weight also included everything in their body. To make sure that it is easier to transfer them, I have cut all of them into 4 pieces of carcasses, not including the head. This bled out the blood in the body, decreasing theirs weighs even more. If that wasn't enough, I also separated their internal organs and froze them using water magic. So now, Mariel is in charge of transferring the organs while Lindari and I take care of all the carcasses.

I had already sent one of my summoned animal to informed the merchants of what was in the cave so it shouldn't take them long to come here. In that meantime, I and Mariel, alongside Lindari will finish transferring all the monsters parts. It really shouldn't take long as I am pretty fast at this kind of work.


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