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Chapter 6: Hunting Quest and Mission

A week past by with no problems from the kids. I watch them for a week just in case they need help and have questions, but it wasn't necessary. The kids are very diligent and hardworking. So, after a week, I can leave them alone to tends to the gardens. Hmm? How many gardens? Five gardens. Each garden was divided by a walking plank platform and each garden was 32 meters wide by 14 meters in length. All sorts of vegetables and herbs were planted on it.

Two of the gardens was the raised bed gardens, and they're far wider so the kids would have to walk around it. This was my way to help the kids build and prepared their bodies for the foundation that they will need later this year...

Asides from the gardens, the kids also have to take care of the fruits trees so it was a pretty large farm altogether. That's why, even if they work every day of the week, it would have barely covered all the plants that need to be watering. So, I had asked for three more kids. Thus, in total, there are 15 kids. All above the age of 12. I won't allow kids under the age of 12 to work at my place even if the kids really wanted too. After all, this is my policy. Instead, I will have the other kids sell out my vegetables instead.

Alicia, the oldest girl in the group of 15 was the one that looks after my vegetable booth.

In Karnosh City, it was relatively easy to get a commercial license for selling things. No, it wasn't just in Karnosh City, it was this whole Kingdom that made it easier to do business. Since I had a Rank-C Commerce Card already, it was even easier to set up a booth for selling vegetables. All I have to do was pay the tax for the spots, the tax for selling, and the cost of the booth's license plate, annually.

The booth of vegetable was selling orange -color carrots, blue-color radish, long and straight cucumber, cabbages that have stripes of red color surrounding it, red and green stripes of tomatoes, garlic that are shaped like a star, parsley herbs that has wider leaves compared to the one from earth, potatoes that look more like yam but with more starch contents, and ginger that are a bit too large in the shape of a star fruit.

Since fresh vegetables in this world are pretty common, the radish, cabbage, tomatoes, and potatoes are sold pretty easily. While the herbs and the carrots are sold not as fast due to it being spices and herbs. What? The carrots in this world are seen as a herb, I can't do anything about it.

Still, since the booth was only going to be open during rush hours in the morning and rush hour before dinner, it was something that was sold easily. Everything was sold out by the end of the day with no problem. Hmm? No, there are no people who came looking for problems since the booth had a tag that dedicates that my Commerce Rank is at rank-C. There's no one stupid enough in this city that would come looking for trouble with someone of a Rank C Commercial merchants. Not even noblemen... No, especially nobleman.

While the kids are watching and looking after the booth, I myself am looking at the quest board inside the Adventurer's Guild (AG).

Quests to subjugation, hunting, collection, helping, an escort mission, requests from people, etc. etc. There was even teaching and mentoring requests.

There was a quest to collect the hides of a Melithar, a bear-like creature that is more alike to a fox than a bear. Melithar is a horde mammal, meaning they live in groups of 30-50 per colony. Like bears- they are very aggressive and territorial but like a fox- each group has a leader and the leader was always looking different from the rest. And like the foxes, they are so damn vexing and wicked with their ways, too. This was why this request rewarded as much as 16 Large Gold coins.

Other quests would be subjugations of normal monsters like a wolf, bear, fox, goblins, ogres, trolls, etc. etc. All the way to wyvern and even dragon, which admittedly, was very rare and required a high rank. Something that I don't want to do. Why? Mainly because I, myself, have a lot of large packs of Wolves, Foxes, Trolls, Ogres, Goblins, Kobold, Orc, Oni, Hobgoblins, Gremlins, Gnomes, Lizardman, Titan Spider, Dire Wolves, Giant Frost Eagle, and many other monsters inside my Space Dimension Homestead. Those are my tamed monsters okay?

Since Karnosh City was far south of the continent, nearer to the deserts land and the swamp, monsters like wasps, bugs, and insects are very abundant comparing to other animals and or monsters. So, the majority of the quest all have something to do with subjugating swarms of flying monsters.

In this continent, Karnosh City was the nearest largest city to the 5 Forbidden/Dangerous regions in this part of the Sphere.

The Amber Forest was the nearest, with only about 5-9 hours of traveling away. It was the safest of the 5 forbidden grounds. In terms of numbers of monsters, beasts and everything else, the Amber Forest was the lowest and most peaceful one. Well, it was still a forbidden ground even though it wasn't that chaotic compared to the other four forbidden grounds.

The Swamps of Death and Gloom- or just the Swamps- was farther away, about 16 days of traveling away, farther to the southwest of Karnosh City.

Then to the west of Karnosh City was the former territory, a city that used to call Surielsa City, ruled by a prince about 500 years ago. Except that now, that city was totally a dead city; ghost, ghoul, zombies, death knights, and all sorts of dark and sinister class beasts and monsters reside in that former city, making it one of the forbidden regions in this part of the continent. I wouldn't be surprised if that place turned into a Maze or a Dungeon on its own after a couple more years.

After that, to the Northern of Karnosh was the Ice Range, the Ice Mountains/Snow Mountains Range that snows 24/7- year-round. It located a little farther up north from the Northern Mountains Range- where the third Sun of this world doesn't reach- causing the area to be very freezing cold.

I heard that the temperature there was so low that boiling water will freeze in second from the World's Core.

Next to that was the forbidden region where the previous Savage Beasts Horde rampage thru. I don't know where that location is at because it is Forbidden Knowledge, restricted by all the guilds in this world and ordered from the Emperor himself to seal it. If I truly wanted to know, I will just ask the World's Core for the location. But since I wasn't interested in it now, I will leave it alone.

There are other forbidden grounds in this continent but those were too far away from here. They might not even be in this Kingdom.

The Ice Mountains Range are about a month of traveling away from Karnosh City, maybe even farther away. While the Surielsa City takes about half a month away.

One of the quests was both a collection quest and a subjugation quest, requesting honey from the Hive of the Xilra Wasp. The reward was from the Lord of this city, and the request was from his daughter, Lady Luciana. A reward of 100 large gold coins will be given if the proof of subjugation was bought back along with three buckets of honey. So, 100 large gold coins per three buckets, about one-gallon worth, of honey, is a good reward.

Honey was a form of medicine in this world. It is a very precious good so 100 large gold coins was a high enough price for even high-level Adventurer to venture out.

This quest was a rank B quest, meaning that someone like me who doesn't have a party and is only a ranked C Adventurer, cannot take it.

Well, I am not going to take it anyway. I have no use for wasp monsters as of yet. And yes, the body of a wasp can be useful, especially in Alchemy and weaponsmithing. Since wasp in this world was Huge, after burning it into ash, the ash can be very useful as an agent in alchemy and weaponsmithing.

As for the honey, if I came across it, I will collect it for my own use. Other than that? Nope. I already have a lot of variety of honey within my Inventory and Space Dimension Homestead. From this world, none, but from another world? A lot.

Too bad, I have no use for it for now; the honey of this world nor the ashes.

I have my own weapons that I had crafted from my previous worlds so I don't need to make a new one in this world. Although, they are a tidbit too powerful so I might have to make a lesser weapon for this world. But for now, such a thing will have to wait. I have no plan for it.

One of the weapons that I had crafted was named Seeker, a dagger that was created from Trillium ore and Dark Iron, and then enhanced by myself using the Orb of Eternal, making Seeker a dagger that could and would kill a god.

Seeker was the weakest weapon that I had in my possession. Although I said that Seeker is my weakest weapon, this dagger was strong enough to one-hit kill anyone below level 800.

And that was the level that the majority of the gods and goddess, including the so-call Chinese Immortal Practitioners, are at.

Hmm? No, I'm not a god or an Immortal since my fields of cultivating aren't in Chinese Immortality Cultivation like Tian Yuanle.

Although, my HP and MP was so much higher than those Chinese immortals... Yeah, even higher than some Creation Gods out there.

I know exactly what this weapon is capable of so I hadn't taken it out from my internalized space- where I keep a lot of my World Defying Items and Objects in, yet. However, If I am going to participate in these large subjugation quests that involve a lot of wasps than maybe I should create a new one, one that is not subject to being a soul-weapon... Or make a new weapon to make it easier for me to kills those bugs and insects monsters. I wouldn't be surprised if I end up crafting one.

Yet, for now, I won't since I don't have any iron ingot or bar from this world. I need to go buy some first. After all, I want to create a weapon that won't draw that much attention if I use it on normal monsters. As a result, this quest was ignored by me. Why?

Since I won't be making another weapon soon, I also won't accept this kind of quest either. I have no use for it.

Instead, I am going to accept the quest for collecting Spiderworm. Like its name suggested, Spiderworm is a kind of docile monsters that eat leaves and make webs as a spider does, only those threads of the spiderworm are mainly used for mana-reinforced fabrics.

The quest requested a collection of 100 bundles of normal thread created by the Spiderworm. The payment is 30 small golds upon completion and an additional 5 large silver if there are any bundles of rare thread, per bundles. The so-called rare threads are the thread from the spiderworm that was already reinforced with mana, making it a great material to use for crafting magician's clothes, hats, and belts. It was also very useful for reinforcing other kinds of clothes for better quality and durability.

What? You would think that this quest was boring? No no no, you don't understand. My goals are to live a carefree life, okay? I don't need to do quests or missions that are troublesome and involving the nobles. Although, it might not do much since... well.

I do know that there are both goods and bads nobles- but since I was already known by the nobles of this City because of His Highness Yui, I don't want to take bigger quests that will bring even more nobles to my door. It's a pain in the ass, okay?

And besides, this quest wasn't as boring as you think. First of all, the Spiderworm is a very adorable creature that looks nothing like a spider nor a worm. It looks more like a mouse and a spider rather than a spider and a worm. It still has a body similar to mice, but with eight legs and a long tail that created threads. If I were to say anything about it, even their habitat is different from worm and spider. They don't eat their mate.

Meaning that they are hermaphrodites, having both male and female reproductive organs within themselves. They will reproduce once every three years and their offsprings are all in egg-form until hatches two months later.

And they don't take more than one spouse/partner at a time. Since the female worm had the tendency to create more magic reinforce thread, their ratio is lower to the male. Male produce threads faster but thinner and not as strong, while the female produces smaller thread but stronger ones and sometimes, even mana- reinforce threads.

In other words, the spiderworm are a race of insect/mammal mixed. The only reason why they have the word worm in their name was that their waste was very useful in fertilizers, like how a worm inside the earth makes the earth healthy for planting.

They are pretty damn adorable if I might say so myself.

.... What? What's wrong with my beauty sense? Leave me alone!

And another thing, spiderworm tends to attract wyrcats because of their sweet smells that are more or less alike to silver vines for a cat. This means that if I take this quest, I might get to see a couple of adorable wrycat.

What? No, this wasn't the main reason why I take this quest! Serious! Wrycat isn't demi-human so they don't understand human language so it didn't matter if they make a great pet or not. Even if they do make a great pet... What? I don't want a Wrycat- damnit! I already have a lot of cats creatures, I don't need more!

"Enitha, I will be taking this quest and these two collection quests," I said to Enitha, the lady clerk of this Adventurers Guild that works here. Enitha, a brown hair brown eye half demi-human half-human, between a werewolves demi-human and a human hunter, age 15, female, personality calm and collected with a good head on her shoulder, smile professionally at me as she processes the three quests that I have accepted.

As a Rank C Adventurer, I can accept up to five collection quests or three hunting quests at the same time. Since the three collections quests that I had accepted are all within the rank of a ranked C quest, Enitha didn't stop me from getting these three quests.

Before leaving, I went to the Commerce Guild to see if there's any request near the area that I will be going.

There's two mission. One of them was an escort mission while the other was a transporting good one.

Since the villages that look after the spiderworm were about ten days of walking away from here, so the number of times that they travel here to replenish their supplies aren't that often. This was why they would make a frequently request to the Commerce Guild, not the Adventurer Guilds. Things like salts, sugars, spices, and everyday essential products. Small merchants love quests like this. However, at this time of the year, the merchants preferred going to other towns and villages, where the villages are larger and have a higher population.

So, quests like this were left alone at the Commerce Guild for lower rank merchants. I am not a merchant but my Commerce Guild rank is at C, so I can take quests like this with no problem. As for how my Commerce Guild rank can be at rank-C when I just got to this world not even that long ago, you can blame that man for this.

The escort quest was for a rank D merchant, the Therius Merchant Group. The group had already contracted a party of five Adventurers whose party was at rank C for a party. So, with the addition of me to the list, there are a total of 15 guards, total.

There are four wagons filled with crats and six small but sturdy horses. Two of the four wagons was a King size wagon while the other two are small twin-sized size ones. According to the smell that comes out from these wagons, those are healing potion, salts, sugar, herbal medicines, stock for alchemy and something that smell oddly like vinegar mixed with rice wine.

Fusion agent? This smell... yep, fusion agent for potion making and fabric proofing.

And then, there are the presences of magical tools, tools which are imbued with magic such as Magic Lighting Ball, use for lighting in the same way as to how lights were used for on Earth with the energy called electricity.

So, this escort quest will probably go all the way to or near the villages where the spiderworm is located at.


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