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Chapter 4: My House and Gardening Projects

The plot of land that I bought was about three times the size of a football field, more or less.

164 meters wide and 350 meters in length respectively, about 57,400 square meters.

There was already a tall stone wall reaching the heights of 12 feet tall and 3 feet wide surrounding the land. It seems that the noble who had lived here before built these walls to warrant off other people from setting foot on his land. The only reason why this plot of land was so cheap was that it has five histories of fire-breakout within the past 100 years already.

So, the nobleman who owned it wanted to sell it out for a long time now as he believed that it was cursed. No one wanted to buy it because of the history of this land but such a thing wasn't a problem for me. In fact, it was so damn cheap that it cost me nearly nothing to buy this land. Had the nobleman knew that this land was a large treasure stove, he would regrets until his guts turn green. But by then, it was far too late.

With the number of people that died here, there is a bit of dark miasma here but after I purified it, the lands turned into a rich soil land, filled with all sorts of nutrition for plants and animals alike.

This was why I said that the nobleman would regret selling this piece of land for so cheap. He has no clue as to what kind of land this plot was.

The ores, gems, and minerals resources underneath this plot of land were what caused the fire in this place- it was mainly because the people who have been staying in this place doesn't know how to use the natural fire elements magic within the land, causing the lands to turn aggressive. Which was why there's always death and fires in this plot of land.

Not only that, this spot right here was the "Pole" that was holding the Old City from turning into a dungeon. The Old City that this very city was built on was already gathering mana and magic to turn into a real dungeon. In less than 10 years, a large dungeon would appear here. When that happens.... well, that's not any of my business... Although, my presence here might be the catalyst of it...

Yet, had it been for everyone else asides from me, this land would have been a nightmare. Mental illusions, miasma from the dead qi or in this case, death aura, and there's even a natural formation forming from thousands of years of magic circulation due to the Old City. Ahhh- I can see why that man wanted me to stay here now. That damn manipulated man... See what I would do to you the next time that I see you, you asshole!

This was only possible because I have the Holy Purification Exceed, a purification spell ranked at the highest rank, enough to purified even a demon-king into heaven. So, purifying this small piece of land was like flicking a finger for me.

Although I said that my house will be a traditional Japanese house. It also wasn't a Japanese house either. Since, well, traditional Japanese houses only have one floor and an attic, at best. But the house that I am going to be building will be a Japanese house but also won't be.

It has a stone foundation and stone pillars. It will be a three-story house in a Japanese Style-influence. The first and third floor looks exactly like a traditional Japanese house or inn found on Earth during the Heian period. But the second floor was a more western-eastern hotel style.

From the Earth times that I came from, Historic Buildings like traditional houses were expensive as hell. But, it was also very beautiful, comfortable, and strangely elegant that the majority of the rich businessman or family preferred it. It is a sign of power, wealth, and affluence. And it just happens that my Grandparent' house was exactly that. So, I like living in such a house, too.

The first floor of my house has four sectors; a large kitchen, a living room large enough to accumulate up to 200 people, a guest room for receiving important guests, an outdoor bathing spring- or soon to be one, and a general storage room. The second floor mainly has sleeping quarters and a couple of crafting rooms, such as alchemy, tailoring, an open library, and another storage room. The third floor has my research rooms, my private library, my bedroom, a couple more bedroom for in case that person came because I refused to share my room with him, and a room for when I feel like playing music. Of course, me being me, I also make sure that every floor has at least two bathrooms and a large bath-showering room attached to it.

After deciding the architectural design of the house, which has turned into a freaking damn mansion/castle in the making, I proceed to cut the trees that I brought back into planks, pillars, bars, stone bricks, and all sort of lumbers for building. Hmmm.... will these woods be enough for the whole mansion? Hmmm, seems like I have to go back to that forest to grab some more wood.

I made the holes, the arches, and everything else on the wood planers, pillars, arches and everything else. After that, I level out of the area that I would use to make the basement and built the foundation and walls for supports.

Using Earth Magic, I condense and compressed the earth underneath to form into solid blocks of earth, rocks, sand, and gravels. And then, using Water Magic and Earth Magic, I manipulated the earth underneath to formed into a hard block of mixed earth, making it as strong as concrete and cement.

This only takes me a minute to do and finished it. I double-check to make sure that it was sturdy enough so there was no problem. After that, all that's left was to build the house/mansion itself. Well, after designing and making the basement, of course. After all, I have to make sure to not damage the natural formation that this land has already formed.

The next part takes longer.

Although, it only takes me an hour to build everything from the button up to the roof, and the basement. It does take some time.

No, sorry.

It only takes me ten minutes to build it but since I was quite indecisive about the interior designs of the windows, table counters, chairs, bed frames, closets, and those things, it takes me a full hour to finished everything.

After that, I made a couple of water wells using Water and Earth Magic in my backyard, and one in the middle of the plot of land where my farms/gardens/greenhouse will be surrounded it.

Making natural water well was pretty easy as all that I have to do was tap into the natural water veins underground, and then using earth magic to strengthen the wall of the wells itself. Now, all that's left to do was wait for the water to gathers. It doesn't take long, only a couple of hours.


Now, all I need was to start with my gardening/farming/aeroponic/hydroponic/aquaponics projects...

Okay, for now, just a greenhouse capable of holding twenty aeroponic gardens are fine. After that, building a natural bio-aquaponic for fishes of all kinds- the edible kinds, I mean. That plan would have to wait for when I find the appropriate fishes from this world since I have no plan on using the fishes from one of my External Spaces.

As for the plants, well... let's see... the spices in this world are pretty expensive so I can just plant that; Black pepper, cinnamon, cumin, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, fennels, mustard, cayenne pepper, arils, saffron, turmeric, galangal, chili peppers, et cetera. Just the normal kinds were okay since it was pretty much a given already. As for magic herbs and spices? That will have to wait until I and this world's core got used to each other first.

With the aeroponic gardening methods, it will be enough to plant at least 10 plants of each. The cinnamon and bark spices will have to be planted outside. Plants like basil, bay leaf, parsley, celery, and peppers are fine planting inside the greenhouse. But plants like carrots, radish, and cucumber will have to be planted outside or in a hydroponic garden instead.

Since this part of the world doesn't have a cold winter, it is fine to plants fruits outside also. It was a good thing that Karnosh City was already in the Forever-Spring-Summer region of this world's sphere. Otherwise, it would be hard to explain why my farms were all blooming years round.

The question was, what kind of fruits are native to this world that wouldn't cause suspicions if I plant them. Spices are fine if I said that I got the seed from other countries, but fruits? No way. It will have to slowly grow to prevents suspiciousness.

The Answer: Apple, Peach, Orange, Apricot, Pear, Lychee and Grapes.

Fruits farmers in this world have fruits that are surprising alike to the fruits of Earth. Although, their looks are a little bit off. The apple in this world shapes was more like mango and pear. While the orange was long like a banana. The apricot is veins growth like grapes and grapes are like cherry instead. This had at first cause me to be very surprised but oh well, at least their tastes are still the same. As long as they taste the same as those fruits that I like, I really don't care about their looks. After all, I had already been to too many worlds that have mutated plants to be shocked. I'm already desensitized by all of my experiences.

For now, though, it was best that I only planted apple, peach, and orange to test what the citizens in this city will react to. Especially the nobles...

After that, if the nobles don't act like a bunch of idiots looking for death, then I will also plant other fruit trees too.

Looking at my house/mansion/castle, I feel a satisfaction that came with contentment from doing the work myself. The looks, the aura, the structural, everything, gave me a feeling of being satisfied with it. Good enough. This mansion only has three floors but it was pretty huge for my standard. Next, the outdoor Hot-Spring. Now, where should I build that at? At the same place as I had designated?

I guess at the back will be enough, as I had already designated it, to the two sides of the mansion are where the farms and greenhouse are at.

Making the earth harden, creating water, making Fire-Rocks, making sure that the temperature wasn't that hot, and making sure that the water itself has more than enough minerals in them. Since this isn't a natural hot-spring, it was best if I am careful when creating this hot spring.

In the meantime, for now, I wanted to continue working as an adventurer. I plan on going into business soon but only after getting a good idea of this world. So, before that, I am going to see the orphan house and hired a couple of orphans to help me with the farm.

Things like watering, weeding, controlling the pest so that my fruit trees won't die, will have to be handled by the people of this world. If I handle it myself, the trees will grow too fast and bear too abundantly due to my ethereal presence. This will cause a lot of trouble in the future, so let's not let it infested with my presence for now.

A note from Lunnear

This chapter was slightly shorter compared to the other chapters. Just to let you readers know, I had also posted this novel on Webnovel and it has already updated to chapter 20. Although, they aren't beta or proofread. Note that this version was not proofread too.

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