Chapter 3: The Green Amber Forest

In the Green Amber Forest, there are five layers, area, a total of circulations, regions, that made up this forest. The outer two layers are where the majority of the beasts are. It was also where the house that I built was located at. However, by now, that house was probably torn down since no one was protecting it.

Unless, of course, that those animals that I had tamed watch after it. If so, then, the house might still be intact. However, I have no hope of going back there again since that man had a force that space into a Folded Space- making it near impossible for me to return back there without his notice.

And if he notices and came to live there with me - believe me, I wouldn't be able to get up for days. Much less being able to freely live my life the way that I wanted. That man was far too possessive.

The third, the middle layer, was a large body of rivers that divided the inner and outer parts of the forest away from one another. Inside the river, large voracious beasts like the mutated piranhas are very common - so common that it looks like a nest of ants on the hill of the butterfly! The ecosystem inside the river was even more brutal and harsher than out on land. So, unless you are very strong, no one was willing to go cross it. Much less going near it.

This, I have no problem with. It was pretty much a walk in the park for me.

The strongest Green Amber Trees are in the inner part of this forest so I must go in deeper into the forest even if it's far more dangerous than that. After all, if I wanted to use the Green Amber Tree than it was best if I used the strongest one possible. Otherwise, the house won't last if that man came over for a night.

I passed by all kinds of beasts, from small ones to large ones. From a family of three to a horde or group of 20 or more. From weak ones like a normal wild beast to savage beast that had hide, fur, skin or leather made out of all kinds of metals. From Magical Beast to Savage Beast, there are literally billions, if not trillions, of them in this forest.

The Green Amber Forest was a huge region of land that extends for more than 90,000 square miles. The area looks so large that it practically looks endless. Every human and intelligent beast alike views the Green Amber Forest with a revere and respect, along with a large amount of horror. No one wanted to make a joke of this forest. No, it wasn't that there's no one who wanted to make a joke of this forest. Rather, it was because they can't make a joke about this forest.

Why? Because of the mythical creatures living here.

Literally, from mythical creatures such as unicorns to four-winged birds that have fired over their wings, all live here within the Green Amber Forest. All in all, the majority of the beasts that were ranks very dangerous are living within the Green Amber Forest. The rest were either living in other forbidden regions or in a dungeon- which was very rare for this world.

However, there are also a lot of cute and adorable looking magic beasts here, too. For now, I will leave them alone. I don't want to tame any of them yet. The ones that I had tamed at my old wooden house before that man came to get me was still living there - I can senses them. However, they can't go out of that place anymore due to the Folded Space, so I have no need to get any new beast yet.

Whenever I got bored, I might come here to play with them for a while but for sure, as of now, I cannot tame any of the stronger beasts near to the core of this forest yet. I still need to learn more about this world before I do that. I don't want to cause trouble for the citizens of this world if I did something wrong. I had learned my lesson the hard way, so now I want nothing to do with being a Demon God or not, again.

When I got to the area that has the most amount of Green Amber trees and yet with the least amount of beasts, I let out a small bit of my aura to scare them away before cutting the trees for myself.

On some of the trees, there was couples birds nest for the White Silver birds. The White Silver Birds was magical birds that are very intelligent and fast. Royalty likes to tame and breed these birds to use as messengers and guides in the capital city. However, it was very hard to take care of them since these birds are carnivores. Rarely do they eat grains and not meats. It doesn't mean that they don't eat grains but rather that they do not eat the grains cultivated by humans. It has to be Natural Wild Grains that have a lot of magic energy within it.

The Wild Grains in this world weren't the same as the ones that I have but due to their nature, the White Silver Birds likes to eat those grains when laying eggs. Other than that time, they rather eat meats from stupid beasts that wandered into their area.

The White Silver Birds has red crystal eyes that can see the magic veins within a living being. So, they would mostly target the veins once they are hungry to quickly kill their prey. This was why it is very dangerous to tame these cute, smart, and yet dangerous birds. This was also the reason why this area of the forest has a lot of Green Amber Trees but not much of other variety of beasts.

These cute, smart, and dangerous birds are the first to fly off once I let out my aura. A couple of them flew towards me, as an offering of themselves so that I won't kill the rest of its kind but I just shoo them away. I don't need any of them. One of them looks at me with eyes filled with tears as terror and fear caused its wings to shivered in fear. I nearly sighed out loud at the cute look within the bird's eyes. I took out a large Jade Rice from within my Spatial Homestead, or formally known as my Space Dimension Homestead, where the majority of my tamed beasts reside within. The large Jade Rice was as big as my two fists holding together.

The White Silver birds that were looking at me now look at the large grain within my hand and its eyes widened hysterically large. It looks at me cautiously but the temptation from the grain was too large for it to resist anymore. The White Silver Birds flew toward me and used its sharped claws to grab on the grain softly, fearing that it will damage it before it flew off toward the direction that its kinds had gone too.

As the White Silver birds flew off, I started to cut down the trees that I liked. I only needed around 20 of them for the interior construction of my house but since I plan on making office desks, furniture, floors, and walls with it, I best cut at least 50 of them. What? Interior design costs a lot of materials! And my house wasn't going to be small, okay?!

The Green Amber trees in this world aren't as huge as the trees within one of my External Spaces but they are very large and tall compared to the normal trees. So, just 50 of them should be enough to make a house and all the furniture that I need and want. Still, cutting 50 trees in a dense area was too much so I only cut a couple here and a couple there. To make sure that I didn't leave a large space of nothingness behind like a blank spot on the back of a monkey's behind, I selectively cut down one here and one there only. By the time I finished cutting 50 trees, it was already lunchtime.

So, I hunted a couple of savage fishes, a couple of Fires Boars, and collected some herbs to cook with them for lunch.

After finishing eating my lunch, I continue on. Of course, I didn't forget to cut another two extra trees to use as the joints for the house and the furniture.

What? My house will be a traditional Japanese jointed style house. Not Western style.

It will be a Japanese Style jointed House with very traditional aspects.

Using wood joinery techniques that I learned from one of my masters in one of the previous worlds that I've been through, who's a master at building constructions using wood joinery techniques due to the location that he lived in. What? He lived on a large island that had three to ten earthquakes at a time per month. So, of course, his house-building technique will be very effective due to all those experiences that he got.

This part of the world doesn't have an earthquake that I knew off since Karnosh City live far to the south of the continent but, I still wanted to stay in a more Japanese influence house. You can say that I got used to living in a more modest yet traditional home now.

Which was why I would rather design my house myself.

The houses in this world were far too Western styles and more European style. Which - I admitted, I have no problem with but I would rather not live in since this world's building proficiency was not good enough to create sound-proof walls!

Anyway, as I make way back to the city while searching for new herbs that I haven't seen yet, I came across a horde of mutated goblins and a group of Black Foxes fighting.

Judging from the fur and features of the Black Foxes, the foxes are Savage Beast. What's a group of Black Foxes doing this close to the river wasn't something that I care to find out. As for the mutated goblins, these monsters are all over the place so I wasn't surprised that they are here, too.

The difference between a mutated beast or monsters was the fact that mutated beast has more cores inside their brain, the resulting of them going mad, while a savage beast or monster that had successfully merged the two core inside their brain during their process of turning into mutated. Once the two cores merged together and synthesized, it turned into a crystal stone called the Magic Shard, and it is no longer call a core.

The reason why a Magic Shard was also the rarest form of currency in this world was also because of this. The amount of energy within the Magic Shard was enough to power the whole city of Karnosh for one whole 3 months if you think of it as electric energy.

Once a mutated beast or monster successfully turned into a Savage beast or monster, their size also increases from 10 to 1000 times larger than their previous size.

It's toughness increase by at least 500 times, vitality by 20 - 300 times, intelligence by at least 100 times, and some gains the ability to even turned into human form. However, they also lost the ability to give birth or have offspring, too.

When this happens, the majority of the time, human cities around that particular area are wipe out clean. However, this doesn't happen for no reason, since a majority of the savages beast was very lazy. One of the reasons why the savage would rage on a human city or town and village was due to the actions of humans.

Savage beast makes a great pet and ally to anyone in this world. They understand the human language and are very royal once it was tamed.

Not only that, once you tamed one, its offspring [not the blood offspring one] will be royalty to you too. It was like the goose who lay the golden eggs only for the golden eggs to be a twin yolk. Only, in this case, it is a hell-goose who's more than happy to hold grudges. And its revenge has more consequences than humans can take.

Yet, nobleman and royalty will always want them as a tamed partner or contract beast despite knowing the consequences of doing so.

So, it makes sense that Savage Beast and human are blood-enemies-kill-on-sight.

Still, such a thing was not a problem for me. All I care about was that the black foxes pelts look utterly sparkling and soft. I already have a lot of such things from other world but from this world-? These might be the first.

I want it. The pelts.

The goblins? Their meats are edible but it doesn't taste that good compared to normal pork and chicken. But still, since goblins are monsters in this world, their meats have a ton of nutrition value and was very popular for commoners. Which, means that I can use their meats or sell it to commoners for cheap.

Okay. Let's kill it.

Since I don't want to damage the fur of the Black Foxes or grind the goblin's meat into a paste, I have to use magic spells that won't cause too much damage. Which means that I have to use little to no mana at all for those spells.

I have a lot of spells that don't require much mana but those spells were more or less far too dangerous to used them in this part of the world. So, that meant that my options are limited.

The spells that I would have to use would need to be very fast so that it doesn't give time for the black foxes and the mutated goblins to reacts. And mutated beast has very fast reaction times. Their reflexes aren't something that normal humans in this world would want to face without any kind of plan or protection.

Well, any spells are fine to use on the goblins but for the black foxes, it is best to use something like "Air-Restriction" skills to kill it slowly. If not, something like "Grasping of Heart" was okay too. Quick and easy so that the fur/pelt will not be damaged.

Within a second flat, I snapped my finger and the horde of mutated goblins all collapse while all the black foxes stop first before frozen in the spot, and collapsed too.

Green blood was spilling out from the mutated goblin's nose, mouth, ears, and eyes. While the black foxes' eyes were bright red with blood, telling me that their brain and cores had been shut down by me.

I didn't use Air Restriction since that takes a couple of seconds for it to take effect so I used Grasping of Heart to erupted their heart internally while shutting down their cores and brain synapses while I was at it. Killing it fast and painless as possible. Well, I didn't forget that the Heart of the Black Foxes was an ingredient in certain alchemy recipes but since I had already erupted it, it is no use crying over spilled milk.

The horde of mutated goblins has 335 bodies that aren't poisonous while the black foxes are all good. There's a total of 350 total since there were only 15 black foxes. I was hoping that there might be a White Fox within the Black Fox group but oh well.

Still, with this much furs, it should be enough for me to make a couple of blankets and carpets with.

Fufufufu, I can't wait to sleep on it. I thought as I collected all the bodies into the rental Storage Backpack that I rented from the Adventurer's Guild(AG).

When I get to the AG, I will let them dismantle the bodies for me. This way, not only would the people in the guilds have jobs to do, but it would also help out the commoners that have dismantling skills. The guilds do charge a 10% fee for the processing but in exchange, their skills were all very carefully trained to make sure that any hide, pelt, furs, or skins from the monsters/beasts were 100% processes and the damage was minimal.

On my way, I also collect any herbs, spices, or cute and adorable looking flower too. This way, I can make my own small garden with the natural herb, spices, and flowers from this world right in my own backyard.

Although I plan on changing the composition of some of those spices and herbs, I still plan on using it as a condiment for food. Salt? I have no problem with it since this country has a couple of mines that currently are being mined for rock salt. Salt is very cheap in this world, so no problem there. Sugar? Sugars can be created easily and it can also be mine. Yes, there's a mine for sugar mining too. Both salt and sugars were the main used ingredients in this world so it is very cheap.

I am very interested in how in the world did that Sugar mine formed but I won't ask since it's bothersome.

Now, all I have to make are condiments like Mayonnaise, soy sauce, vinegar, ketchup, sauces, and etcetera. This world does have vinegar but it wasn't ones that I like to use in cooking. It was mainly used for disinfecting wounds and agents in alchemy and potions.

What? Even if I had grown up in the U.S.A. and England, I am still an Asian, okay?

Of course, I will like to eat Japanese food, too. I love both Western and Eastern Asian cuisine. I have no problem eating sushi and no problem with eating near raw steak.

Although, there are a couple of dishes that I hate from both sides of the cuisines. It was only a couple of dishes that have to do with my taste.

When I came back to the Commerce Guild, Liz was still there waiting for me, as I had promised her to collect some rare herbs before I left.

Liz's mother, Elin, and her father, Joshua, was both normal people without any ability to use magic. His father was one of the carpenters in this town, while her mother Elin work as a Baker assistance in the shop near where I will be living. Her two younger brothers and sister were old enough to be an apprentice. Liz's younger brother, Amon, was an apprentice in the Adventurer's Guild as a clerk and while her younger sister, Sina, was the apprentice for a chef in one of the restaurants near the Adventurer's Guild.

"Welcome back, Master Shirin," Liz said with a small timid smile on her face.

"Just call me Shirin. No need for all the formality, it's a pain in the ass. So, here, the Moonlight Herb and the Goldvein Herb," I said as I pulled out the rare herbs that Liz wanted from the Storage Backpack that I rented from the Adventurer's Guild.

The Storage Backpack was an enhanced 'magical' backpack that can store up to 10,000 pounds of things without it weighing 10,000 pounds. Even if you store it all the way up to 10,000 pounds of things and or objects, it would only weigh 10 pounds at most.

Because of this, the Adventurer's Storage backpack was very famous. However, since the enhancement was only used up to 5 days at most without the Guild's constant replenishment of mana into the enhancement, no one wanted to steal it. Besides, there was a tracking enhancement on the Storage backpack too so if you don't return it on time, the Adventurer's Guild will send people after you. Unless it was a life-and-death situation, no one would want the Adventurer's Guild(AG) on their tails.

Trust me, this world's AG is no joke. After all, they have that man backing them up. There's no way that this world's AG was a joke.

The Adventurer's Storage backpack was created only 20 years ago. And I have a feeling that I knew who created them. There are five sizes available to choose from. Mine was the largest and most expensive one. It required a minimum rank of Rank C Adventurer for it to be able to rent this size. So, yes, it was slightly expensive.

"Thank you, Ma-Shirin-sama," Liz thanks me gratefully. Well, I guess that's the best she could do. Telling her to call me with just Shirin would literally make her break down in nervousness so I won't.

"Oh, right. Sigh the Request Form, too." Since Liz requested me to help find her the rare herb herself and wasn't through the AG, the fees that she paid for me was more or less on target, if not slightly expensive... All she has to do was fill out a Personal Request Form and gave it to me. When I finished the requirements stated in the form, I will give it back to her to sighs and then I will also sign it before giving it to the staff member or clerk at the AG.

Liz sighed it happily as she put away the rare herbs. She's probably going to use it on her younger brother and sister.

The Moonlight herb was probably for her sister, while the Goldvein herbs are for her brother.

The Moonlight herb will help her sister as an aesthetic way, making her skin more beautiful so that she will have a better future or husband while supporting her woman's 'place' for birth, while the Goldvein herb was to make her brother stronger.

Well, those herbs aren't that common so it is a little expensive for common people like her. Liz probably uses at least two to three years of her saving wage for this. She got pretty good pay for working in the Commerce Guild.

Giving me the fee for the request, which was 28 small gold coins, Liz happily sends me off.

Next, I will be building my house.

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