Chapter 2: The City of Karnosh

Honestly, I really don't have to do anything to survive in this world if I don't want to. Why? Because I have the Beginning of All Lucks and Ending of All Lives System, Baleal system for short or nickname Bel-chan, with me.

Ć’Bel-chan is an Alive System that had gathered all kinds of soul, energy, lucks, life, and data from all sorts of universes. And no, Bel-chan wasn't from the Space-Time Controller Dimension.

No, Bel-chan is Far above those admins from the Space-Time Controlling Dimension.

Bel-chan is the only system that can record and store everything that I been through. Even during the times that I had spent in all of the worlds (that I was send/kick/slipped/pull/whatever into, including the records of the knowledge that I had learned and researches about) - to all the money/currencies that I had earned for myself. Bel-chan helped me manage them.

To know who or what Bel-chan was, you would need to go back to my Second World but that was so long ago. So, to shorten it, Bel-chan is an Alive System, created by me as the Controller of my Power. Before Bel-chan came along, there was already a previous System from the Chaos Space-Time Management Realm that got bounded with me. However, after Bel-chan came and absorbed that System into him, Bel-chan's relationship with me was as Creator and System.

So, Storing items was just one of the many functions that Bel-chan has.

That's one of Bel-chan's ability, anyway.

The other ability was that it allows me to move from one world to another at the cost of my energy. Although, I can only stay for one hour at best in the other world if I used this ability. Which was why I barely used it. It wasn't like I can go back to my original world with this ability either.

The third ability of Bel-chan was that Bel-chan is a Living Space-Time Paragon System after he had absorbs my previous System. Which mean that Bel-chan controls anything that has to do with Space and Time. He can stop the time, increase the time, reverse the time, and reflows the time anyway he wants to. Of course, that is if he has my permission. This ability is now Sealed. Why? Because it was far too powerful.

If that wasn't enough to tell you that Baleal/Bel-chan is a fucking damn cheat, then the fact that I can hoard, plants, stores, change anything using my internal space, which was apart of Baleal, should do more than tell you.

What? Did you guys forget that I learned Toxicology and Chemical Engineering? Ahem, of course, I can change the base of the things that I store inside Bel-chan. I have and I still do it.

The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh abilities of Bel-chan is now on Banned. I cannot talk about it. I cannot mention its name. Nor could I tell anyone about it.

So, yes, in this world too, I am still very powerful. Too Powerful.

I don't even have to move if I didn't want to. I could just hire someone to cook, clean, manage everything for me if I want to. I have the money for it. It not, I can just create a puppet to do it for me instead, which would have been easier than hiring someone.

No, more than just having the money for it. I have TOO much money for it! Millionaire? No, Billionaire? Nope. Then, am I a trillionaire, Hell no. I don't even know what digits my money is in, much less how much money I have, exactly! No, seriously, I am so rich that the number of digits was just a digit to me.

What? You don't believe me? Okay, I will show you.

"Baleal, show me how much money do I currently have," Just this one command was all that I need for Bel-chan to wake up and tell me how much currencies I have.

All the money or currencies that I had earned from the previous worlds are all accumulated inside my [Inventory Space] and can be used in my next world. It will automatically change into the current world that I am staying in the currency if I want to. As I say, Bel-chan is a fucking damn cheat.

[Master's Loot of Currency as of today: 999,999,999,999,999,...999,999,999,999,999,999,994...]

This weird and long number came up whenever I asked for my wealth. Now, you know why wealth is but a digit number for me?

The number was so long that I can't even see how many digits it truly has.

The storage houses that I built to be used for storing the currencies that I earned inside my External Spatial Spaces was already about the sizes of 50 Metrodome together. Let's not mention the amounts of money that I had inside my Inventory Space. It would only make me depressed.

The amount of money does change as I use the money inside the system but with this much money, I honestly don't even notice how much I originally got any more. And what was with the ellipse in the middle and end?!!!

In the last world, I had used about 100 Billion Immortal Gemstone to buy a whole continent of beasts and transferred it to my internal space. And yet, that number of currency up there didn't change at all.

Even though I have this much money already, I can't seem to stop making more. I honestly don't even know why I can't stop making more money, either. Maybe it's because of my brother's influences?

As I used more money, the incoming money was also far higher in ratio too. Why? Because I got bored easily so I always start doing business in whatever world I went through.

What? This was Bel-chan's power only and not mine?

No no no, you misunderstand.

Bel-chan was created to surpass and restrain my power, okay? Not the opposite.

I originally didn't have Bel-chan. The first System that I had was from the Space-Time Controlling Administrator within the Chaos Realm of the Deep Space and Time. However, that system cannot handle my power and vanished after I left my first world.

How did she vanish? She got absorbed by Bel-chan.

Why? Because Bel-chan was looking for me. Me, who's Luck was so damn high that it absorbed Bel-chan's Source of Luck.

And yes, Bel-chan was trying to kill me. Not only was he unsuccessful, his very Core and Origin got absorbed by me also. So, now, I and Bel-chan are linked together forever.

And as I continue to grow stronger, I turned Bel-chan into a Restrain Origin Heart that restraint not only my power but also my soul. Why? Because I don't want the worlds that I passed through to die, of course.

So, you can imagine what would my knowledge interface looks likes. Don't even mention the knowledge interface, I don't even want to open the interface for my Titles and Accomplishment, not to mention my status profile.

Sigh. I guess I will have to show you guys what I mean when I said that I am tired of my OPness.

Unless you see it with your own eyes, you won't believe me when I say that I am very OP.

"Baleal, show me my Status Profile and Succession,"

A screen of black, white, grey, blue, green, and red letters shows up. It was a simple and yet futuristically design.

Master's Profile
[First Name: Shinichi, Last Name: Tokugawa (Shirin)]
[Age: 21 (Eternity)] [Status: Sealed]
[Level: 99,999,999,999(Sealed) (Max: 100)]
[Health: 999,999,999,999+][Mana/Qi: 999,999,999,999+]
[Physical Damage: 999,999,999,999+]
[Spiritual Damage: 999,999,999,999+]
[Magical Damage: 99.99% Accuracy]
[Health Regen: 5,000,000 pts/Sec][Mana/Qi Regen: 4,000,000 pts/Sec]
[Essence Regen: 5,000,000pts/Minute]
[Movement Speed Max: 100,000 AU Light Year/Sec]
[Carrying Capacity: Limitless, Growing Type Internal Spaces, Limitless Inventory Space, Growth Type III Space-Time Paragon Dimension, Growing Type External Spaces]
[Classes: Demon Hunter, Holy Priest, Prime Warrior, Holy Shadow Rogue, Shaman Prince, Hunter of Beasts, Divine Dragon Tamer, Mage of the Four Elemental, Hero and Demon God, World Saver, God of All Luck, Tower Creator, Dungeon Master,...Hunter of Food]
[Profession Title: The Lazy Traveler, One-Person Army, Creator of Magic, Dragon Priest,... God of Cooking]
[Resistance: All Elements, All Mental Resistance, All Physical Resistance, All Spiritual Resistance]

Succession: Title and Achievements as of Today
Taming of All Beasts
Mastery of Weapons
Mastery of Stealth
Mastery Unarmed Combat
Mastery of Blacksmithing
Mastery of Crafting
Mastery of Enchanting
Mastery of Luck
The One You Wish as Your Husband/Wife
Lady of Luck's Son
The Wish Granter and Wisher
Saver of Worlds
Legacy Achiever
Dungeon Creator
Master of All
Mastery of Armed Combat
The Knowledge Base
The Archive Log Creator
The Puppeteer Master

The list goes on and on.

Now, you see?

I have been like this since my 6th world. It was to the point where I have to Lock up all of my Titles, except for one. The weakest that had nothing to do with combat. The one that was actually cursed to weakening me.

If I used the other functions of Bel-chan, then not only would my status would change again, it would also unseal the Seal that I put on my soul, body, spirit, and control.

Yet, even Sealed, I can't stop getting stronger.

I would be getting stronger and stronger each time that I got pull/push/whatever-it-was- to other worlds. This was especially true when I use Bel-chan.

This was why I am not going to use the other abilities of Bel-chan. The normal functions like scanning, storing, taking out things, and examining? Fine. The functions that came with his other ability? Like communication with other worlds and traveling to the said world? Fuck, no. Just, no.

It was because of these two other functions that my levels increased this high. By the time that I noticed it, my level was far too high already.

Oh? You are worried that I will have a problem with controlling my strength?

I understand. I would worry too if I were you.

Still, don't worry about it since I have more than enough experience with controlling my strength, and even when my size changes, I will still be able to control my strengths flawlessly. After all, I don't want to destroy another world because of my strength... it happens before okay?!!! So, I put in A LOT of efforts into suppressing my sources of strengths and controlling it. Even during combats. Besides, Bel-chan will also help so there's no trouble.

In fact, I have this on my current status too. In this world, it would look like this. Not the above information.

Name: (Shinichi Tokugawa)Shirin
Level: 36 Class: Adventurer Class C
Current Status: [Self Cursed, Self Restriction, Self Restraint] Healthy
[Unarmed Combat Rank SSS]
[Armed Combat Rank SSS]
[Magic Combat Rank SSS]
[Affinity of the Four Gods]
[Earth Magic Rank SSS]
[Water Magic Rank SSS]
[Wood Magic Rank SSS]
[Air/Wind Magic Rank SSS]
[Fire Magic Rank SSS]
Chef of the World

Of course, my card as an adventurer would only show [Chef of the World] as my only ability or skill. Since the ability to control Fire, Earth, Wood, and water was already a part of my Ability as a Chef of the World.

If I say that I have other skills, then there would be no one to say otherwise. Since, as a chef, people have various different skills, it's not really a lie. Not only that, but this world's Core was also backing me up too; if I said that I have such and such abilities, then the Core could just show it on my Adventure Card. Why? Because she was far too frightened to do otherwise.

That's not what I am worried about. What I am worried about was something else. In this world, my strengths aren't what was worrying me. No, it was something else.

A man named Tian Yuanle has been following me to the last couple of worlds. And he's here in this world too.

Okay, fine. He's been hitting on me, okay?!!! He wants me to marry him! But I don't wanna!

I might be gay and cannot love women but I sure as hell don't like people like Tian Yuanle. I don't hate him but that doesn't mean I liked the Chinese man, okay?!

I might be Asian but I grow up in the USA and England so I don't act like a typical Japanese male at all. So, Tian Yuanle's pursuing of me was a little scary and creepy. He was a stalker, okay?! A damn powerful one, too!

Just because I had sex with him a couple of times and went on a couple of dates with him doesn't mean that we were lovers, okay?!

I already told him that when we first met. That it's was only a "One-Night-Stand"! He agreed to it and yet here he was, in this world, still stalking me, again.

As the Prince of this Kingdom.

Like seriously. The last time, he was the second son of the Jade Emperor, and before that, he was the Sage of Wisdom, and the time before even that, he was The Magician of Fire and Water, and now he's the Prince of Bahamut?! Just what in the world does he want with me?!

Okay, fine. I know exactly what he wanted but nope, not happening. So, for now, I am ignoring him until I can't anymore.

Let's go back to the topic, shall we? We shall ignore that man for now. After all, not ignoring him would only give me a headache.

This city, Karnosh, had existed for hundreds of thousands of years ago. Built upon the Old City, its foundation was strong and magical veins were abundance. Making life easier for all citizens. Currently, the city was being led by the Feudal Lord Flavius Kendal-Sutcliffe, Lord Flavius. Karnosh City was a prospering city of 45 million households and counting. It is one of the major cities in this part of the Kingdom.

Yep. This world is a Sovereign govern world, like the first, third, fifth, tenth, and other worlds that I been too.

From the Highest authority to the lowest; Emperor, King, Archduke, Grand Prince and Grand Duke/Duchess, Prince/Princess, Duke, Sovereign Prince, Marquess/Marquis/Margrave/Landgrave/Count Palatine, Count and Earl, Viscount, Baron, Baronet and Hereditary Knight, Knight, Esquire, Gentlemen, and lastly, Slaves.

Lord Flavius from the Kendal-Sutcliffe House is a Viscount Household.

To be honest, after all these times, I am still not used to worlds that have Slavery. The 36th Century of the Earth that I was born in doesn't have Slavery. There is Maid, Butlers, and Servants but there was no such thing as a slave in the 36th Century due Humanity Rights laws and protections. I mean, why would you want to have human slavery when you have automates and intelligent machines to help you? And even with automate and A.I. machines, we never treated them as slaves.

It was just not done since the 23rd Century. After all, those A.I. have learning capabilities of their own, if we don't treat them right, then soon enough, humanity would have slavery to the automated. The Laws of Protections for A.I. and Automates are even above the laws for humanity protections.

It was a good thing that in this world, Slavery was just a temporary Contract and isn't permanent, unlike some of the other worlds that I had been to. Unless, of course, if you are a criminal then- too bad, it is a lifetime.

And yes, Slavery is a hereditary title. That means that if you are a slave and birth a child when you are a slave, then your child will be a slave. However, that child had more options on how to free themselves too so it wasn't a lost cause. Those are called Second Generation Slaves. If you are a Third Generation Slave, then the contracts were shorter and can be bought within 1 to 15 years.

First Generation Slave, if the slave is criminal then it might be a Forever Contract. They don't have the privilege to leave any child or offspring behind. However, if you are a First Generation Slave that isn't a criminal and have a good to okay track records, then the slave contracts are up to 40 years at most.

Second Generation Slaves are the children of the First Generation. They have more work to do and can earn more. They also have the qualification to learn trades skills such as cooking, alchemy, dismantling the beast, and the likes. The third generation has even more options because they can learn to read, write, count, and do basic maths.

As for Gentlemen, they are free-men. The commoners of the kingdom. The merchants, peasants, and farmers are all within the gentlemen class.

Esquire is a courtesy title for men of higher social rank; Law-holders, Government of villages, town or sometimes landowners.

The rest was similar to how Earth's Royalty, Noble, and Chivalric ranks in Earth.

As for me? I am a Free-Men. A Gentlemen.

Within this social class, I am an Adventurer. A mercenary in a way, you can say. So, I have more rights and way more freedom than a normal Free-Man has.

Of course, being a free-man have its own advantages and disadvantage.

The only difference between me and the other free-man of this Kingdom was the fact that I am not a citizen of this Kingdom. I am only a visitor. A temporary Visitor. So, I don't have some of the free-man's advantages and I don't get a lot of the disadvantages that free-man has in this Kingdom.

For example, I am an Adventurer of Class C, who are required to at least take one Class C mission once a year. I don't have this requirement as I am a Visitor. And as a Visitor, I cannot take a mission that is above rank A. Or if I take it, it gots to be requested personally by the clients themselves. The Adventurer's Guild cannot serve as the meditates for me. The disadvantage was that I had to listen to orders within a limit by the royal family. Which was why I stay in this city in the first place. Because of the order from a prince.

I came into this world 5 months ago, within the forest to the South of Karnosh. To be honest, I had already made myself a wooden house there and was living pretty relaxing. I wasn't bored since I can play with the animals in the forest, plant my farms, take care of my house, and doing whatever I want there with nothing to worry about. When I got bored, I would come to Karnosh and trades, buy things, and listening to talks in the bar or the Adventurer's Guild.

However, because Tian Yuanle, no, his name in this world was "His Highness Prince Yui Lexial Bahamut", found me and force me to come here with him. He ordered me to come here with him. Since he cannot force me to go with him to the capital cities, I must stay here and wait for him.

Why was he able to force me? Easy, because that man was far stronger than I am. After all, he was a High God, who's free to come and go into any world that he wanted with no consequence. Of course, I was the only one that knew this. Same as he's the only one that knew my strengths and powers. And my tendency to being pull/slipped/transferred into another world at no notice at all.

Because I refused to go with him to the Capital, he left me here with a warning to not run away. Because it is useless too. That man can find me even if I died in this world and went to another world, there was no way that he couldn't find me in this world if I went into hiding. It is effortless for him to find me if he wishes to.

That's why I am here, currently staying in the inn Cats-Eyes. Of course, I pay for it myself.

There's no way that I will let him pays for me and give him the excuse to stay here or make me come with him.

No way.

The currency in this world was really like a game. It was very easy to understand. And there's a reason for that too.

The majority of the reason was the fact that it was extremely hard to get the resources to manufacture/create the currency.

The other reason was that this will make life easier for commoners. As a result, the Kingdom is safer toward humans, fewer bandits to worry about that way.

There are Copper Coin, Small Silver Coin, Large Silver Coin, Small Gold Coin, Large Gold Coin, Platinum Coin, and Magic Essence Coin/shard.

You need 100 copper coins to be the equivalent of 1 small silver coin. Which mean that 100 copper coin is worth around $10.00 on Earth, in Federal Credit, of course; not Galactic Credit. Federal Credit. After all, you need $10,000.00 Federal Credit to get 1 Galactic Credit. It wasn't easy to earn Galactic Credit. Well- for other people, that is.

1 Small Silver Coin= $10.00
1 Large Silver Coin= (10*10) =$100.00
1 Small Gold Coin= (100*10) =$1,000.00
1 Large Gold Coin= (1,000*10) =$10,000.00- or just 1 Galactic Credit on Earth.
1 Platinum Coin = (10,000*10)= $100,000.00
1 Magic Essence Shard/coin= (100,000*10)= $1,000,000.00

The sizes of the coins itself are very similar to how Earth's the United States coins currency. Copper is the smallest at the size of a dime, Small Silver is the size of a penny, large silvers are the size of a nickel, and small gold coin is the size of a quarter. The size of the large gold is slightly larger and thicker to the quarter coin, while the platinum is about the three times larger and thicker than a nickel.

A low-income commoner household with family members of four only needs around 8 to 10 small silver coins per week to survive. At worst, 5-7 silvers coins were enough to guarantee a good life for a family of four to five members for a whole month. They will live below the poverty line but at least they won't be hunger.

The commoner people only know that there are platinum coin above gold coin and Magic Essence Shard/coin above platinum coin. They had never seen how it looks like before, except books and pictures which have only the smallest necessary details only, and not the whole looks.

The reason why the currency was easy to understand and was made out of copper, silver, gold, platinum, and magic essence shard was because this world has a lot of mythical and magical beasts.

A lot of mythical and magical beasts. Very- Much.

This made it extremely hard for people who aren't able to use magic to survived so mining resources for making currencies was not an easy job.

Still, money wasn't a problem for me so I don't really care much about it. What I want was a relaxing life, okay?

Since I cannot do anything else that would make me struggle for my life, the only choice left was to live a relaxing life.

The last time that I try to struggle for my life living in a Forbidden Continent in one of the previous worlds that I keep getting pull into, I got turned into the Demon God of that world. And, damn it was it frustrated. I never wanted to do that again. Whoever says that a God of a race is the most powerful being, have the most freedom, was clearly lying!

Currently, I am in my room in the inn, organizing the things that I need to do to live comfortably in this city.

Let's see. I still need a house to live in, which means that I have to go buy land for myself. Building a house for myself and furnished it myself. Why? Because I want to waste time doing nothing here in this city if I have to wait for that asshole to come. And, because I don't know how long I will be living in this continent for.

If I made it myself, I can customize it to however I like. If I bought the furnishes from other people, the designs might not be my taste. One great thing about buying from others was that it helped the economy and relieves the commoner's financial stress. The bad thing was that their skills aren't even my liking. Much less their tastes in the subjects.

At this rate, the pros and cons are equal.

Let's see, buying land would be handled by the Commerce Guild. So, let's go!

But, before that. I am hungry. So, I should cooks and eat before going. Since I eat a lot, I made at least 50 people portions. This is for my breakfast only. As for lunch and dinner, I will have to cook again when I come back.

Hm? No, I cooked inside my room inside the inn. Of course, with a protective barrier and Free-Scent Formation in place. It wouldn't be good if the people in this inn smell what I was cooking, after all. I have no plan on being stalked on because of food.

The Commercial Guild in this world was just like how the Wholesale companies and Supplier works on Earth. Except that it handles more things, like property and merchant's law. Of course, there are laws to make sure that merchants don't cheat the people of their money.

Going into the Commerce Guild, I didn't bother looking at the interior since I don't care and just go grab a number. Since it was very crowded in here, I have to wait a couple of minutes for my numbers to be called. I could have just gone straight to the clerk's front desk but Nah.

"How may I help you, Master Shirin?" The clerk lady asked politely. Well, of course, she's going to be polite. The last time that I was here, on the first day that I came to this world, I brought over a hundred wild boars carcasses and another fifty wild wolves carcasses to the commerce guild. So, they know me pretty well. Ah, by the way, in this world, I am called Shirin. And only nobleman or people high in the social ladles have the last name so I don't have one in this world.

So, yes. Blame me for scaring the poor girl.

"Hey, Liz. I want to buy a plot of land for building my house. Is there any plot available for sale to Visitors?" I asked her, trying to not scare her. No, I didn't smile at her because I knew that it would only frighten her.

I'm a pureblood Japanese but that doesn't mean that I look like a superstar or an idol from Japan, okay? I am normal. Just normal...

My looks are normal... right?

I really don't know since my sense of beauty is a little... off, as I been told by my parents and brothers more than once.

Oh, I do know that the pretty boys from Korean, Chinese, Japanese all look good and cute, but that's pretty much it. I can't really tell which parts were good, which parts look handsome, or which parts make me think that they are adorable... In other words, anyone who's a male will appear to me as their personality does and not their looks. When I see innocent Korean boys, I will think that they are cute. When I see bishounen from Japanese Drama, I will think that they are beautiful... That's it. I'm not really picky.

"L-land plot? Yes, there is a couple of plots of land for sale. Please wait a minute," Liz, a young human girl between 20 to 25 years old with short red hair and Western-like features, said as she went to the back and come back with a couple of pieces of paper.

Like I said, my sense of beauty is off. I cannot tell if this woman is beautiful or not. I only know that she has a Western face and a skin tone of a Caucasian. She does look good in my opinion but that's not really reliable when it comes to my sense of beauty, involving humans.

"There are five locations available this month for sale. Normally, they aren't allowed to sell it to Visitors but since you have His Highness Prince Yui's backing, it was not a problem. There are two small size land plots, one middle and two large plots. The small size land cost 50 large gold coins while the middle size land cost 120 large gold coins. As for the last two large lands, one of them cost 350 large gold while the other cost 370 large gold coins. Would you like to see the paper?" Asked Liz, trying her best to not be scared.

It's not like it can help. Even without doing anything, my aura was naturally a little intimidating for normal people like her. Oh well, she'll get used to it soon enough if she keeps interacting with me.

"Yes, let me take a look at the paper," I replied as I take the paper from her hand.

Looking through the papers that show the land and its surrounding, only the last two large land are close enough to the Adventurer's Guild and the Alchemy Guild. The rest was farther away, more toward the center of this city, where the richer civilian and nobleman lives.

I choose the one that has the largest amount of land since I need the land space for gardening and storage. Even though it was slightly expensive and I feel like it was a rip-off. It was better than not having enough space for my future projects.

"Liz, can someone show me this plot of land?" I said as I handed the rest of the paper to her and keep only the one that I wanted, temporarily.

"Yes, please hold on a second. Millin, can you show Master Shirin to Lukia-sama's plot of land?!" Liz yelled across the room, toward a boy in his early teenage years, who was serving a couple of people some drinks.

"Yes, please hold on a second!" The boy called Millin shouted back as he put away the teapots on his hand.

Mirin, the son of this guild's Master. He's 14 years old this year, I believe. And, he was an apprentice magician. A beginner magician you can say. With short red hair, inherited from his mother, and gentle looking eyes, from his father, Millin was a very adorable boy for his age. Responsible and gentleman. No no no, if I look at Millin like that, that damn idiot prince will be jealous and cause trouble for the boy.

A couple of minutes later, Millin shows me the plot of land and I decided to buy it. We came back to the Commerce Guild and finalized the paperwork.

Same as Liz, Millin was pretty scared of me so we didn't talk much. All I do was listen to the history of this land and why it was so cheap even though it was a large plot of land, while Millin explains it as best as he can without pissing his pants. Half-way thru, my stomach grumbles from hunger so I took out my lunch and start to eat while he shows me the rest of the land. This had surprised him so much that he trips a couple of times because I ate a lot.

There's not a lot of formality that needs to be done since I have my Adventurer's Card with me. I could have used the card that the Commerce Guild gave me last time I sold the beasts carcasses to them but I decided not to. All I have to do was give my Card to Liz and she will place it above the Magic Crystal Ball along with all the paperwork that needed to be filled, and then we're done.

Since I wanted to build my own house, I will also need to gather the materials myself.

Of course, I could have used ordinary woods like oak, perch, or maple but why bother when you have a free forest filled with natural magical trees?

To the South of Karnosh City was a large and dangerous forest filled with all sorts of wild, mutated, and savage beast.

This forest was called the Green Amber Forest due to the kind of trees that's native there. The Green Amber Trees. This forest was the forest that I first step foot onto when I came to this world five months ago, on the outskirts of the forest.

The Green Amber trees are a kind of magical reinforced trees that have magic essence shard inside their core. It is very strong and very tall. Royalties and Nobleman love to furnish their houses furniture and stuff crafted from these trees. It is very famous and popular goods that are in high demand due to its ability to let the mind sleep calmly and nightmare-free. But with little supply to its demand.

The magicians and warriors of this world especially love these trees woods. It doesn't even have to be crafted into anything. They just want a small piece of it on their bodies to help them train better without distraction from their minds. Or to sleep with it for a nightmare-less dream.

For my house, I want it to be built with this wood. However, since it is far too eye-catchy, I plan on using Red-Autumn Wood as the exterior and the Green Amber wood as the interior. Why would I want to use this wood? Obviously, because I sometimes have a nightmare, and when that happens, my restrains over my powers tends to loosen, this caused all kind of abnormal things to happen so I am taking precautions. This way, if I have nightmares, it wouldn't go outside my bedroom or house.

The Red-Autumn trees are also another kind of magical reinforced trees but it wasn't as strong or in high demand as the Green Amber woods due to it been easily obtainable and its light-weightedness.

The Red-Autumn trees grow extremely fast and it was extremely easy to plant so the majority of the commoners' house's foundations are made out of this wood. I will also need a couple of hundred tons worth of stone too. But that can be bought easily so it isn't a problem.

"Okay, now all that's left is to rent a Storage Backpack from the Adventurer's Guild." I murmured to myself as I made my way to the guild. I could just put the materials into my "Internal Space" or my "Inventory Space" but I don't want to. Once I put something into my either Space, it sort of replicates that item's material makeup and make it possible for me to plant or create that item inside my Internal Space. However, doing so requires a large amount of energy. And doing so will always cause my levels to increase so I really don't want to do it.

Due to my somewhat small build, when I first went to the Adventurer's Guild with Prince Yui, I nearly got into a fight with a couple of the adventurers there. Of course, I didn't show them my power because I didn't need to.

His Highness Prince Yui was the one that stopped them. Since then, no one in the guild wanted to offend me because they all knew that I am someone who the Prince was currently... courting.

By the way, this was very normal in this world. Polygamy was something that this world needed for the survival of humanity. After all, humans were only a small 10% of the world's population. So, no one stopped people from having multiple wives or husbands since the fatality rate was so high in this world. 90% of the mortality rates in this world was from beasts, the rest were from human and sickness.

Since the normal people of this world only live to be around 60-70 years old, pleasure and sexual enjoyment was something that they seek daily. To live to their fullest, no one wanted to be abstinence from sex. It was just not done for the people of this world.

In every town and city in this world, there will always be multiple places that have brothel for both genders. Some people who don't want to be slave will choose to enter the brothel business. However, doing so will also cut off many of their paths for the future too.

Even if this world doesn't look down on people who work in the brothel business, doing so for some people was very humiliating since the majority of their clients are people who had not married and or doesn't have a wife and or husband. This made it hard for them to marry in the future.

So, it wasn't strange that the Prince, not the Heir to the Kingdom, is courting a male. Even the Emperor of Bahamut Kingdom has male consorts, let's not mention other princes. Much less the Empress of this kingdom.

By the way, His Highness Prince Yui is the Third Prince of this Kingdom. He has two older brothers, two older sisters and one younger brother from the same mother. He has five step-siblings from his father's consorts and his mother's male consort. There were also another two step-siblings coming soon.

So, it wasn't strange that he, as a male, was courting me, a male.

The only thing that's weird was the fact that I keep rejecting him. To the shock of the surrounding people.

What? He has the looks, the personality, the strengths, the power, the money, and the backing of the royalty. Who would want to reject someone like that? Who can? I can. Since I was just a Visitor to this kingdom and not a citizen, I am not obligated to marry the people of this Kingdom. Such was the rule of this continent.

Thank goodness for that.


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