Chapter 1: Bel-chan and the World of Cidetal

This world of Cidetal was a world of myth, magic, and swords. No, not Citadel. Cidetal. Ci-De-Tal. Pronounced Ki-De-Tel.

This world is my 27th worlds/times that I had entered/transferred/moved into another world.

The first time that I had experiencing going into another world was at the end of my life on Earth, when I was only 21 years old at the years 3566 of the Republican Galactic Calendar, as I had just finished my second year of college in New York City and was already transferring to another college in England's University of Cambridge to continue my Chemistry there, where I majors in Toxicologist and Chemical Engineering.

Meaning- I do research new drugs, chemicals, agents, and other substances on living organisms. I also created and remade a lot of molecular formula and the chemical structure of new and old drugs. For example, the Open Chemistry Database in the year 3566 for the Chemical Engineering students have a lot of open data that anyone could use. However, within the database, anything that has poison or could cause deaths are locked behind a secured wall. Those formulas behind the database wall, 1/3 of them all belongs to me. It was even to the point that the Galatic Federal Reserve have to put down more than 10 RED-Core for those formulas.

Honestly, I didn't think that this would happen, either. I don't want it to happen either!
(╬ Ò ^ Ó)

Even though I didn't die and wasn't reincarnated or anything like that, I still left the Earth that I was born in, near at the end of the 36th Century, in the 3rd Millennium of Mankind. Right in the mid of Galatic Informational Age.

I didn't get transferred into a game either. It would have been much easier if it was a game that I transferred/entered to. No, it wasn't even that.

For me, it was just a case of going to a walk in the park and misstep on a rock that sends me to that world. That world isn't this world, Cidetal, but it was a similar world.

It was a world called Woruim- for short. It was a world that's similar to the 18-19th centuries of Earth. The only exception was that there was magic in that world. A rank B world right of the bat!

I had to stay in that world and survived for more than 50 years before I was literally slipped out into another world with no warning whatsoever. Leaving behind trusted friends, new family members, a boyfriend that I was still dating- and was planning on marrying when he proposed, which shall be the next day on the day that I had literally slipped into the next world.

Just.... (ʘ言ʘ╬)

Really, just... (╬ ʘ皿ʘ ╬)

Okay, calm down, Shinichi. It has already been long ago. You don't need to be so mad anymore. Sigh, okay. Deep breathe, out, in, again... Okay.

When I said survived, I didn't mean struggling against life in general, okay? Due to my... over-powerful brain and imagination, it was extremely easy for me to learn magic. So, yes, by the time that a mere 5 years passed by with me living with the humans in that world, I was long made the Supreme Magician, The Prime Sage, in that world. It was just that no one knew so- as a result, the people that I left behind have to suffer a lot.

Hmm? Yeah, I didn't age in that or this world at all. I am still looking like my 21 years old self, except that my personality has maturer. And, my naivety had started to play hide-and-seek with me.

The second world was also similar to Woruim.

It was a world called Parsthania. Except that this world was like the First and Second World War on Earth, COMBINED. War and death were everywhere. There was so much more dead that it make Adolf Hitler look like a small kitten comparing to the people of that world. The survival of the fittest doesn't even fit into that world.

There were no such things as peace.

Why? Because of the System called Judgement and Execution.

This world of Parsthania was a world that defied humanity itself and yet won't accept death. It defied any morals and sins to the last line.

They did all sorts of dark and ugly things to humans and nonhumans alike, to the point that humans and non-humans were nearly extinct.

In this world, I learned all sorts of dark and light magic spells and evolves the already strong spells that I learned from Woruim into another whole new level of mastery.

Spells like {Darkness Ascend, Gate of Hell, Overlord of Life, Death Ascend, ETC.} Spells that are from the Dark Element Branch of Magic. Curses, assassin skills, and all kinds of things like that were learned by me and mastery by me to a level that would make any gods trembled in fear.

If that wasn't enough, this world's history died along with me wiping off all the people who have dark-magic and Light-magic elements and erased all traces of it off the History from the World's Memory.

Why? Because this world needs it.

It was necessary if I wanted to save that world.

After all, if there was no darkness, then how would you know of light? Without death, how would you know life?

When I was there for the 342 years, on the eve of the 343rd years, I was pulled into my third world. Literally, pulling.

A shadow had pulled me to the third world. And I can't do anything about it.

The third world was a world of doomsday.

It was an Apocalyptic world.

It was very similar to the Earth that I was born in but in a different dimension. An Alternative Earth, I said. The times were around the 23rd Century, 13 centuries before I was born. Officially, at least.

That world was like the zombie apocalyptic games that I played with my cousins, My Days to Die and Dark Within the Light, Run for Your Life, Left to Survived, The Last Man on Earth, Rush of the Deads, all combined together and make it a reality with a twisted of sadism and wickedness.

It even has lore that was similar to games! In this world, you can say that I live a life filled with all sorts of competitions and dodging conspiracy from other people since I have too much power.

In this world, zombies weren't a scary thing. No, it was human themselves. Since I can use magic even in that world, you can say that I was the biggest pie dropped from the sky by the gods for them who were starving. Literally and figuratively. How? Because I have Bel-chan with me.

After that world, I gave up trying to go home since it was obvious that I cannot go back to the Earth that I was born in anymore.

*Cry* I still resent that! ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ!!

The fact that I cannot watches the shows that I love anymore, see the pretty boys from Korean, Japanese, China and all over the world via the Internet anymore was very... bitter.

I wanted to watch The Mask Singers of the Century! I want to watch My Gods and Goddess of Immortal Songs! What about my favorite of all, I am The Supreme Singer?!!!*Crying* (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚

I still fucking damn resented the world for... slipping me out of the world without any warning whatsoever- even if the god of that world has given me enough resources and compensation to last for ten thousand years, I was still mad at it.

I don't know if it was because my luck was far too much for my original world to handle that it slipped me away or because I was needed in other worlds. Both views aren't what I was looking for either!

I am very much still begrudging my former world. (ノಥДಥ)ノ︵┻━┻・/

After all, I even went thru the trouble of learning Japanese- which I had already known how to speak of but not writing, Chinese, Korean, Thai, English, French, and a lot of other languages just so that I can watch and understand the shows from those countries. Do you know how much stresses I went through trying to convince my parents and brothers to allow me to learns those different languages?!

What uses would the languages that I'd learn to do now?!!! Well, I did use English, Korean, French and German in my previous worlds before so I won't be too bitter. But still, I haven't seen a world that had entertainment programs like those from my original life at all. *Sniffed*.

I'm bored okay?!!! Utterly bored! Arg, I'm so damn bored that I am tempted to start world-conquering if not for all the damn paperwork that I will get if I do. Me plus paperwork equal disaster, okay? So, don't give me any paperwork... well, fine. Just a little is still okay.

So, here I am. In my 27th world traveling experiences. In a world called Cidetal. Like I had said before, this world is a mythical, magical, and swords world.

As in, really game-like literally mythical, magical, and flying swords, all that, world.

Fighting took about 70% of what this world consisted of as its foundation and development evolution.

Well, they have to do so if the people wanted survives in this world. After all, there were varieties of wild, mutated, and savage beasts of all kinds out there in this world.

Let's not mention Magic Beast. That's a whole new pie that I don't want to go through right now.

There were even Corrupted beings that are alike to zombies and Dark beings like wraiths and reapers that eat souls. This world was worse than the third and ninth worlds that I been too. The ninth world was a world filled with radiation of all kinds, so imagine how people live there. It was a Rank SSS world, after all.

This world wasn't a Rank SSS world but it was a Rank A world. Cidetal is a Rank A world. And yet, the dangerous level in this Rank A world was even higher than that Ninth World that I went through.

Four suns, and three moons. This world has four suns and three moons.

Each sun rotated at the interval of 24 hours, thank you, gods and goddess, of this world. There are eight moon phases for each moon, thank gods. Otherwise, the tides in this world would have been a natural disaster, too.

So, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 5 weeks are considered a month, so a year has 60 weeks in total; since there are still 12 months in a year in this world.

On certain months of the year, it was extremely hot, enough to cook raw meat to well-done within a minute.

On another certain month, in a certain part of the world, it was freezing all over. Way below Zero-Degree celsius. In another part of this world, it was eternality springtime. Some location is in Autumn years round, while others are eternal, figuratively, springs. Strangely enough, the time was the same as Earth. Only, the gravitational force and gravity itself was a lot stronger than the Earth that I was born in. Lest see- in number, the gravitational force of this planet was even heavier than Jupiter, which was only 24.79 m/s². This planet's gravity was already 32.16 m/s²

During the First Sun, Solius Sun, the temperature in a certain region can increase or decrease up to 20 degrees on average. And then, the Second Sun, Souns Sun, the temperature will always decrease by 20 degrees or so. Lastly, the Third Sun, which was called the Suntur Sun and the Fourth Sun, which was named after the Behemoths God, The Behemutur Sun, will always bathe both the Southern-Eastern and Souther-Western Spheres in either 35 Degree higher or minus 35 degrees lower.

In other words, Summer and Winter Sun are the Behemutur Sun's Rotation. Spring and Autumn are the Solius Sun and the Souns Sun's Rotation.

As for the Moons, the first moon was named after the goddess that controls them.

How many gods and goddess are being worships in this world? Too many.

Honestly, I was tempted to just let the beast here kill me and send me off to my next world, if not for the fact that this world has some really adorable animals that I am interested in keeping.

Just because this world's animals are all beasts doesn't mean that there are no docile animals. Sheep, rabbits, house-cats, and a couple of normal animals are all docile animals and can be tamed. I was even thinking of taming a couple more... Well, that is if I can without having a certain someone getting jealous. Those animals will die if that man got jealous.

Animals/monsters like Yeti, Griffin, Centaur, Mutated Panther, Mutated Boars, Savage Bargesh, Wild Nidgos, Corrupted Ice Imp, and Fire Imp, Savage beast Balrog, all the way to animal/monsters like Goblin and treants can be found in this world. And yes, even Pegasus and unicorns. The majority of them are passive-aggressive, meaning that if you leave it alone then it will not attack you.

However, there are corrupted and aggressive beasts like the Dark Panther and the Mutated Panther that will kill anyone on sight.

Or try to, anyway.

Asides from that, there were the magic beasts... the beast that was affinities to magic and can use magic in the same way as a human. These? Are another whole new level that I really don't want to talk about.

The dragon was one of the magic beasts races. Daemon is another. No, not demi-human. Daemon. As in another race from the other side of this world. Real Daemon. Not the elf, dark elf, beast-race, or dwarves. And certainly not Demons from Hell either. Daemon- A race of Devils. Not Evil. Devils.

Real daemons were similar to the devils from the bible and from any God-influences world that have only black and white. I haven't met them yet but I heard from the World's Core that Real Daemons don't like to interact with demi-human and other races. Since they live far longer than the elves and will literally eat any races as a food source, no one wanted to live near the border of this side of the world as the result.

What do I mean by this side of the world? Well, literally that.

This world was literally [Divided] into two Sphere. The Northern- Eastern Sphere; where the Daemons, Vampires, and Spirits Beings lived. The Southern-Western Sphere; Where the Human, Elves, Dwarves, Demi-Human and some Fairy lives. Both Sphere of the world has Beasts, Monsters, Savage Beast, Corrupted Monster, Mutated Beast or Monsters, Magical Beast and Spiritual Monsters so nowhere was safe. However, for the Northern-Eastern Sphere, the Magic Beasts there are far stronger due to the presence of the Daemon. After all, if they don't want to die then, they have better get stronger as the weak tend to die early.

This world of Cidetal, only about 60% of the world are land. The rest are Sea-water filled. There are a countless amount of small island in this world but lands large enough to be call Continent, there was only 6 of them. On the Northern-Eastern Sphere, there are three continents and countless amount of islands. While on the Southern- Western Sphere, there are also three continents.

The Northern-Eastern are the Daemon Continent, The Magic Continent, and the Unknown Yet Continent- it's not known because the World's Core was protecting it for that man. So, no one has found it yet.

The Southern-Western are the Arciors Continent, The Moltenils Continent, and the Themosis Continent.

If you said that this world is large then it is large, but it was also small too. Comparing to other worlds that I had been through, Cidetal ranked in Fifth Place as the largest world that I been through. So, it was very large if compared to Earth.

Asides from this, according to the World's Core, this world had just been through a War between The Good Gods and the Not-Good Gods about 50,000 years ago so the world was still recovering from it.

Sigh. Just thinking about it causes my head to hurts. What now? Do I have to continue living in this world now that I am here?

Here, being, the City of Karnosh. In the Kingdom of Bahamut. In the Continent of Arciors. In the world of Cidetal.


Fuck my life!

Why can't I just lived in one world and died there?!!!

No, WHY CAN'T I DIE?!!! And stay dead?!!!

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