Talia Redowl, daughter of the goddess Athena, expected - and definitely wanted - to work for her mother when she graduated. In particular, she was hoping to be assigned as an aide to her older sister, Danae, their mother’s Avatar.

So when Talia’s graduation assignment is to become the Avatar of Hades, the legendarily anti-social and brooding god of the Underworld, she protests…the position has gone unfilled for two thousand years. Why her? Why now? The Fates weave a tangled web, and more is at stake than Talia’s plans for her own future.

But before she can take up her new post, Talia Redowl must die.

Death is just the beginning…

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This is a great read for anyone, especially those who enjoys mythology. I can't be sure in terms of accuracy when it comes to the depictions of the Greek god characters and myths, but that shouldn't matter. I enjoyed the ride.

The style of writing is in the First Person narration, Author has done an excellent job at depicting the MC's thoughts, personality and opinions throughout.

Grammar is a bit of a stickler at times, and nobody is perfect, I saw barely any mistakes beyond a few 'typos' that slipped passed. There was a couple of occasions where a sentence didn't make sense and I had to re read it a few times, but overall, the story has very good grammar.

Story is engaging, kept me bing reading, and I finished the entirety of book one and two in two days. (I like to think I'm a fast reader, and I have a lot of spare time on my hands.) The plot is interesting, there are hints of what is happening and the mysteries can be, in part, sussed out before the big reveal, however, to me, the overall story is only one halve of what makes this story great. The endings of Book 1 and Book 2 are great and left me satisfied.

Characters are great, fleshed out, and explored. I'm sure some people will find an issue or two with something another, but overall, I enjoyed the characters, pretty much all of the characters a lot, and can't think of a single thing I can say negative about the Authors depiction of them.

Overall, this story is character driven as much as it is plot driven. With mysteries and exploration of mythological legends mixed in to a more modern take of the gods and their roles from Greek and Roman Mythology.

I really enjoyed reading, and if the Author decides to return and write more of Pluto's story, I'll be very happy. I feel there could be more written, more stories to tell, and more things to explore. Whatever MagusJosh decides, I'll look forwards to it.