Hi everybody! I promised I'd post here when Nexus launched, and it is live as of this morning! The first five chapters are up, so go take a look! I hope you enjoy it!


Caley Reid grew up without a home or family, an orphan in a system that was too busy protecting the children it watched over to actually care for them. To her, the words “family” and “home” carry a profound sense of loss and longing. She poured those feelings into her studies, walling herself off from the world and her emotions, becoming one of the best students her orphanage - and later her university - had ever had the pleasure of teaching.

When she learns that her father has recently died, and that she is now due to come into her inheritance, it shakes her to the core. Desperate to learn about the family just beyond her reach, she puts her studies on hold to follow the trail her unknown parents have left for her.

Now she must learn the secrets of her mother’s ancestral home…a home beyond her wildest dreams. And she must discover why her father sent her away when she was born, what ended his life, and what happened to her mother - before those secrets kill her.


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About the author


Bio: Josh is a life-long native of Western Massachusetts. He spends his daylight hours disguised as a mild-mannered IT specialist, trying to get inanimate objects to talk to him and work the way he tells them to. He spends his nights trying to keep all of the animated characters in his imagination from saying too much…and work the way he tells them to.

For the past couple of decades, Josh has been creating worlds for his characters to inhabit, and dreaming up ways to push at the practical implications of a wide variety of Science Fiction and Fantasy tropes. He loves telling stories, entertaining his readers, and sparking fun debates about how to make the implausible plausible. He has a degree in Folklore & Mythology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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