Good news, everyone!

(Did anybody not read that in Professor Farnsworth's voice?)

My publisher not only doesn't mind if I post my published novels here, they say a number of their authors have done so in the past with great success. Their only warning was, as someone mentioned, that Amazon might decide to pull the book as a result.

Since I've had precisely four sales on Amazon since September of 2019, I don't think I'm particularly worried.

Having begun organizing the first Kinnear novel for posting here, I also find that - a little more than seven years since I first published it - I have a burning desire to edit and clean it up. I'm a bit surprised by how amaturish it feels to me now, but we live and learn. So I'm gonna start cleaning it up, and I hope y'all will lend a hand buffing and polishing as we go. And once we're done, I can update the published ebooks.

The unexpected benefits of being self-published.

I will also, of course, be continuing to work on Nexus, so that it's ready to go once Kinnear is finished (or in case y'all really can't stand Kinnear and I have to abandon it...which I honestly don't believe will happen, but who knows). this space, as I will be posting a link to the new story here as soon as it's up. Coming soon (next weekend, as long as Royal Road clears it)...The Kinnear Chronicles Book 1: Family Ties.


For Alys Kinnear, becoming a Wizard was more than just her life's was her passion. Magic was in her soul, and she would follow it wherever it lead her. What she wasn't sure of was whether or not a freshly-licensed Mage from Druid-controlled Éire had what it took to handle the dangerous and inglorious realities that came with being a practitioner in the considerably more modern, magic-infused city of London, Albion.

There, she quickly finds herself confronted by street thugs trying to steal her new employer's property and a client whose home turns out to be a former asylum filled with the angry ghosts of former patients. With her new Familiars, a pair of snow leopards she rescued from an unscrupulous shop owner, Alys must overcome these problems along with the more mundane day-to-day difficulties of studying to become a fully licensed Wizard. And before she expects it, before she's prepared for it, she'll find herself tested in ways she never imagined...


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About the author


Bio: Josh is a life-long native of Western Massachusetts. He spends his daylight hours disguised as a mild-mannered IT specialist, trying to get inanimate objects to talk to him and work the way he tells them to. He spends his nights trying to keep all of the animated characters in his imagination from saying too much…and work the way he tells them to.

For the past couple of decades, Josh has been creating worlds for his characters to inhabit, and dreaming up ways to push at the practical implications of a wide variety of Science Fiction and Fantasy tropes. He loves telling stories, entertaining his readers, and sparking fun debates about how to make the implausible plausible. He has a degree in Folklore & Mythology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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