A note from MagusJosh

(I really hope this is an acceptable use of a chapter. If not, I apologize!)

Greetings faithful readers!

I am still alive! I swear! Editing and finishing Nexus is taking longer to put together than I expected...but this is not a bad thing. By slowing down the pacing of the story, I've been able to do a lot more character and world development than what existed in my first draft.

The downside is...I'm not ready to start posting it yet. Which kinda sucks. I also don't have any cover art yet...finding an artist who can do what I have in mind for the cover has turned out to be surprisingly difficult.

Anyway...I thought I might post the first book of my The Kinnear Chronicles novels - which is already availble on Amazon and elsewhere - here for y'all to read while I'm working on Nexus. Thus, the poll below. I don't see anything in the Royal Road terms of service that says "don't do that," and I thought it might be a fun way to bring in some new readers (and maybe help me buff up the book a little in the process).

So go hit the poll and let me know what you think. In the meantime, I'm going back to work on Nexus.


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Should I post the first Kinnear Chronicles novel here on Royal Road?
Yes, that's a great idea!
82.64% 82.64% of votes
No, that's a terrible idea!
0% 0% of votes
Start posting Nexus even though it's not done, you lazy bum!
17.36% 17.36% of votes
Total: 121 vote(s)

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Bio: Josh is a life-long native of Western Massachusetts. He spends his daylight hours disguised as a mild-mannered IT specialist, trying to get inanimate objects to talk to him and work the way he tells them to. He spends his nights trying to keep all of the animated characters in his imagination from saying too much…and work the way he tells them to.

For the past couple of decades, Josh has been creating worlds for his characters to inhabit, and dreaming up ways to push at the practical implications of a wide variety of Science Fiction and Fantasy tropes. He loves telling stories, entertaining his readers, and sparking fun debates about how to make the implausible plausible. He has a degree in Folklore & Mythology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst

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