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Chapter 2: First steps or last steps.


After looking through a lot of information they noticed that most of the information about Pandora was merely speculation, and unreliable.

So they went to the only reliable source of information, and that was Pandora’s official online database. 

They soon found the information they were looking for it was about the races, and the classes. It said that Pandora would have 3 races, but there was only information about one of them, and the other two were hidden with a question mark.

Surprisingly the race that wasn't hidden was called “Hexonian,”which looked pretty similar too “Hexian,” their own race.

They weren’t sure if this was done intentionally, or not because it wasn’t mentioned, and it might seem pretty far fetched but it was pretty interesting nonetheless.

They didn’t think too deep about it and were more focused on the details of the “Hexonian,” race. Because even more surprisingly was that the race had the same special characteristics as they themselves had, and that was bloodline power.

It said that the VR-capsule would take your blood sample on your first login, and use that information to give you extra abilities, and stats.

They themselves didn’t know a lot about the power of bloodlines because they were from the lower ring, and information like this was not available for their kind.

The only thing they knew about bloodlines was from what their grandfather told them, and that was that a long time ago people used beast blood to train their bodies.

These bloodlines then later became hereditary, and now they exist in everyone. However they were lying dormant and needed certain things to awaken.

What these things were however was something they didn’t know. Their grandfather never told them, and always just said that the things needed were too far out of reach for them.

But the fact that these bloodlines were also used in Pandora as an element was very strange, and combined with the name of the race Hexonian made it really suspicious.

They now knew why there was so much gossip and unreliable info regarding Pandora, it was because of these two things, and people couldn't help but speculate, and imagine all kinds of crazy theories.

But there wasn’t any specific information other than this sadly, and they could only look for the classes section.

in the classes section it said that the classes in Pandora were: warrior, guardian, ranger, assassin, mage and priest. These were also the classes that most of the games used so nothing special or strange about this.

Aside from this information it said that you couldn’t chose your own class, and that your class would be chosen by the AI of Pandora. The AI would use all your recorded information such as, your body type, bloodline, and other things it found hidden in your genetic code. 

Other than that it didn’t mention anything else on the topic of Pandora’s class system. So they then went to the profession section, but sadly the only information given was that it would have the same professions as on Hexia.

Disappointed they tried to look for more information in the database but sadly there wasn’t anything else.

Lin jia noticed the disheartened look on her brother’s face and tried to cheer him up “although we couldn’t find much we still gained a few valuable pieces of information,” she said.

The look on Lin xiu’s face turned a bit better, but he wasn’t sure if his little sister was just trying to make him feel better so he asked “was there really valuable information?”

Lin jia saw her brother’s apprehensive look and explained “the two pieces of information that are most important are about Pandora’s classes and professions”

“For the classes the AI also takes note of the body type of the person, and body type doesn’t just simply mean the size of someone’s body.”

“It is much more complex than that, and it includes the state of someone’s, muscles, blood vessels, and also their internal energy system, mental disposition, and maybe even more”

“This could mean that with your martial arts back ground, strength of your muscles , and your energy cultivation that you would most likely be a warrior, or guardian in Pandora.”

“The reason this is good news is because now we know that you will be able to use your fighting skills properly, if the AI would randomly selected your class, and you would end up being a priest then the situation would be a lot worse.”

Hearing his sister he found out how good this actually was, he couldn’t imagine himself having to play as a priest. Can you imagine a martial arts lover being stuck healing people from the backline. Just the thought of it already scared the shit out of him, his days would have simply been hell.

Lin jia saw her brother’s relieved expression and continued “the second piece of valuable news, is that the professions will be the same as on our planet”.

“This means most likely that if you are knowledgeable, and experienced about a profession here, then lvling that profession up in Pandora would be easier.”

“But of course these are just my thoughts, and conjectures, and there is always a chance that I am wrong” she quickly added.

Both Lin xiu, and Lin jia were really intelligent, they were both tested when they were little. Lin xiu’s intelligence level was 81, and Lin jia’s was even higher at 94.

Lin xiu knew how intelligent his little sister was, and knew that even though she said she could be wrong she was actually already 90% sure.

Lin xiu was also pretty sure that what his little sister said was the right conjecture. So he said “I think with the information we got on Pandora so far we can be pretty sure that this is right”.

“But the problem then still remains about what profession would be the best, and if it is even possible to learn any of them with the limited time we have until Pandora’s release.”

“As you know we also don’t have that much money to spare” he added.

Hearing this Lin jia turned quiet and starting making all sort of calculations in her mind.

Seeing his little sister trying so hard to think of something to help him warmed his heart, *it’s great to have such a caring and loving little sister* he silently thought.

As he was lost in his own thoughts his little sister suddenly opened her eyes, and a mysterious glimmer could be seen in them, and she said, “There are three options that we can choose from, mining, and blacksmithing, inscription, herb gathering, and medicine creation”.

“I know you secretly go outside the city gates to hunt monsters so finding low grade minerals and herbs shouldn’t be that difficult”

“You can also use the materials from the low grade beast that you hunt in combination with the herbs for medicine creation, or for inscription.”

“Although I said three options I think it is a waste not to learn all of them, however the time we have isn’t much so it’s up to you.”

“I also like to mention that if you learn all three then you would waste the least amount of materials and maybe even make more money in the long run”, she added as she looked cleverly at her brother waiting for his reply.

Lin xiu knew what she meant if he just learned mining, and blacksmithing then he would only be able to create low grade weapons, but if he added inscriptions on them then the value would rise exponentially.

He also never even thought of just learning the last option herb gathering, and medicine creation. This was because a lot of medicine needed materials from a beast, and you couldn’t sell half cut open beast in the lower city.

People weren’t stupid and the things that were most valuable in a beast where it’s materials that were used for either medicine creation or cooking.

He also trusted his little sister’s judgment and already decided what he was going to do “then I will learn all three because even if I focus on only one, with the limited time we have I wouldn’t be able to become a master anyways” he said.

Lin jia face was almost glowing, and she looked extremely happy hearing her brother’s decision “I knew brother would trust me” she said while smiling.

Seeing his little sister smiling from ear to ear made him happy as well “of course I trust my intelligent and cute little sister” he replied.

When Lin jia heard her brother call her cute she suddenly blushed, and she became as red as a fire bean she tried to lower her head so her brother wouldn’t notice.

When Lin xiu saw his little sister’s actions he pretended not to notice and thought *really what is this little sister of mine always thinking in that little head of hers*.

He tried to find something to smoothly change the subject and he noticed the time, 21:56. Having found something to change the subtject he quickly said “Jia it’s time to go to bed it’s already late, let me help you get in the wheelchair”.

Looking at the time Lin jia also noticed it was already late so she silently nodded her head.

Lin xiu picked up his little sister and gently place her in her wheelchair.

Lin jia’s complexion was slowly returning to normal but being picked up like a princess made her red like a fire bean all over again.

Lin xiu saw his little sister’s face turn completely red again and could help but shake his head and think *why are girls going through puberty so strange, I always did this since she was little but only since 2 years ago has she started acting this way*.

He pretended not to see his little sisters face as he pushed her into the bathroom, and they started to brush their teeth. 

After brushing their teeth he pushed his little sister to her bedroom and lifted her up from her wheelchair into her bed.

He pretended not to notice his little sister’s strange behavior, and tucked her in before saying goodnight.

Even though Lin jia was embarrassed she still barely managed to say goodnight before the door of her bedroom closed.

Hearing his little sister say goodnight in such a strange way only made him shake his head again *what has happened to her* he thought.

“Grandfather still hasn’t come home,” he thought, it wasn’t unusual for his grandfather to come home late, but it still made him a little worried. The lower ring wasn’t safe and his grandfather was already getting old.

He also noticed his grandfather’s health getting worse recently, but his grandfather never wanted to talk about it, and always tried to change the subject as fast as possible.

While he was thinking about this he already reached his room, and he closed the door before he started meditating on his bed.

He liked to meditate before going to sleep not only would this help cultivate his energy, and mind it also helped him fall asleep quicker and deeper.

After meditating for about 30 min he quickly fell into deep sleep.


Couch, cough.


His eyes sprang open as he was woken up by loud coughing sounds, they seemed to be coming from the bathroom. 

He quickly got out of his bed, and headed to the bathroom. The bathroom door was closed so he quickly opened the door, and the scene inside made his face turn completely pale.

A note from Don Daryl Bonnema

I am not sure about the words *medicine creation* as it might be a bit too lackluster, but I can't find any better name for it atm. If anyone has a better suggestion please let me know in the comment section, and I will think about it.

Fixed some small errors.

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