Planet Hexia year 2168 city of Hakou.

In the lower ring in an old apartment a rhythmic banging sound could be heard.

Inside a young teenager named Lin xiu was busy hitting a training dummy, the training dummy he used was very outdated one that no one used anymore.

The reason he was still using this outdated training dummy was simple, he was simply too poor to buy a new one.

“Wow big brother you have become even stronger than last time “the sound came from the corner of the room were a girl was sitting in a wheelchair.

Hearing her voice Lin xiu stopped his training, looked at the display on the training dummy and turned his head “of course because I need to get stronger to protect my little sister right?” he said.

Hearing his reply made the little girl blush, she smiled creating small dimples on her cheeks making her look even more very lovely, then she replied while blushing “You will protect me forever big brother?”.

When Lin xiu heard this he was surprised for a little bit but he couldn’t help but laugh and hurriedly replied “yes as long as you want me too “.

He then walked to his little sister and started to push the wheelchair out of the room towards the living room. As he was pushing the wheelchair the little girl didn’t reply but was instead happily humming.

The little girl was Lin jia and she was his little sister, 15 years old and only one year younger then Lin xiu.

The reason she was in a wheelchair was because of a car accident that happened when she was 4 years old. Her spine got injured causing both of her legs to be paralyzed. Both of her parents died in the crash as well and only she could be saved.

With todays advanced technology it wasn’t impossible to cure her legs, but sadly the cost were just too high for them to bare.

Because both of their parents died at a young age, it has always been their grandfather that took care of them, and taught them everything they knew since they were little.

Lin xiu had been taught martial arts from his grandfather since he was 6 years old. He loved it because it gave him a goal and strength to protect his little sister.

His grandfather soon noticed that Lin xiu was very gifted and tried to get all kinds of techniques and movies for him to watch and learn.

Because of Lin xiu’s high comprehension and perception he spend all his free time combining and mixing everything he learned.

He did this out of instinct to make his martial arts even better and flow more naturally.

When his grandfather first saw this he was completely shocked. You have to understand that learning a technique and making a technique your own are two completely different things.

Let alone combining and mixing all sorts of different techniques to make your own martial arts style.

Of course his martial arts style was far from complete but the only reason for this was because he simply lacked the time and money.

His sister Lin jia on the other hand spend all her time studying, her legs were paralyzed and she couldn’t practice martial arts.

This greatly saddened her because she would really love to train together with her big brother. And maybe also because that way she could spend more time with her brother.

In school she was always ranked in the top 10 and she always tried her best to learn as much as she could to not disappoint her brother and grandfather.

When they arrived in the living room they saw that the lights were still off, it seemed that their grandfather was still not home yet.

Lin xiu pushed the wheelchair towards the VR-Capsule and opened it. He slowly picked up Lin jia from her wheelchair and carefully placed her into the VR-Capsule.

Getting picked up so carefully like a princess made Lin xian blush a little. She smiled and said “thank you big brother” while trying to hide her face.

Seeing his little sister being embarrassed like that made Lin xiu almost laugh out loud but he tried his best to hold it in and said “I am going to close the capsule now, good luck and call me when you are finished”

Seeing him try to hold back his laughter made her even more embarrassed, she pouted and said “close the capsule already!”

He quickly closed the capsule while muttering” yes yes princess” while thinking *girls going through puberty are really impossible to understand*.

After he closed the capsule he went to the bathroom and started to fill up the bathtub.

The water coming out of the tap was boiling hot, steam soon filled the entire bathroom. He added some Piercing grass to the water before he took a quick shower.

When he was done showering he stepped into the bathtub and slowly closed his eyes. His face looking completely tranquil with no signs of pain or discomfort.

This was incredible because to a normal person the boiling hot water alone would already be enough to make them scream from pain, let alone boiling hot water with piercing grass.

Piercing grass is mostly used in combination with other medicines that negate the painful side effects of piercing grass.

Soaking in piercing grass will strengthen ones flesh and muscles. But no one would even think of using it without the other medicines.

This was because the pain, and suffering one would have to go through would simply be unbearable.

But Lin xiu was too poor and couldn’t afford to buy all those other expensive medicines so he could only rely on this method.

He also took it a step further by using boiling hot water, the hotter the water the more active the piercing grass would be resulting in an even higher level of pain.

To any normal, and sane person this method was simply too crazy, but Lin xiu wasn’t crazy at all.

He was actually very smart because only by using it like this could you draw out all off the medicinal strength of the piercing grass.

If you didn’t use it like this then you would at waste 20-30% of its medicinal strength. And for Lin xiu getting piercing grass was already hard so he couldn’t waste any of it.

Lin xiu was still calmly laying in the bathtub completely focused on his breathing. After roughly 30 minutes he climbed out of the bath but he looked vastly different compared to before.

His body was almost completely covered in a black, and sticky substance, the smell was also disgusting.

The black substance was the result from all the impurity’s that got pushed out of his skin by the piercing grass.

He took another quick shower to wash away that sticky substance before getting dressed.

After he got dressed he walked to the living room, and took out a blue nutrient bottle from the refrigerator.

 He went to sit on the cough and said “Nadia show current news”

“yes young master” said a fairy like voice, a bright light came down from the ceiling showing the current news.

“Pandora opening 1-1-2169 the first VRMMORPG with full immersion, and a fully AI controlled environment” it was the commercial that always showed up lately.

He wasn’t that knowledgeable about the current games because he never had the time to play games, but he kept thinking that maybe “Pandora” could be of help to him.

He said “Nadia search Pandora”, after his voice ended all sorts of information about Pandora popped up before him.

It was estimated that almost every professional gamer was going to play Pandora, and more than 90% of all the professional gaming clubs already announced their transfer too Pandora.

The information that he found most interesting was the part about selling in-game items/money for real world Credits.

Your Pandora character would be linked to all your real world personal information such as your bank account, medical records etc.

This way you could trade other players or auction houses your in-game items, and sell them for real world Credits. The Credits would then be instantly transferred to your bank account.

Of course he wouldn’t expect this to make him rich or anything, but at least it would give him a chance to earn Credits in a safer way.

Currently finding a job was becoming harder, and harder. For the last few months he couldn’t find any work so he was forced to go outside the city, and hunt for beast.

Hunting beast was very dangerous, and he could barely kill the grade 1 beginner beast.

The beast grades went from 1-9 weak to strong, and every beast grade was then divided into the beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

He was still able to run away from grade 1 intermediate, and barely from a grade 1 advanced beast, but if he met any grade 2 beast then he would be finished.

He couldn’t keep taking this risk in the long run, and thus he needed to find another way of income. This made him look for anything, and everything.

All sorts of things popped up in his head, but he still couldn’t find anything except for Pandora.

The only problem was the price of the new Zania VR-Capsules that you needed to be able to play Pandora. The price was 1.000.000 Credits, It wasn’t something he could just spend on something that might or might not pay off.

But it seemed that the stars finally shined upon him, and after looking through the latest information. He found out that the government not only heavily supported Pandora, but now they even went as far as too provide loans for the Zania VR-Capsules.

The Zania VR-Capsules cost 1.000.000 Credits and the loan had a monthly interest of 1%. So he had to pay at least 10.000 credits a month which wasn’t a lot, but it also wasn’t cheap.

He calculated that if he kept hunting beast everyday then he would be able to afford it. But if he didn’t make any money from Pandora then it would still have been a very expensive mistake.

Still it seemed that this was his only chance for a safer way of making money. Although he still wasn’t 100% sure about this idea at least he found something.

While he was thinking about this he suddenly broke out of his thoughts by the sound of his little sister’s VR-Capsule opening.

He looked back, and saw his little sister getting up from her VR-Capsule, she was looking around with a confused look on her face obviously still being slightly dazed.

With a pained expression on his face he said “wait I am coming, I will help you get in the wheelchair”. Seeing his dazed little sister still pained his hearth.

The VR-Capsule his little sister was using to study was very old, and it still had the side effects that you would get really dizzy, and mentally exhausted after using it.

He slowly picked up his little sister, and placed her carefully in the wheelchair.

After placing her in the wheelchair he quickly grabbed a green nutrient bottle from the refrigerator, and opened it.

He gently placed the bottle against her lips and said “here, drink slowly”

She slowly drank the nutritional fluid, and her complexion started to slowly become better.

After finishing the whole bottle she finally turned back to normal, and said “thank you brother” while blushing a little.

She was blushing because her brother was still holding her chin from helping her drink, and was meticulously wiping away the left over nutritional fluids from her lips.

Noticing what he was doing, and thinking about that his little sister wasn’t small anymore, he quickly let go and walked back to the kitchen to dispose of the bottle.

After he returned to his little sister he saw she was intently looking at the information about Pandora that was still being displayed in the air.

From her look he could see that she was very interested in Pandora as well, so he quickly asked her “are you also interested in Pandora?”.

Hearing this she was a bit surprised, and she had a strange look flash on her face for a moment before quickly returning to normal.

Afraid her brother would notice her strange behavior she quickly explained herself “a little but I am more surprised that brother is interested in Pandora. If I remember correctly then you have never been interested in any game before right?”

He did not notice his little sister’s strange behavior and said “Yeah before I was never really interested, but Pandora seems a little different. I was thinking maybe I could earn some Credits while playing this game”

Li jia was relieved that her brother didn’t seem to have noticed her strange behavior, and replied “Hmm yeah I also think that it’s possible but it might be hard as you are on your own. If you had friends you could play together and everything would be easier”.

After replying she seemed to have noticed her mistake from the look on her brother’s face, and quickly continued “But being alone is also a good thing because then you don’t have to wait for anyone, and you can play whenever you like. Also there are a lot of things that could make you money like mining or farming which you can do solo.”

After hearing the last part he seemed to have regained his composure, and replied “It seems you know more about games then me, do you want to help me look for the best way for me to make money in-game?”.

Li jia was happy that she would be able to help her brother so she quickly said “Sure brother lets quickly look at all the information available, and see what we can think off”

After hearing her reply he moved his little sister’s wheelchair next to the couch, and slowly lifted her up from her seat, and gently placed her on the couch.

After placing her on the couch he went, and sat down next to her, and together they started to look through all the information about Pandora.


A note from Don Daryl Bonnema

Some world building info has been removed to decrease the amount of info dump in the 1st chapter.
Also edited some other parts of the story to make it flow better.
Changed the name of the little sister too Jia

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