The Pleasant Potato Inn Co.

The Pleasant Potato Inn Co.

by Commander Kane

Tobias is the oldest of the Boyd sextuplets. His siblings are, as follows, Penn, Penelope, Ignatius, Cassiopeia, and Odysseia. They're a wild bunch but Tobias can normally reign them in before they get into too much trouble.

One day, Tobias helps an old man scare off some punks causing trouble around his store. As thanks, the old man gives him a medallion and warns him not to put it in strawberry lemonade or bad things will happen. Tobias heads home and, finding all his siblings there, tells them about the medallion and the ominous warning the old man gave him. Ignatius, being an idiot, snatches the medallion and plops it into his glass of strawberry lemonade before Tobias can stop him.

A second later and Tobias sitting in some strange land with purple grass, a greenish sky, and a faded, blue sun. Unfortunately for him, a giant tortoise looking thing running right at him, sharp teeth bared and horns ready to gut him. It’s by sheer luck that a slime comes along and just absorbs the thing or...whatever it is that slimes do with their food. Tobias fears that he's going to face the same fate until the slime speaks.

”Oh? Is this a human? I should probably kill you...Before I do, let me ask you something. Do you like potatoes?”

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Potato constellation. The arc of arcturus?

Reviewed at: 004: (O)ddyssia

This seems good although it's only starting!

I like the concepts in the story, however, it's just starting, and I can't give a lot of information. 

My only con is the multiple leads as I am a bit bad with those, but it seems that the author has something planned and I want to see if they will group together afterward and create a potato company empire. 

I will come back later when it has more chaps. For now, let this motivate you and continue to create a cool story, Mr/Ms author.