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The author, Edward Faust is aware that “This Book” does not really describe what this book is about. We shall pretend that it is a meta artistic choice but the reality is that Mr. Faust is bad at coming up with titles, and since starting This Book back in 2015 as a NaNoWriMo project he could never come up with a good one.

This Book’s genre is YA Supernatural, but that’s only as helpful as any genre tag (IE: not very) so I shall describe it further. This Book is primarily about reincarnation, but it also features mythical creatures such as angels (known here as Seraphs), demons, Byzantines, as well as homeschoolers. Two mythical homeschoolers in fact make up the main characters of this work, a pair of siblings named Grayson and Kish. They live in metro Atlanta in the year 2019 AD with their Aunt. On one particular day they are plunged into a rabbit hole of spiritual and metaphysical politics by the arrival of a mysterious one-eyed Green haired woman and strange humanoid creatures into their lives. That is where the story begins. Yes.

This book can also be found at https://thisbook.home.blog/

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Andrew Furlong

Andrew Furlong

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Hypersomnia (Grayson) ago
Chapter 2: Childhood Trauma and Inconvenient Demons (Kish) ago
Chapter 3: Chrysalis (Thalia) ago
Chapter 4: Normal (Laura) ago
Chapter 5: Daemonium (Xegluron) ago
Intermission: Analysis Excerpt I ago
Chapter 6: Aftermath (Laura) ago
Chapter 7: Subconscious (Grayson) ago
Chapter 8: Into the Darkness (Kish) ago
Chapter 9: The Soulscape (Thalia) ago
Chapter 10: Blue (Grayson) ago
Intermission: Analysis Excerpt II ago
Chapter 11: Four Walls (Kish) ago
Chapter 12: A Week Later (Catherine) ago
Chapter 13: "Old Lady" (Thalia) ago
Chapter 14: email chain ago
Chapter 15: Nothing (???) ago
Intermission: Analysis Excerpt III ago
Chapter 16: The Plan (Kish) ago
Chapter 17: Hayden Soulscape, Part I (Thalia) ago
Chapter 18: Hayden Soulscape, Part II (Grayson) ago
Chapter 19: This Book? (Kish) ago
Chapter 20: Dorm (Kish) ago
Intermission: News ago
Chapter 21: The Essay and the Letter (Kish) ago
Chapter 22: Missing Person (Detective Nelson) ago
Chapter 23: Seraph Discretion (Rose) ago
Chapter 24: Stuck in the Woods: Part I (Kish) ago
Chapter 25: Stuck in the Woods: Part II (Grayson) ago
Intermission: Diary – Sun Park Blackwell ago
Chapter 26: Murder at the Family Christmas (Kish) ago
Chapter 27: Inheritance (George Blackwell) ago
Chapter 28: Motel (Kish) ago
Chapter 29: Investigation (Grayson) ago
Chapter 30: A Killer Revealed (Thalia) ago
Chapter 31: Nausea (Kish) ago
Chapter 32: Invisible War (Zoe) ago

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The only reason not to read this book, This Book, is if you are a complete dunderhead. Really, this book (This Book) is the Gasgano of web fictions and anyone who plays Episode I Podracer will know exactly what I mean.