The Lord of the Opera house

by Clavicus vile

Original HIATUS Fantasy Historical Psychological Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Low Fantasy Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Strategy War and Military

The Zürtzün Empire. Once a mighty nation, it was plunged into war, completely devastating it. The people of Zürtzün felt deep bitterness towards their former enemies and intense anger towards their King, who they felt had betrayed them, dragging them into a war they didn't want to be a part of. The drastically falling popularity of the King marked the beginning of a war fought within the Imperial capital of Zürtzün, a war of deception and political intrigue with many different parties vying for power in the face of the King's decline. But one party proved to be more ruthless than the rest.

The Adlerschrank emerged a powerful party and wiped off almost all their opponents right off the map. They seized control of the Imperial capital and the rest of Zürtzün, placing their leader, the Herrscher, at the top position of power. He was charismatic and passionate, and the people of the Empire came to adore him more than they ever did their King. With his dangerous fanaticism, he won them over.

He promised them wealth. He promised them power. He promised them vengeance.

He promised them a war, one where the Empire would reestablish itself and crush its enemies.

But deep in the heart of the nation, a poison is brewing. The Opera house, the enforcers of the Herrscher's rule and the exterminators of the Empire's "pests", has been neglected and left to rot, in the eyes of a seemingly insignificant, but hardworking desk writer. He plans to escape the clutches of the Opera house but inadvertently plunges himself headfirst into the house's affairs...

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Clavicus vile

Clavicus vile

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