The Arkesyyan Chronicles

The Arkesyyan Chronicles

by MelodieRivers

"The Arkesyyan Chronicles is an encyclopaedia provided by Arkesyys' The Library, and contain several major and unique events across the existence of the Universe. The Chronicles are released freely, under request, to the civilizations as a mean for them to understand the world outside, and better themselves toward achieving a peaceful future."- Arkesyys, The Library(year unknown, location unknown)

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Deeply Inconsistent

Reviewed at: The Song of Eset

This is a collection of short stories that serves as backdrop to the author's main work The Shadow Paradigm.  I've not read the latter, but the short stories are sufficiently self-contained to be separately read and reviewed.

So far, the impression is sloppy.  There's a lot that could be criticized, but I'll focus on one example as illustrative of the problems with the collection.

The author is very upfront that one of her major themes is that art and love will triumph over destructive war-mongering.  That's a perfectly fine theme, something explored by many writers across many different works and genres.  The problem is that while these are beliefs espoused by the protagonists in each story, the way the people, places and things are set up and the actions that unfold, convey very different themes to the reader:  That art and love will triumph over destructive war-mongering as long as art and love have a stronger military.  That art and love are better at seducing a native to spy for them.  That art and love are better at brainwashing.  That war-mongerers will lose because they don't understand the economics of agriculture.

As mentioned the foregoing is merely illustrative.  There are many other flaws that make it difficult to read and enjoy.