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A social worker father and his CIA-hopeful daughter crash land on a desert full of crystal plants and little else. City walls rise in the distance, but as the pair hike closer they see those walls are more like mountains, and the mega-metropolis behind them is long dead.

Luckily, the adventuring city of Spur is alive and green, and well outside of Ar’Kendrithyst’s shadow.

Follow Erick Flatt as he tries to make a nice life with new friends in a new home with his daughter at his side, but this land is rarely as kind as its people, and Jane Flatt is so ready to be an adventurer. 

Book 1 Completed. 

Book 2 Completed. 

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One of my favourites so far

Reviewed at: 054 - Jane

This is my first review on this site after reading tens of stories over a period of years! This story is that much of a gem!



Amazing story. Deserves to be trending! Grammatically perfect. Characters and world building are impeccable, and it is evident that the author has writing experience since there is ACTUAL storytelling.


Longer version (I’ve tried to contain myself but here goes)


From skimming some of the critical reviews, both lovers and haters of this story agree on a few things, so let’s start there.

  • This author is a WRITER! Meaning- he actually knows grammar, sentence structure and the craft of writing including dialogue, world building, character descriptions and so on. I have come across some truly atrocious examples of writing on this site, even from some of the most popular “authors”.
  • The author is a storyteller. There is a clear progression, theme, character change/growth, conflict/emotion and development in the story.
  • The grammar needs another mention – it is a delight to not have to guess at what the author is trying to convey because the grammar is non-existent.


Also, I get that most of the criticism is about the MC’s personality. Obviously, he is not like most isekai MC’s but I really don’t see that as a problem. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I love this story so much. I have given up on more stories than I can count because the MC’s were basically psychopaths who were willing to kill not only (humanoid) monsters but bandits/rivals/soldiers etc. without the slightest hesitation or regret. Not in defence mind, but for experience/loot or just because. Not everyone is comfortable with killing, even monsters, and he IS an avowed pacifist, so it is in line with his character. (Personally, I can’t help but feel sorry for some of those experience-kills in those stories. I know that if I was ever transported to another world, outside of killing to save my life, I would definitely not be killing sentient beings regardless of experience or treasure)


He does come around though, when he realises what the alternative to killing monsters is – and in such a beautiful, realistic way. I loved how he realised that part of the social contract in this new community, required him to change. That instead of solving conflicts, he was in fact creating conflict.


There is much more to this story than text-boxes, levelling by killing, loot and experience. There is the mystery of why they were brought to this world (the black dragon/darkness), the silent war, The Script and the feeling he gets when he is meditating, the dead city and what actually goes on in there and so much more. I can’t wait to see where the author goes with it.


Also, for any of my fellow female readers – the author clearly has irl conversations and relationships with women. There are no airheaded, strip-at-first-sight-to-show-their-gratitude women/girls nor are there any shrewish, man-hating amazons that need to be subdued because yay-the-MAN. The female characters are varied, real and behave like (the horror) real women.

The only criticism I have, is that I wish there were more descriptions to give a sense of the world. The author does it a bit here and there, but not enough to invoke the feeling that I’m right there alongside the MC, and experiencing Veird with him.


All in all, I’m so glad I found this gem of a story. I can’t wait to see what happens next and if the author by any chance sees this review: If you have any other stories hidden away somewhere, I’m very much interested!



  • Overall Score

Finds a Niche in the Genre

Reviewed at: 024

 I probably spend more time than I should on this website browsing through Latest Updates, and I have to say I'm glad I stopped in to read through this story. I like the idea of unexpected consequences, yet none the less entirely reasonable consequences. I enjoy the world, the hints of a greater surrounding area, and the focus on Erick as he struggles to move on with his life and protect his daughter... despite her really not needing protecting. I get the feeling that this isn't something that Arcs sat down to write and just kinda makes up as they go along, it feels more like theres a general framework behind the scenes, and they hope to connect the dots for the reader at a later date. I look forward to watching the story evolve, and I hope to see others take an interest in it as well.

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This novel has quickly become one of my favourites, and for good reason.

The grammer is good, different characters have decently defined voices and are interesting, the scale of the story is large but well pulled off so far. The world continues to be well built and fleshed out as the characters explore it.

If anything the author is visibly improving as he goes along, and the POV chapters are really well written instead of being distracting fillers like you find in many lower grade novels.

To summarize, if you like fantasy/Isekai/Game Systems then read this book, it does all three really well.

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Solid. Slice-of-Life, Magic, Politics.

Reviewed at: 068 - Jane

Wow! Good fun. Some of the best characterization I've seen in RR. Except for a few homonym switches, I've caught no spelling errors.

Erick's build made me think of Delve, as did much of the early sewer stuff, but the resemblence didn't last long. The relationships between the characters feel real, but it's not the sprawling mass of complexity that Wandering Inn is - and manages to be light fun rather than ratcheting up the tragedy - at least so far.

Story comes into it's own when the protagonist starts applying Earth knowledge to magic successfully.

Story gets better as it goes on, and has some of the best characterization I've seen on RR - better than I've seen in a lot of commercially successful novels.

  • Overall Score

The main character is one of the most well developed I’ve read in the last year

Reviewed at: 060 part 4 of 4

So I really loved this story, it kept me up way too late reading multiple days in a row. The best part is how awesomely three dimensional the characters are, there are no cardboard cutouts here!

The main character is a bit of a naive idiot in the beginning. He eventually gets with the program though, all in ways that make sense with his character. It is a process that happens slowly, over multiple chapters, as he realizes that he needs to do better, if not for his own sake, then for his daughter’s. This is a real struggle for him, as he is a die hard pacifist who has been dropped into a fairly violent place, and he needs to find a balance between upholding his values but also being able to protect himself and the people he loves and not be a burden to them. It takes him a long time to reach this point though, but your patience will be well rewarded. I’m really happy the writer decided to have the main character take his time coming around, the very long time to process the existential crisis and culture shock felt very natural and unforced. Also, he is 48 years old! How cool is that! I hardly ever find books of this type with an older character!

Anyway, I also really like the tone of the story, There’s a general hopeful, uplifting theme, slice of life with some action mixed in to spice things up. My very favorite type of story. That isn’t to say there isn’t a lot of truly messed up things going on, but the main characters try to do what they can to make the world a better place. Sometimes they struggle a lot with that, but all in realistic, human ways.

The grammar is perfect, the magic system is well-developed and fascinating. The author really knows how to write.

  • Overall Score

Would definitely recommend

Reviewed at: 060 part 3 of 4

Solid story all round. The author has done a great job with the main characters. Bad reviews of the story mainly talk about how"boring" or "naive" the mc is but that's a taste factor with too many people used to hyper focused, "thriving in dystopian settings" characters. This mc is more comfortable hosting a party than fighting battles or wars and That's great. 

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Characterisation-heavy litrpg

Reviewed at: 044

This is one of those characterisation heavy story with non-standard characterisation that is just enough out of the social and popular norms that it can clash heavily.

The main character is a very proud and contrary pacifist middle aged man who is thrown with his daughter in a post-apocalyptic litrpg setting and promptly decides that he prefers mysticism to litrpg and as such will purposefully clog his ears and pretends lalalaala can't hear whenever things are about the lirtpg aspects.

He is also a man who wants to believe the best of others and will try his very best to ignore any possibilities of not believing the best of others, in a setting where blood feud are very much a thing.

Most of all, though, he is a good man, and one who not only tries his best to help others, but who does it naturally without any hypocrisy.

Those things have believable consequences, and while he has had it a bit (read: way too) easy, that's a common crime of the site for things to be ridiculously easy, and he still has it harder than pretty much any but a handful of stories on this site.

  • Overall Score

Really good slice of life!

Reviewed at: 043

Very well written. The pacing is just right, not too slow, not too fast. Grammar is, for the most part, spot on. There are a few instances where cheep is used instead of cheap, but they're few and far between.

The MC is a pacifist to start, and isn't adjusting well to his new circumstances. That's actually a breath of fresh air. He doesn't *want* to hurt things. Of all the MC's of all the gamelit I've read this is the only one I'd like to sit and have a beer with. He just a good guy.

  • Overall Score

Not all isekai want to go to war

Reviewed at: 038

The tale is one of someone who isn't super into games, who doesn't like the idea of killing and fighting monsters. He doesn't want to be an adventurer and have glory. He just wants a safe home for himself and his daughter, friends and a community to belong to.
The world however is rarely kind enough to let people stay peaceful though...
The characterization is fantastic, the setting is unique, the system makes sense inside that setting. There are no perfect people (though some look pretty perfect), just people trying to get on with their lives inside of a world with monsters and divine level hatred.
Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys litrpg, Isekai and unique systems of magic.

  • Overall Score

I very, very rarely take the time to write a review for anything, but I felt I had to give this story a signal boost somehow. It is worth it. Do not pass this by, and don't be dissuaded by the, uh, less than stellar cover art.

This is a very welcome change of pace from the direction most LitRPG/GameLit take with their characters. The main character (Erick) is so exceptionally human, characterized so fully that it feels like you know someone new after reading for a while. Erick makes mistakes, he has the occasional triumph, he makes both bad and good choices and as a result the world feels real. The setting is built around his character experiencing it, and you couldn't ask for a better lens to be looking through.

The mechanics and magic of the world are unique and interesting. The system is consistent enough to give it a feeling of being grounded, but with enough wiggle room left to pull out some surprises. It does a good job of balancing the aspect of having everything spelled out in organized boxes and stats with the more mystical aspect of magic being unknowable, unfathomable, and capable of anything.

The execution of the story is great. Solid writing, almost zero grammatical errors. This author knows how to properly build a story and boy does it show. Most things written in the genre have a sort of rushed pacing where they just move from plot point to plot point with no breaks, no meandering, no slowing down. Ar'Kendrithyst knows how to linger in the moment. It allows the people in the story to take breathers, and to just live in between all the important story moments. As a disclaimer, some people may feel these slice-of-life moments are slow or plodding. This isn't the story for you if you want a brutal protagonist who tears through his enemies with his teeth, running fight to fight in search of ultimate power (although there's a definite nod to a more standard protagonist in the character of Jane, Erick's daughter). It never felt slow to me though, I was hooked from the first chapter and could hardly put it down.

Overall, a new enough spin on the general concept of a portal or isekai fantasy with great characters and excellent writing quality makes this an easy five stars from me.