by Arcs

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Portal Fantasy / Isekai Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

An aging father and his CIA-hopeful daughter crash land in a desert of crystal plants and magic blue boxes. City walls rise in the distance, but as the pair hike closer they see those walls are more like mountains, and the mega-metropolis behind them is long dead.

Luckily, the adventuring city of Spur is alive and green, well outside of Ar’Kendrithyst’s shadow.

Erick Flatt wants a nice life with new friends in a new home with his daughter, but Jane Flatt is so ready to be an adventurer.

Book 1 Completed.

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  • Overall Score

Finds a Niche in the Genre

 I probably spend more time than I should on this website browsing through Latest Updates, and I have to say I'm glad I stopped in to read through this story. I like the idea of unexpected consequences, yet none the less entirely reasonable consequences. I enjoy the world, the hints of a greater surrounding area, and the focus on Erick as he struggles to move on with his life and protect his daughter... despite her really not needing protecting. I get the feeling that this isn't something that Arcs sat down to write and just kinda makes up as they go along, it feels more like theres a general framework behind the scenes, and they hope to connect the dots for the reader at a later date. I look forward to watching the story evolve, and I hope to see others take an interest in it as well.

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God Forbid the MC doesn't want to kill everyone

tl;dr at the bottom


I feel like this story was created as a giant middle finger to anyone who doesn't want their protagonist to be a muderhobo. The MC is the father of the person who'd normally by the MC, the insanely-talented and prepared-for-all-situations daughter. The daughter is a great example of why most LITRPG protagonists are terrible people from the outside, as we lack insight into her thought processes and are given no way to emotionally connect with her. We see her as the average person in the world would, as a borderline sociopath who is too fully ready to slaughter intelligent beings for numerical benefits.


The MC himself is a perfectly fine character. Or, at least, he would be if the lore, world, and LITRPG system were set up for any existence but slaughtering monsters for fun and profit. He's a bit too naive at times for someone pushing fifty, and acts a lot like a teenager. As stated previously, if this was another story, he'd make a better character, but the mechanics the LITRPG system uses are set up to be min-maxed for combat.


The Script(translate:System) that runs everything is designed from the ground up for combat. There is an in-universe reasoning given for this, but it kinda rings hollow as things progress and you realize that the culture isn't different enough for this reasoning to be real.


There's a Quiet War between the humans of this world and another race, which I have only determined exists to give the author a way to contrive drama and play with worn-out themes of 'sins of the fathers' and 'fantastic racism'.


The story is well written, with few grammatical errors and solid storytelling. There were a couple times I genuinely enjoyed the story, although there are times where the theft from established properties is a little too obvious to be enjoyable in anything shy of a full parody story.



    This story is the equivalent of the even cheaper, off-brand chips. It's fine for a party, but you know it's not good for you and the taste is just off enough to not be pleasant.

  • Overall Score

Nice Story, lacks character depth.

Ok, Soo I dont really want to write a bad review, but... it needs to be done because in this story it is a big problem.  The main character is a Dad who managed to raise a military minded girl. The Main Character is also far too incredibly naive and uncaring about things.  In this story, given the way it started, it matters, i read until chapter 28 before it started to bother me, but by then it was one of those "yeah, im not sure i want to read this anymore" kind of problems.  Anyway it seems to be the only problem with the story, and its just my opinion anyway.

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Not all isekai want to go to war

The tale is one of someone who isn't super into games, who doesn't like the idea of killing and fighting monsters. He doesn't want to be an adventurer and have glory. He just wants a safe home for himself and his daughter, friends and a community to belong to.
The world however is rarely kind enough to let people stay peaceful though...
The characterization is fantastic, the setting is unique, the system makes sense inside that setting. There are no perfect people (though some look pretty perfect), just people trying to get on with their lives inside of a world with monsters and divine level hatred.
Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys litrpg, Isekai and unique systems of magic.

  • Overall Score

By chapter 3 I already didn't like the MC. And that's ok, you don't have to like a character to enjoy the story, which seemed interesting enough. But by chapter 6 I don't just dislike him as a personality, but as a character as well. There is nothing to like. He is just... there. Plain and dull and from time to time pointless. I think honestly it would be better to just read about the world and overall story without the MC. He is putting me off. He makes the story not quite slice of life, not quite adventure and definitely not anything deeper and meaningful, but an obnoxious slog that I couldn't bring myself to read anymore. Chapter 7 is a "math" chapter that completely cemented the decision to drop it and I just skimmed over it to see what direction the story will take in the next few chapters. If I were reading it while 7 was the latest chapter then I wouldn't bother coming back to see even that much. My curiosity run out and it already couldn't make me care about the social, moral or existential "problems" it tried to present through Erick's pov.

  • Overall Score

Well written and enjoyable

Standard "transported to another world" litrpg, but with a unique twist. The MC is a single dad in his late 40s who was transported with his 20-something daughter. She does the full adventurer bit while he just wants to chill in the city and get a job using some utility spells. It's definitely more slice of life, but you still get some adventure from his daughter. Plus they get thrust into a "quiet war" between races in their City.


Really good read. I recommend it.

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I can't read this anymore

(As of chapter 32)

This would probably be a good series if the protagonist wasn't a blithering idiot hellbent on his own destruction. He knows that his life is in danger. He knows exactly what he needs to do to protect himself from said danger. Doing it would be ridiculously easy and relatively quick. Its even something he enjoys doing. There's literally no reason for him to not do it. None whatsoever. But instead of doing it, he does absolutely anything he can think of to avoid it, no matter how unimportant, counterproductive or dangerous the distraction might be. It's like watching somebody slowly strip the skin from their own flesh with a butter knife, just so he can laugh at all of his loved ones as they beg him not to :/

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It's been a long time since I've seen someone not only actually write a character that grows and changes but do it well. I didn't like the MC all the time, but his struggles made him more real. 

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Really good slice of life!

Very well written. The pacing is just right, not too slow, not too fast. Grammar is, for the most part, spot on. There are a few instances where cheep is used instead of cheap, but they're few and far between.

The MC is a pacifist to start, and isn't adjusting well to his new circumstances. That's actually a breath of fresh air. He doesn't *want* to hurt things. Of all the MC's of all the gamelit I've read this is the only one I'd like to sit and have a beer with. He just a good guy.

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I feel compelled to write this review since quite a few of the prior ones don’t do it justice. 

I am currently up to date in chapters (42), and I can say that it is an excellent book, definitely worth reading. 

A few have said that the main character is flawed, which is true, and while the progression is SLOW, it is there. EVENTUALLY things pick up. At some points in the story I just wanted to go in and smack the mc around for being stupid, but it is picking up.

Still, the overall style, original plot, system Design, and world building, give it a 5. 

Just a warning, if you are not patient, the mc will frustrate you.