Charon's Touch

by Redwyn

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Reincarnation Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Sam's life on Earth was dull and uninteresting, until something finally happened, he died. Now he has no life at all, as well as the misfortune of being ferried across the river to his destiny, by Death himself.

Unsatisfied with his previous lot, and fearful of the fate that awaits him, Sam unknowingly bribes Death for another shot at living.

But this new life is not like his old. Falling from the river, Sam lands in the realm of Vaelen. A world governed by the construct, a divine system that grants supernatural powers along with terrifying dangers to use them on.

Gaining powers from the construct that are influenced by his brush with Death, Sam needs to find a way to both keep on living and ensure its not at the cost of his immortal soul.

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  • Overall Score

Kinda average. MC is a moron. Definitely poster  boy for the idiot ball trope. Sometimes the plot  needs to be advanced and the first thing the author compromises is Sam's rationality.

The author also made some weird choices when it comes to the game systems. We have stats, but they dont mean a lot. MC is still a moron with well above average int and wisdom stats. MC had to sacrifice some physical stats, mostly constitution for them, but that seems to have no effect either.

There is no mana bar, just a  feeling of mental fatigue. And then the author uses it like a mana bar: ar some point the MC tells about he is feeling 30% tired. Not that important, but just another small inconsistency that adds up to  kinda awkward, very under specified litrpg system and overall world building.

Theres also this karma mechanic, which sounds awesome in theory, and one of the main hooks in the story. But the more I read the more apprehensive I get that it's just gonna be a deus ex plot advancement tool, with a lot of abuse potential.

It's not all bad though. Grammar is kinda good, and it's going to be interesting to follow this if the author manages to avoid the common rrl pit falls.

  • Overall Score

Mc is a total idiot and makes horrible decisions just to advance the plot 

  • Overall Score

Overall decent story so far. The protagonist gets scammed by his psychopomp to reincarnate into a fantasy world. There he awakens a system and manages to bumble his way into loads of trouble.

One should be clear here this guy is minimally genre savy. Despite his stats he seems to be a person with little life experience. This seems to be partially due to his background, but this may put people off who expect yet another strong hardass protagonist.

So far we've got a naive guy stumbling his way into trouble. He's also got out of it largely unharmed so far. People should probably understand this as a comedy or parody.

  • Overall Score

 Not only does the character lug around the idiot ball of idiot balls, he's the type of character to apply his modern sensibilities to a medieval setting. Reading his thoughts, actions and justifications is quite literally making me lose brain cells. I can feel my IQ dropping by the paragraph. 

  • Overall Score

Just started reading and so far this story has been amazing, at least to me it is.

  • Overall Score

Pretty good so far as Chapter 11. System is simplistic in a way that works but also unique. MC could use some more backstory and more well though out reasoning to his actions and motivations. Also could use more plot development in the way it plays out. I say all that but the thing is, is that I really love this so far. Keep it up