Skyhunter (Under Major Scrubbing)

by Stressedbytonsofbooks

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery Anti-Hero Lead GameLit Low Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Non-Human lead Ruling Class Secret Identity Slice of Life Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Alex, a runt of a litter from a well-known family, enjoys a slow life as a Hunter.


After witnessing a rogue God's terrible act, he sacrifices his body to protect his friends.


His fall became the start of his rise, as he set out to hunt a God.



This is my first novel as an imaginative writer, the writing style may improve or change as the novel progresses, but for those who will wait and read the novel as I improve, you have my gratitude.

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Word Count (VII)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 2: Noobs ago
Chapter 3: The Dumbbell ago
Chapter 4: Really Sheila ago
Chapter 5: The Misfits ago
Chapter 6: Fuck this life ago
Chapter 7: Red Lizards ago
Chapter 8: Grandpa's Tale ago
Chapter 9: Struggle ago
Chapter 10: Friends ago
Chapter 10.1: Kiss of Death ago
Chapter 10.2: Bombs ago
Chapter 11: Flipped ago
Chapter 12: The wolf in hermit's clothing ago
Chapter 13: A Sleeping Asura ago
Chapter 14: Playtime's Over ago
Chapter 15: Crown of Hope ago
Chapter 16: Host Reconstruction ago
Chapter 17: Useless Upgrade? ago
Chapter 18: Hobbling ago
Chapter 19: The System Manifests ago
Chapter 20: Paronomasiac ago
Chapter 21: Nobody's Complete Owner's Status Guide ago
Chapter 22: First Quest ago
Chapter 23: There's Money in Trash ago
Chapter 24: Baby Steps ago
Chapter 25: Small Discoveries ago
Chapter 26: Foundations ago
Chapter 27: A Glimpse of Nobody's Power ago
Chapter 28: Goblin Slave ago
Chapter 29: A Planned Foolishness ago
Chapter 30: Escape ago
Chapter 31: Out of the pan, into the fire. ago
Chapter 32: A Scary Creature ago
Chapter 33: Bros before Hoes ago
Chapter 34: Nope ago
Chapter 35: Cruel Tutelage ago
Chapter 36: The Queen ago
Chapter 37: Yunaesa ago
Chapter 38: Leech ago
Chapter 39: Mother knows best ago
Chapter 40: Reversal ago
Chapter 41: Mothers ago
Chapter 42: Prisoners ago
C++ Program for Stats Computation ago
Chapter 43: Wak... ha... fa... was ha fo? ago
Chapter 44: Attitudes ago
Chapter 45: Cheat Codes ago
Chapter 46: 0 to 100, real quick ago
Chapter 47: A Man's Challenge ago
Chapter 48: Regeneration Gap ago
Chapter 49: Fast Break ago
Chapter 50: Surprise, Motherfuckers ago
Chapter 51: Shot Down ago

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Kato - san
  • Overall Score

I like the story so far, the pacing is good and the characters all feel real.

The story switches from past tense to present tense quite a lot so I suggests choosing in what tense you want to write and sticking to it.

Flashbacks and scene changes are sometimes confusing and you try to dump too much information on the reader all at once.

The pace is a bit too fast but that is only my opinion.

Gonna keep reading for now :)

  • Overall Score

But it could be great. The problem is how disorganized it is. The flashbacks are really confusing and there are a few plot holes here and there. However, the writing is solid and enjoyable.