And Dungeon Makes Three

And Dungeon Makes Three

by palanca_preta

Two friends and a reluctant third were shoved off the mortal coil before their time.

An irate deity did the bare minimum to move them along and get them of his books. He threw them into a world wildly different to the one they had originated in in the hopes of punishing them for the extra work their carelessness had caused him.

In his hurry he neglected to remove the abilities two of them had been gifted for the task they had been born to do.

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Table of Contents
45 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 – (Jasper) ago
Chapter 2 – (Marty) ago
Chapter 3 – (Jasper) ago
Chapter 4 – (Marty) ago
Chapter 5 – (Interludes) ago
Chapter 6 – (Marty) ago
Chapter 7 – (Jasper) ago
Chapter 8 – (Marty) ago
Chapter 9 – (The Raptors) ago
The Priest Speaks (Creation Myth) ago
Chapter 10 – (Jasper) ago
Chapter 11 – (Jasper) ago
Chapter 12 – (Randy & Marty) ago
Chapter 13 – (Interludes) ago
Chapter 14 – (Vlad) ago
Chapter 15 – (Whitewater Falls) ago
Chapter 16 – (Jasper) ago
Chapter 17– (Silvanna Ironhoof) ago
The Matriarch Speaks ago
Chapter 18 – (Jasper and Randy) ago
Chapter 19 – (Whitewater Falls) ago
Chapter 20 – (Jasper) ago
Chapter 21 – (Marty) ago
Chapter 22 – (Jasper) ago
Chapter 23 – (Vlad & Jasper) ago
Chapter 24 – (Marty) ago
Chapter 25 – (Jasper & Vlad) ago
Chapter 26 – (Whitewater Falls) ago
Chapter 27 – (The Raptors) ago
Chapter 28 – (Whitewater Falls) ago
Chapter 29 – (Rose Dungeon) ago
Chapter 30 – (Rose Dungeon) ago
Chapter 31 – (Randy) ago
Chapter 32 – (Jasper) ago
Chapter 33– (Sunhame) ago
Chapter 34 – (Sunhame) ago
Chapter 35 – (Jasper) ago
Chapter 36 – (Vlad) ago
Chapter 37 – (Marty) ago
Chapter 38 – (Jasper) ago
Chapter 39 – (War Plans) ago
Chapter 40 – (Campaign) ago
Chapter 41 – (Animal Nomads) ago
Chapter 42 – (Jasper) ago

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OK-ish rough material, good for the following rewrite (with massive cuts).

Reviewed at: Chapter 15 – (Whitewater Falls)

Books starts interesting, but then get desperately drown in all random names and people you don't really care about. Why are we being introduced to the whole elvish court? Is this a story of misadventures of three transmigrators, a dungeon novel or some medieval politics epos?

Worse even, many of the Named Individuals are thrown in either with a one-line introduction, or with no prior establishment whatsoever. Like, I am writing this on chapter 15, who da fook are Briar or Firomeena? The story feels rushed and rough. I understand time skips are sometimes needed in story telling, but either nothing of importance should happed there ("the winter passed"), or is should be used as a form of reset ("a thousand years later"). This, this is just like chapters where thrown out.

Additionally, this being dungeon-related story, the dungeon-stuff is being described in a really lackluster fashion, I feel.

TL;DR, this story doesn't know what it wants to be, and doesn't excel and anything in particular.


The story changes perspective often, with many different factions and many different people in each faction each with their own agenda. Which is disorienting and confusing, due to the sheer quantity of characters bounced back and forth between. The politics of the actual dungeons is strange, the introduction of the characters before their death doesn't connect well to show the attitude and personality of the characters in their new world. I enjoy the world being built, but cannot immerse myself in the story due to the too frequent change of perspective to characters I just don't care about. Cool concept, decent story, too many characters too early in the story with not enough introduction.


This is turning out to be just as outstanding of a story as The Misplaced Dungeon. Very different stories, but each captivating. New chapters from you for either story make my day!


Two dungeons for the price of one, and with multiracial politics. This is an ambitious story, I hope the the writer made clear certains of the politics.

I will follow this for the moment.


I like the marty chapters and progression but that is over shadowed by how much I dislike the Jasper ones.

To me there are just too many perspectives and I will say again I do not like Jasper.

Chapters are short but I think for the current flow have the proper weight. But if you do not equally care about all the POVs ...the immersion is blown.


Randy has not really been set into the story at this point.


I honestly feel that this should be re-written as 2 possibly 3 different stories that over lapa and/or merge/break apart as needed.

Angela Campbell

I honestly wish this would be three parts story for each sibling and the characters they interact with I would love to get to know each sibling then these weird skips in character pov style and the point a to b thing going on.

like jasper love for the undead and freedom to express themselves freely and proudly but the challenges, he fights to express his likes against a rude death god and society like darn it if the undead were so horrible and unnatural why that an option in the first place for dungeons monster!?

then there is rose dungeon dealing with things like messy politics and dungeon workings not going perfect and the wars and changes he triggered and dealing with.

don't know what is are skunk reborn needing maybe something like an adventure being a freelance adventurer and growing up needing to grow in power and maybe not suffer a master.

the other characters feel like red herring just there and forgotten eventually or a convenient stepping stone from a stagnant society or perfect wallflower till needed

Danyel N

Couldnt pass over chapter 4. 2 retarded mcs one it's crazy the other one it's an idiot  probably by reading a few more chapters would change but I can't pass over the first few chapters so I cannot find out. I thou5it would be a great story but nah not for me 


  In this story we start off with two main characters - an imp and a dungeon... who start off a political storm in their respective regions... and now we have a war.  The story is focusing on all the players in the war, with constant prrspective changes from beings I can't even remember. No dungeons in the story anymore, nor the foreseeable future.

This story is just too over the place


This is similar to the authors other stories,  with multiple PoV characters and a certain focus on how the 'main characters' change the politics and other 'big picture' parts of their world. Great worldbuilding, but it takes time. If you prefer a focus more on the MC's story and character development it might not be for you. 


Mister Bill

A good story and pretty unique so far. Multiple MCs but does it well. Worth a read and a nice addition to the dungeon stories here. 

I really like the nature/elves part of all of this.