A Journey of Black and Red

by Mecanimus

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Where am I? What is this! I... I don't remember anything. I am in chains? Why am I in chains?! And why am I so very...




This is a story of vampires as I believe they should be, with their strengths and weaknesses, with their remnants of humanity and the beast inside. Updates every Friday. Mind the tags. 

Cover by Antti Hakosaari: https://www.artstation.com/haco

Special thanks to Svensonsen for getting me started, as well as Omi Nya, Jemima, my patrons and you dear readers, for the support.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Cruel Genesis ago
2. Jimena ago
3. False Haven ago
4. The seed of Discord ago
5. The Reveal ago
6. Uprooted ago
7. Servitude ago
8. Outside ago
9. A casual visit ago
10. No rest for the wicked ago
11. The Gauntlet ago
12. Acte I, scène finale ago
13. Homeward ago
14. Roadside snacks ago
15. Reap what you sow ago
16. Marsh March ago
17. Loth of Skoragg's offer. ago
18. Six Months Later ago
19. A gentleman and a scholar ago
20. The Pursuer and the Pursued ago
21. Murder of Crows ago
22. The Waiting Maw ago
23. Into the Heart ago
24. Valor ago
25. The Source ago
26. Self-Discovery ago
27. Coming of Age ago
28. Like Herding Cats pt. 1 ago
29. Like Herding Cats Pt. 2 ago
30. Charm ago
31. Winternight ago
32. Old Money ago
33. The science of the Hunt ago
34. Ring Breaker ago
35. Blood Ties ago
36. Cloaks and Daggers ago
37. 1812, Overture. ago
38. Learning curve. ago
39. The Righteous One ago
40. Masquerade ago
41. Stand your ground. ago
42. The Cruel Seas ago
43. Confluence ago
44. Daydreaming ago
45. Embracing Modernity ago
46. The Eternal Game ago
47. Nemesis ago
48. Pyre of Dreams ago
49. The shadow over Marquette. ago
50. Under the Skin ago
51. Prince of Azure and Gold ago
52. Fate and Absurdity ago
??. Black and Red Healer ago
53. Three is a Crowd ago
54. Night-Owned Town ago
55. Sins. And explosions! ago
56. Preparations ago
57. The Beacon ago
58. The First Queen ago
59. Omen of the end. ago
60. Big Game Hunting ago
61. Before the Storm ago
62. Eneru ago
63. Reign of Blood ago
64. Knight Takes Queen. ago
65. Sur les Bords du Mississippi... ago
66. ... un alligator se tapit. ago
67. Expect the unexpected. ago
68. Dies Irae ago
69. Trial ago
70. Painful hearing. ago
Glossary. ago
71. House Nirari ago
72. All that Glitters ago
73. Mise en Abyme ago
74. Vernissage ago
75. Oh, the Binglery! ago
76. Finale ago
77. Wilhelm's Task ago
78. The Secret Task ago
79. Reception ago
80. Smoke and Mirrors ago
81. The Test ago
82. Pact. ago
83. Divide and Conquer ago
84. Bloody Games ago
85. The Library of Alexandria ago
86. Et tu, Brute? ago
87. State of Affairs ago
87.5 Unhinged ago
88. The Gathering Tide ago
89. Council ago
90. Northern Wind. ago
91. Horde ago
92. Call of Blood and Bone ago
93. The Smell of Victory. ago
94. The Die is Cast ago
95. Curtains ago
96. The Cubs ago
97. Takeover ago
98. Schooled ago
99. The Vampire's Best Tools. ago
100. Surprise! ago
101. Tempus Fugit ago
102. Home ago
103. Down she goes. ago
104. Warrens of the World ago
??. Back and Here Again. ago
That One Time I Was Involved In The Summoning Of the Selective Justice League Of Blood-Ash-Mango- ago
105. Trapped ago
106. End of the Line ago
107. Choosing sides ago
108. The Other Sphere ago
109. Hell's Gates ago
110. The Heart of the Nile ago
111. Blue ago
112. Third of her Line ago
113. Fist of the Drowned God ago
114. The Lost World ago
115. Otto ago

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The best a Vampire story can be

Reviewed at: 70. Painful hearing.

This reminds me of one of the first vampire books I ever read. I don't even remember the title anymore, just some faint outline of the story. It was nothing like Journey of Black and Red, but Journey still made me think back with nostalgia to that barely remembered book that I found in a library so long ago.

Why do I mention this? Because Journey is a story that is true to classic vampires. It reminds me of a time before Twilight. And I don't even really hate that one... Of course, I could list my problems with it for a long time, but I don't consider it the worst book/love story ever like some (that spot is reserved by 50 Shades of Grey).

I should probably start talking about Journey of Black and Red too, right? Maybe, but I'm sure there are many others who have done a much better job of that, than I ever could. So I guess, I will try to convey how I feel about it.

Ariane, the main character, is one of the most well crafted characters I've ever read. She struggles with herself, as she comes to terms with how much she changed. She tries to rebuild herself piece by piece, even as she knows that she is building something very different than what she originally was.

All the while we never forget that she is a vampire. It's clear in her thinking, and in her actions. Her instincts, how she keeps vampire traditions she never heard of. We know that she is not just a strong woman who requires regular blood transfusions because of a sickness. No, she is completely different. She is a vampire in every way.


Worthwhile and worth reading!

Reviewed at: 2. Jimena


This is the first time I've done a review, but I am really liking this story and feel that others should know of its worth.   If you want a story that is consistent in quality and updating, has an author that knows what they want to do with the story, who is doing a great job with what they are working with, then read A Journey of Black and Red.  Do note this does not have an OP protagonist, so heads up there if that is what you like to read. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 As of chapter 31 the author has done a good job of what i believe is working to set up some nice character growth to pave the way for future events i the story. And I am looking forward to where the story goes.

 Though i feel like i could have expressed my thoughts better, i sincerely hope you give this story a chance and a least read a little of it.


Honestly just a great vamp story.

Reviewed at: 31. Winternight

I regret yet am happy about how long it took me to take up this story. Both because it's so great.

"This is a story of vampires as I believe they should be." When the author said this I wasn't sure what to expect but even though it's not how I really perceived them it's definitely a good parallel and a great image of what they should be.

The upsides and downsides of vampirism are well handled here, and the way they're slowly expanded on and developed just makes things that much better. The glimpses of other manner of creatures along the way and how their cultures work are great showings of proper world building with the right level of show versus tell so that it doesn't get bogged down in exposition but it also doesn't weigh down the chapter by chapter happenings with too much interlaid details.

Ariane is a GREAT character, she wasn't exactly the 100% pure saint of a soul that tempers her new vampire self but she had her innocence and she had her principles. That, combined with meeting the right -and the wrong- people in her early vampirehood helped mold her character by letting her see who she wanted to be and who she didn't. From there she just created the method by which she would become that person and watching her try to stick to it with mixed success is a enjoyable journey.

The grammar is excellent and the prose competent. It draws you in by being not too plain but not excessively flowery or confusing either. Dramatic where it needs to be and blunt when necessary.


Honestly, just as said in the title, this is just a great vampire story.


A good story with an unusual writing style

Reviewed at: 28. Like Herding Cats pt. 1

At first I was a bit overwhelmed by the writing style and the usage of words such as "ubiquitous", "pugilist" and "praenomen". If I have to take time to search some words during the reading of a chapter, it would break the flow. Luckily this wasn't the case in later chapters. The chapters have some older words in them, but most are still well known, so I don't have to take time to search for them. I actually started liking the fact it's written in a more archaic style. Insults used in this story like harlot are more fun than insults such as slut. I like how the author has decided to bring back these old-fashioned insults. The style of writing itself is good too. Enough is described without getting boring.

The story itself is also very good. I'm sure everyone is familiar with the typical sparkling vampire plot, but the author has done a good job of writing a darker vampire story with interesting characters. I'm also happy the protagonist is a realistic woman. She doesn't fall in love with the first hunk, and is capable on her own. I'm also happy sensitive subjects such as rape are still touched upon in the story, since it's realistic for her to get unwanted advances from men. 

Overall, this story is very unique in its style and plot, I haven't seen anything like it online before, and I hope the author will keep continue updating the story!



 I have read lots of stories on this site, but this story stands out as one of the best. I am not really of fan of vampire fiction, but I was bored and saw it was trending so I gave it a chance. That was a VERY good decision.  Mecanimus is a very talented author and has created a believable 1800s setting and a main character that is very intresting that is finding her place in the world. The author has also avoided filling the story with info dumps that lesser authors on this site do way too much. If you are still reading this review, stop and start reading the story. You wont regret it!


Something new, exciting!

Reviewed at: 5. The Reveal

A promising start, I really like it!

Keep it up!!


Update 08/22/20: As right now all I can say is this is an amazing story. The story has developed quite nicely and smoothly.

Five stars for style

Five stars for story

Five stars for Grammar

Five stars for Character


This novel is the real deal guys. You should definitely read it or you're just missing out on such a thrilling story.


Amazing story, binged it over a week

Reviewed at: Glossary.

I heard about this story from the crossover April Fool's chapter with Azarinth Healer. So when I finished up the current chapters there, I gave this a read.

And it... Is GOOD. This novel is just nonstop action, character development, and lore. There are no stagnant parts. Every event has a purpose, there's no meaningless cliffhangers, every word is building towards something. This story was put together like a master builder putting together a clock, every piece fits together. 10/10

killer sannin

Not a vampire romance

Reviewed at: Glossary.

 Been reading and following this book since its inception on RR, and I must say this has got go be the best book on vampires on the internet in my opinions. I dont mind romance in my stoties but vampire fictions tend tl focus on it too much in tbis story its just a well done add on that doesnt drag the story down. Would reccommend to anyone whos looking for a really great story to read

Vedran Cutul

A very realistic story (as much as fantasy can be), with well developed characters and intriguing story.