A Journey of Black and Red

by Mecanimus

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Historical Female Lead Urban Fantasy Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Where am I? What is this! I... I don't remember anything. I am in chains? Why am I in chains?! And why am I so very...




This is a story of vampires as I believe they should be, with their strengths and weaknesses, with their remnants of humanity and the beast inside. Updates every Friday. Mind the tags. 

Cover by Antti Hakosaari: https://www.artstation.com/haco

Special thanks to Svensonsen for getting me started, as well as Omi Nya, Jemima, my patrons and you dear readers, for the support.

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Word Count (14)
15 Reviews
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Cruel Genesis ago
2. Jimena ago
3. False Haven ago
4. The seed of Discord ago
5. The Reveal ago
6. Uprooted ago
7. Servitude ago
8. Outside ago
9. A casual visit ago
10. No rest for the wicked ago
11. The Gauntlet ago
12. Acte I, scène finale ago
13. Homeward ago
14. Roadside snacks ago
15. Reap what you sow ago
16. Marsh March ago
17. Loth of Skoragg's offer. ago
18. Six Months Later ago
19. A gentleman and a scholar ago
20. The Pursuer and the Pursued ago
21. Murder of Crows ago
22. The Waiting Maw ago
23. Into the Heart ago
24. Valor ago
25. The Source ago
26. Self-Discovery ago
27. Coming of Age ago
28. Like Herding Cats pt. 1 ago
29. Like Herding Cats Pt. 2 ago
30. Charm ago
31. Winternight ago
32. Old Money ago
33. The science of the Hunt ago
34. Ring Breaker ago
35. Blood Ties ago
36. Cloaks and Daggers ago
37. 1812, Overture. ago
38. Learning curve. ago
39. The Righteous One ago
40. Masquerade ago
41. Stand your ground. ago
42. The Cruel Seas ago
43. Confluence ago
44. Daydreaming ago
45. Embracing Modernity ago
46. The Eternal Game ago
47. Nemesis ago
48. Pyre of Dreams ago
49. The shadow over Marquette. ago
50. Under the Skin ago
51. Prince of Azure and Gold ago
52. Fate and Absurdity ago
??. Black and Red Healer ago
53. Three is a Crowd ago
54. Night-Owned Town ago
55. Sins. And explosions! ago
56. Preparations ago
57. The Beacon ago
58. The First Queen ago
59. Omen of the end. ago
60. Big Game Hunting ago
61. Before the Storm ago
62. Eneru ago
63. Reign of Blood ago
64. Knight Takes Queen. ago
65. Sur les Bords du Mississippi... ago
66. ... un alligator se tapit. ago
67. Expect the unexpected. ago
68. Dies Irae ago
69. Trial ago
70. Painful hearing. ago
Glossary. ago
71. House Nirari ago
72. All that Glitters ago

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I'm not a fan of Vampires but damn.

Reviewed at: 27. Coming of Age

I went with this story because of the good rating because just the word vampire usually makes me shy away but this a really good surprise.

Your writing is really good and your characters develop well but most of all it's the storyline in general that I find captivating. The fact that there is very few bar none grammar mistakes makes it all the more enjoyable.

Thanks a lot and I hope to be able to read your story for still quite while !

  • Overall Score

This is fantastic. I hope that when the author finishes this story or has written enough for the first book that they put this up on KU or something similar so that more people can read this.

  • Overall Score

All the other reviews are five stars

Reviewed at: 26. Self-Discovery

 And it certainly deserves it. Read it.

A well written compelling story.

  • Overall Score

Something new, exciting!

Reviewed at: 5. The Reveal

A promising start, I really like it!

Keep it up!!

  • Overall Score

Amazing Story All Around

Reviewed at: 71. House Nirari

One of the best stories I ever read. The main character is touching, fun, and savage all at the same time. The world feel alive, gritty and well put together . The secondary characters are generally amazing and unique. 

The story itself is great. There is combat, politics, Manipulation, Magic, Monsters, Humor but also just people being people. There are untones of Lovecraftian horror (as if I couldn't like this story) , half dread, half awe inspiring . 

And no oversexualization which is a welcome first  for  a vampire story.

As a non English reader (French), it was easy to read, and it felt like really fluid writing. 

Without a doubt my favorite on RR. Actually made me go on patreon because this is the kind of story that makes me laugh, dream and desperately wait for the next chapter. 

killer sannin
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Not a vampire romance

Reviewed at: Glossary.

 Been reading and following this book since its inception on RR, and I must say this has got go be the best book on vampires on the internet in my opinions. I dont mind romance in my stoties but vampire fictions tend tl focus on it too much in tbis story its just a well done add on that doesnt drag the story down. Would reccommend to anyone whos looking for a really great story to read

  • Overall Score
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Absolutely wonderful

Reviewed at: Glossary.

One of the best, if not THE best web fic I've had the pleasure of reading.

 Great characters, great writing, great story. I honestly suck at writing reviews so I'll just say: Thank you, Mecanimus, for making this masterpiece that made me fall in love with vampires all over again. Truly it is refreshing to find a piece of vampire themed fiction that isn't either dark and depressing all the way or some trashy romance that makes me want to puke rainbows. Or both! 

Anyway give it a read, you don't need to be a fan of vampires to fall in love with it.

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This one should go the distance

Reviewed at: 27. Coming of Age

Excellence in motion, well formed characters, decently laid plot, detailed and rich world are the main characteristics of this story.  Nothing to complain about or find wanting.  It fits the tags like a glove and yet blossoms into more.  It has been a long time since I've read a good vampire novel.

  • Overall Score


Reviewed at: 24. Valor

This is the vampires i have been looking for the last manny years, I love it!

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  • Grammar Score
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Simply amazing vampire story

Reviewed at: 53. Three is a Crowd

I think it would suffice to say that I pledged my support on patron after the first 60 chapters. But for anybody that would require a more comprehensive review, I will try my best at highlighting what makes this novel great, not perfect, but great. 

First of all, it gets better the more the story goes on, style wise, story telling wise, character and world building wise as well as plot wise. There are some less engaging and duller parts, though I dare say this is highly subjective, but the more the story progresses and the more polished everything feels.

I will try to keep this spoiler free, but in case I should fail in this endeavor, beware. You have been warned. 

Now into the heart of the matter. The start of the novel is a solid 10/10, the perspective chosen for it is great : not only does it allow you to share in the MC disorientation but it still lets you keep a comfortable distance that permits a wider understanding of what is going on. The result is the acute consciousness of the MC's predicament as well as a fair understanding of the general situation. It is so engaging and high in emotions that the end of the introductory arc left the second arc tasting blander than it should have for its overall quality.

For the characters, well, the MC isn't overtly original in its base model, though the coloring added and backstory give her unique quirks and peculiarities that make her either amusing to outright hilarious to simply badass as death, without falling into simplicity through the addition of obstructions and adversity throughout the entire story. All of that being masterfully thought through and brought to life by Mecanimus' incredibly elegant and refined writing style (did I mention it gets better the more you read.

Side characters are like-wise purposefully introduced and developed in such a way that you never find yourself wanting for more neither being fed up with anyone of the characters. Every arc finds closure, every character serves a complex purpose by the intricate but subtle development of personalities, little by little bringing you to a better understanding of everyone of them. I should also mention that the world-building is so well done that it feeds itself further. Indeed, the characters are never one-sided or simplistic and can always make a come back to bring more life and depth to the story and serve as highlights for newer characters.


The magic is soft, it is not clearly defined (as of yet) what it can and cannot do, yet it is powerful to be sure, and takes part in the story as one more element to a deep and complex world. Nor overpowered neither feeble, it is perfectly balanced, depending heavily on the user to determine the height it reaches.

It is overall a great vampire story, punctuated by many references to various subjects, be it litterature, language, civilisations, history of which the accuracy deepens that much more the immersion.

The vampire side of it leaves nothing to be desired and avoids cliché and overused tropes, but I will let you discover for yourself what it really means to be gifted eternal life, in this superbly reconstructed 19th century.