A Journey of Black and Red

by Mecanimus

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Where am I? What is this! I... I don't remember anything. I am in chains? Why am I in chains?! And why am I so very...




This is a story of vampires as I believe they should be, with their strengths and weaknesses, with their remnants of humanity and the beast inside. Updates every Friday. Mind the tags. 

Cover by Antti Hakosaari: https://www.artstation.com/haco

Special thanks to Svensonsen for getting me started, as well as Omi Nya, Jemima, my patrons and you dear readers, for the support.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Cruel Genesis ago
2. Jimena ago
3. False Haven ago
4. The seed of Discord ago
5. The Reveal ago
6. Uprooted ago
7. Servitude ago
8. Outside ago
9. A casual visit ago
10. No rest for the wicked ago
11. The Gauntlet ago
12. Acte I, scène finale ago
13. Homeward ago
14. Roadside snacks ago
15. Reap what you sow ago
16. Marsh March ago
17. Loth of Skoragg's offer. ago
18. Six Months Later ago
19. A gentleman and a scholar ago
20. The Pursuer and the Pursued ago
21. Murder of Crows ago
22. The Waiting Maw ago
23. Into the Heart ago
24. Valor ago
25. The Source ago
26. Self-Discovery ago
27. Coming of Age ago
28. Like Herding Cats pt. 1 ago
29. Like Herding Cats Pt. 2 ago
30. Charm ago
31. Winternight ago
32. Old Money ago
33. The science of the Hunt ago
34. Ring Breaker ago
35. Blood Ties ago
36. Cloaks and Daggers ago
37. 1812, Overture. ago
38. Learning curve. ago
39. The Righteous One ago
40. Masquerade ago
41. Stand your ground. ago
42. The Cruel Seas ago
43. Confluence ago
44. Daydreaming ago
45. Embracing Modernity ago
46. The Eternal Game ago
47. Nemesis ago
48. Pyre of Dreams ago
49. The shadow over Marquette. ago
50. Under the Skin ago
51. Prince of Azure and Gold ago
52. Fate and Absurdity ago
??. Black and Red Healer ago
53. Three is a Crowd ago
54. Night-Owned Town ago
55. Sins. And explosions! ago
56. Preparations ago
57. The Beacon ago
58. The First Queen ago
59. Omen of the end. ago
60. Big Game Hunting ago
61. Before the Storm ago
62. Eneru ago
63. Reign of Blood ago
64. Knight Takes Queen. ago
65. Sur les Bords du Mississippi... ago
66. ... un alligator se tapit. ago
67. Expect the unexpected. ago
68. Dies Irae ago
69. Trial ago
70. Painful hearing. ago
Glossary. ago
71. House Nirari ago
72. All that Glitters ago
73. Mise en Abyme ago
74. Vernissage ago
75. Oh, the Binglery! ago
76. Finale ago
77. Wilhelm's Task ago
78. The Secret Task ago
79. Reception ago
80. Smoke and Mirrors ago
81. The Test ago
82. Pact. ago
83. Divide and Conquer ago
84. Bloody Games ago
85. The Library of Alexandria ago
86. Et tu, Brute? ago
87. State of Affairs ago
87.5 Unhinged ago
88. The Gathering Tide ago
89. Council ago
90. Northern Wind. ago
91. Horde ago
92. Call of Blood and Bone ago
93. The Smell of Victory. ago
94. The Die is Cast ago
95. Curtains ago
96. The Cubs ago
97. Takeover ago
98. Schooled ago
99. The Vampire's Best Tools. ago
100. Surprise! ago
101. Tempus Fugit ago
102. Home ago
103. Down she goes. ago
104. Warrens of the World ago
??. Back and Here Again. ago
That One Time I Was Involved In The Summoning Of the Selective Justice League Of Blood-Ash-Mango- ago
105. Trapped ago
106. End of the Line ago
107. Choosing sides ago
108. The Other Sphere ago
109. Hell's Gates ago
110. The Heart of the Nile ago
111. Blue ago
112. Third of her Line ago
113. Fist of the Drowned God ago
114. The Lost World ago
115. Otto ago

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A great journey trough XIX century America with Ariane,  a newborn vampire coming to terms with her new reality.

The writing immediately draws you into this world, familiar yet different, managing to acomodate both great characters and an interesting plot, as Ariane struggles to find her place in it.



What I find most unsatisfactory in most novels in RR is that the autor trying to force a moral code to the protagonist alien to the enviroment and the rest of the plot revolve around making sure the protagonist is rewarded because of it. Transforming the world in a idiotic manner (Like not kiling goblins or some shit like that) You won't get it here. The protagonist kill and shit happens with her or with those around her.

The plot develops in a nice pace, the enviroment and the condiction of the mc dictates her actions in a natural way. There is no presure to keep the time from flowing, and years pass between arcs(this is a vampire story, no need to overthink time). The sidecharacters come and go and are not forced to keep orbting around the mc, they have their own agenda and act accordingly to their own interest. The mc do good but not in a completely selfless way.

The chapters are well writen and are released in a steady pace, if you are looking for a novel to apreciate, go for it.


I am disappointed. Not by the quality of the authors work, but at the lack of chapters. I have a Thirst that cannot be sated now, and suffer greatly for it. On a more serious note, this story is amazing. It offers a very unique experience that other stories, both on this site and others, will be hard pressed to match.


A delightfully refreshing story. Like a cold Coca-Cola on a hot summer day. 


Man am I thirsty now.



RR wants me to write 200 characters, so I guess I'll give it a go. This story is not your typical RR story. In an age of overt LitRPG, this story shines with its subtleness. The author doesn't tell us what time period it is, who the main character is, nor much else really. However, he shows us. Through vocabulary, sentence structure, mannerisms, and all sorts of subtle shenanigans.


Hats off. 5/5


This story is well deserving of all the praise and hype surrounding it. It is so rare to find a novel that has such a unique yet familiar setting an style. It somehow manages to draw out all of the romanticism of the early 1800's Americas while still presenting its flaws. It finds a way to mix the bloodthirst monsters of Dracula with our modern twist of the heroic villan in a way that (at least for me) wonderfuly blends all the most interesting traits of vampires archaic and modern alike. 

Read this book. You will not regret it.


Beautifully written, engaging, solid character-focused piece. Intense, passionate, pacing is excellent. Your take on the time period and supernatural elements are inspired. Some elements perhaps a little too into it for my tastes, but whatever. 

Stumbled on this by Read Random, binged it, loved it. I look forward to your future work, and thank you for posting.


A delightful treat!

Reviewed at: Glossary.

The Journey of Black and Red is a story about a young girl named Ariane that has been turned into a Vampire. The story is a Dark Tale, and those trigger warnings are serious. The story churns your gut and makes you extremely uncomfortable in the first arc, yet that is the exact reason why I believe people should read this. It makes you connect to tragedy, to cruelty, and to the vicious nature that permeates Vampire society and it is oh so thrilling. 

The First Arc is a survival story, and it is dark, gruesome, demeaning, and generally extremely uncomfortable as you watch her struggle against her fate. Yet, later on, when you see her succeed, the joy, the relief, the comfort, the victory is all the sweeter. 

This story is weird in that it stars at the darkest moments the series has to offer, and the first arc is a struggle against your queasy gut to read through, yet, I implore you to read on, because the story is not about struggle itself, it is also about victory. 

The second arc and onwards have a much more light tone and you get to explore the world with Ariane as she travels around the world on her escapades. 

The World itself is 1800s Earth, and with the lifespan of a Vampire, we get to explore a lot of historical moments and how they translate into the fantasy setting. Personally I find myself excited for the 1900s and WW1 and WW2 to see how things will be when we get that far in the timeline (if we get that far in the timeline). Seeing the historical society mix in with our fantasy one I can only be in awe at the mastery with which it has been accomplished. No complaints there. 

The Characters are one of the strongest points of the story: From the first page itself you will find yourself drawn in by the dialogue. With an extremely well fleshed out personality we get to see her struggle in accepting her new reality and how she changes over time. Growing, learning, improving. The side characters also have extremely interesting personalities and overall it is the force that drives the stories (along with a masterfully planned plot and exciting events of course). 

The Way that Vampires were handled is also something I find myself taking points from. The Bestial nature, the unique language, the various unique body language, and traits bring to life a fantasy creature of the night in their full glory. I love how each vampire feels like a person of themselves and does not instead succumb to a stereotypical vampire role instead. That along with the struggle of the Thirst and her predatory nature as a vampire it is oh so well done and a treat to read. 

The only thing I can think that I can complain about is that the pace feels off sometimes and that is very rare. 

Overall a Must-Read for those that can handle the first Arc.

TL;DR Give it a try.


Fascinating, alluring and addictive

Reviewed at: 26. Self-Discovery

This story hits all the right places for me, but the best parts are the vampires and the protagonist. The vampires are portrayed as true monsters, they are mysterious and frightening in their nature, not just their supernatural powers.

The protagonist is lovable and believable. I found myself giggling reading her thoughts on her circumstances. 

And the author’s style is unique and quite enjoyable.

To sum up, the story is great, the characters are fun, go read it :3


The first chapter read in a very stiffly structured manner and put me off initially, but rapidly improved after. I ended up rationalising it as her being in her drone state.

I binged this story in a couple days. Worth reading, especially if you're looking for a decent vampire story. So far no romance, thankfully, and if there is later on it seems unlikely to be a focus.

My only complaint would be how the main character seems to morph, personality-wise, immediately after her time in servitude in a way that felt a tad forced. I'm looking forward to following this story though.

Update: This story has been worth the Patreon subscription.


High quality vampire story

Reviewed at: 26. Self-Discovery

It's one of the better things on RoyalRoad, a really fun read.  I just read the whole thing in one sitting. If you haven't read it yet, I absolutely do reccomend that you take the time to do so. 10/10 would reread