Atros Imperium

by Terry78

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Harem Magic Supernatural

Anton Thorn died in an incident of his own creation, his body torn and shredded to pieces.

Yet death and eternal rest did not await him. Gods, from another world, took his soul along many others to their world to fight an overwhelming and impossible foe.

By chance and oversight his soul was missed by the gods, his soul destined to remain in limbo and torment for all eterinity. A few weak and desperate gods took a chance with him and brought him through to their world.

Now sent far away from the battle, in his original body, to a small village in the husk of a dead kingdom. It is now up to him to restore the Kingdom and fight off anything that would threaten him or those he loves; be they human, beast, monster or hero.


---[Cover art by ssddx]---

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Word Count (18)
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Table of Contents
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Chapter 000: Prologue ago
Chapter 001 ago
Chapter 002 ago
Chapter 003 ago
Chapter 004 ago
Chapter 005 ago
Chapter 006 ago
Chapter 007 ago
Chapter 008 ago
Chapter 009 ago
Chapter 010 ago
Chapter 011 ago
Chapter 012 ago
Chapter 013 ago
Chapter 014 ago
Chapter 015 ago
Chapter 015.5 ago
Chapter 016 ago
Chapter 017 ago
Chapter 018 ago
Chapter 019 ago
Chapter 020 ago
Chapter 021 - Preperations (V.2) ago
Chapter 022 - The Forest's Secrets ago
Chapter 023 - The Outer Heart of Maxill ago
Chapter 024 - The Righteous Path ago
Chapter 025 - New Tension ago
Chapter 026 - Kal and Gods ago
Chapter 027 - Kobolds ago
Chapter 028 - Strike ago
Chapter 029 - Accelerated Plans ago
Chapter 030 - Respite ago
Chapter 031 - The Last Night ago
Chapter 032 - Maxill Reborn ago
Chapter 033 - A Change of Heart ago
Announcement ago
Chapter 034 - The Home Front ago
Chapter 035 - Siege and Revelation ago
Chapter 036 - Returning to Carnage ago
Chapter 037 - Cleaning Up ago
Chapter 038 - The Calm Night ago
Chapter 039 - Nithroel ago
Chapter 040 - Planning for the Future ago
Chapter 041 - Laying down the Law ago
Chapter 042 - The First Test ago
Chapter 043 - Cave of the Past ago
Chapter 044 - A short and Bloody Trial ago
Chapter 045 - Administration ago
Chapter 046 - Down to the Depths ago
Chapter 047 - Barred ago
Chapter 048 - Venom Tipped ago
Chapter 049 - Determinant Decision ago
Chapter 050 - Warcamp ago
Chapter 051 - Payments of all Kinds ago
Chapter 052 - Counterattack ago
Chapter 053 - Clogging Meat ago
Chapter 054 - Gravestone ago
Chapter 055 - Into the Heart ago
Chapter 056 - Charmed ago
Chapter 057 - Smoky Dust ago
Chapter 058 - Old tricks ago
Chapter 059 - Heart ago
Chapter 060 - Bonds ago
Chapter 061 - Questioning ago
Chapter 062 - Knight Order ago
Chapter 063 - The King's Justice ago
Chapter 064 - Family ago
Chapter 065 - Embers of Alliance ago
Chapter 066 - To the Future ago
Chapter 067 - The New Heroes Pt.1 ago
Maps and Images ago
Chapter 068. Vol 3 - Rings and Sand ago
Chapter 069. Vol 3 - Blessed ago
Chapter 070. Vol 3 - Hints and Whispers ago
Chapter 071. Vol 3 - Confusion ago
Chapter 072. Vol 3 - Provincial Lands ago
Chapter 073. Vol 3 - Yellow, Blue and Red ago
Chapter 074. Vol 3 - Weathered Thin ago
Chapter 075. Vol 3 - Changes ago
Chapter 076. Vol 3 - (Interlude) - Iron Links ago
Chapter 077. Vol 3 - (Interlude) - Frozen Stone ago
Chapter 078. Vol 3 - (Interlude) - The New Heroes Pt.2 ago
Chapter 079. Vol 3 - (Interlude) - Abuse of Faith ago
Announcment (Not a cancellation) ago
Chapter 080. Vol 3 - Entry ago
Chapter 081. Vol 3 - Leather and Bands ago
Chapter 082. Vol 3 - Meaty Kebabs ago
Chapter 083. Vol 3 - Enchantments, Clothing & Supplies ago
Chapter 084. Vol 3 - Road to Battle ago
Chapter 085. Vol 3 - Fort Acidava ago
Chapter 086. Vol 3 - Fire, Water, Iron and Gold ago
Chapter 087. Vol 3 - Into the Breach ago
Christmas update ago
Chapter 088. Vol 3 - Six Weeping Eyes ago
Chapter 089. Vol 3 - Lord Cassius ago
Chapter 090. Vol 3 - Strega ago
Chapter 091. Vol 3 - Smoulder ago
Chapter 092. Vol 3 - Curses and Prayer ago
Chapter 093. Vol 3 - (Interlude) - Misplaced Trust ago
Chapter 094. Vol 3 - (Interlude) - Centaur’s Countermeasure ago
Chapter 095. Vol 3 - (Interlude) - By the Holy Father! ago
A Brief Reflection (Not a cancellation) ago
Chapter 96. Vol 3 - A Moment to Sit ago
Chapter 97. Vol 3 - Crossing the River ago
Chapter 98. Vol 3 - Break Away ago
Chapter 99. Vol 3 - Rusaddir and The Snowberry ago
Chapter 100. Vol 3 - Danafra ago
Chapter 101. Vol 3 - Legal Rescue ago
Chapter 102. Vol 3 - Beast-kin in the Shadows ago
Chapter 103. Vol 3 - (Interlude) - Thessos ago
Chapter 104. Vol 3 - (Interlude) - The Ancient Oak's Defenders ago
Chapter 105. Vol 3 - (Interlude) - Infiltration ago
Chapter 106. Vol 3 - Dragon Tooth Bay ago
Chapter 107. Vol 3 - Storm over Ruins ago
Chapter 108. Vol 3 - Safety ago
Chapter 109. Vol 3 - (Interlude) - Soulthor's Fate ago
Quick Update ago
Chapter 110 Pt.1 - Vol 4 - Good Tidings ago
Chapter 110 Pt.2 - Vol 4 - Good Tidings ago
Chapter 111 - Vol 4 - Weapons of the Old Gods ago
Chapter 112 - Vol 4 - Vision and Sight Restored ago
Chapter 113 Pt.1 - Vol 4 - Clutching ago
Chapter 113 Pt.2 - Vol 4 - Clutching ago
Chapter 114 - Vol 4 - Spinning and Writhing ago
Chapter 115 - Vol 4 - Tranquil Days ago
Chapter 116 - Vol 4 - Porous ago
Chapter 117 Pt.1 - Vol 4 - Cooperation ago
Chapter 117 Pt.2 - Vol 4 - Cooperation ago
Chapter 118 Pt.1 - Vol 4 - Groundwork for Depature ago
Chapter 118 Pt.2 - Vol 4 - Groundwork for Depature ago
Chapter 119 Pt.1 - Vol 4 - (Interlude) - Qaiviel in Flames ago
Chapter 119 Pt.2 - Vol 4 - (Interlude) - Qaiviel in Flames ago
Chapter 119 Pt.3 - Vol 4 - (Interlude) - Qaiviel in Flames ago
Chapter 120 - Vol 4 - Balefire Mine ago
Chapter 121 - Vol 4 - The White Realm ago
Chapter 122 - Vol 4 - (Interlude) - Blood Drenched Snow ago
Chapter 123 - Vol 4 - Jaka ago
Chapter 124 - Vol 4 - The Basilisk Swamp ago
Chapter 125 - Vol 4 - Learning ago
Chapter 126 - Vol 4 - The Roiling Waves ago
Chapter 127 - Vol 4 - First Batch ago
Chapter 128 Pt.1 - Vol 4 - The Calm ago
Chapter 128 Pt.2 - Vol 4 - Before the Storm ago
Chapter 129 - Vol 4 - The Shadow Isles ago
Chapter 130 - Vol 4 - Mist Walkers ago
Chapter 131 - Vol 4 - Rumble in the Forest ago
Chapter 132 - Vol 4 - First Battle in The Shadows ago
Chapter 133 - Vol 4 - Maxill & Gresir ago
Chapter 134 - Vol 4 - Pushing Forward ago
Chapter 135 Pt.1 - Vol 4 - Spiteful Elders ago
Chapter 135 Pt.2 - Vol 4 - Spiteful Elders ago
Chapter 136 - Vol 4 - Beasts in the Dream ago
Chapter 137 - Vol 4 - Shadows in the Sand ago
Chapter 138 - Vol 4 - The Green Moon ago
Chapter 139 - Vol 4 - Respite ago
Chapter 140 - Vol 4 - Quick Foray ago
Chapter 141 Pt.1 - Vol 4 - Strike in the Darkness ago
Chapter 141 Pt.2 - Vol 4 - Strike in the Darkness ago
Chapter 141 Pt.3 - Vol 4 - Strike in the Darkness ago
Chapter 142 - Vol 4 - Castle Etoile ago
Chapter 143 - Vol 4 - King Leo's First Battle ago
Chapter 144 - Vol 4 - Silver ago
Chapter 145 - Vol 4 - King and Key ago
Chapter 146 Pt.1 - Vol 4 - The King's Subterfuge ago
Chapter 146 Pt.2 - Vol 4 - The King's Subterfuge ago
Chapter 147 - Vol 4 - Light Surgery ago
Chapter 148 - Vol 4 - Clausonne in Reach ago
Chapter 149 - Vol 4 - Cardinal's Gambit ago
Chapter 150 - Vol 4 - All Hail the King! ago
Chapter 151 - Vol 4 - Closing Evening ago
Chapter 152 - Vol 4 - Troubling Dreams ago
Chapter 153 - Vol 4 - The Qaiviel Kingdom ago
Chapter 154 Pt.1 - Vol 4 - Ripples of Qaiviel ago
Chapter 154 Pt.2 - Vol 4 - Ripples of Qaiviel ago
Chapter 155 - Vol 4 - (Interlude) - The Home Front ago
Chapter 156 - Vol 4 - (Interlude) - Dancing Deers ago
Chapter 157 - Vol 4 - (Interlude) - Growing Turbulence ago
Chapter 158 - Vol 4 - Storm Strider's Treasures ago
Chapter 159 - Vol 4 - Diamonds in the rough ago
Chapter 160 - Vol 4 - Last Gasp ago
Chapter 161 - Vol 4 - Twin Resolutions ago
Chapter 162 - Vol 4 - Red Spines ago
Chapter 163 - Vol 4 - (Interlude) - Flidhor's Frozen Prize ago
Chapter 164 - Vol 4 - (Interlude) - The New Heroes Pt. 3 ago
Chapter 165 - Vol 4 - The Pantheon ago
Update! ago
Chapter 166 - Vol 5 - Into the Depths Again ago
Chapter 167 - Vol 5 - The Royal Academy ago
Chapter 168 - Vol 5 - Alcanares, the Bebbezzar Port City ago
Chapter 169 - Vol 5 - The Burning Light ago
Chapter 170 - Vol 5 - Mezot's new spell ago
Chapter 171 - Vol 5 - The Dwarven Isles ago
Chapter 172 - Vol 5 - Chirok Scouting ago
Chapter 173 - Vol 5 - Seocuria's Long Vigil ago
Chapter 174 - Vol 5 - Brutal Measures ago
Chapter 175 - Vol 5 - The First Principle Mage ago
Chapter 176 - Vol 5 - A Brief Wander ago
Chapter 177 - Vol 5 - The Cold Winds ago
Chapter 178 - Vol 5 - Balefire Mine ago
Chapter 179 - Vol 5 - Surdon, Heart of the Infestation ago
Chapter 180 - Vol 5 - Disconcerting Dwarves ago
Chapter 181 - Vol 5 - Prototyping ago
Chapter 182 - Vol 5 - A Bodyguard's Secret ago
Chapter 183 - Vol 5 - Worthless Paper ago
Chapter 184 - Vol 5 - Thundering Hooves ago
Chapter 185 - Vol 5 - Khan ago
Chapter 186 - Vol 5 - Mezot's Concerns ago
Chapter 187 - Vol 5 - The Burning Light ago
Chapter 188 - Vol 5 - Mezot's Confirmation ago
Chapter 189 - Vol 5 - Outpost ago
Chapter 190 - Vol 5 - Feudal Land ago
Chapter 191 - Vol 5 - Revolutionaries (And a little extra surprise) ago
Chapter 192 - Vol 5 - Thessos ago
Chapter 193 - Vol 5 - (Interlude) - Ivano's Troubles ago
Chapter 194 - Vol 5 - (Interlude) - The Cardinal's Work ago
Chapter 195 - Vol 5 - (Interlude) - Sally's Resolve ago
Chapter 196 - Vol 5 - Resolving Thessos ago
Chapter 197 - Vol 5 - Dwarven Orthodoxy ago
Chapter 198 - Vol 5 - Imperial Decree ago
Chapter 199 - Vol 5 - Imperial Debut ago

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  • Overall Score

I like the idea behind it but the execution is, lacking.

Reviewed at: Chapter 96. Vol 3 - A Moment to Sit

I've read this story until chapter 100 by the time I write this review. The beginning was rough but interesting. The story definitely needs polishing, grammar fixes, etc but could be quite good once that is done. 

The reason for the low score here is trifold, the characters, the absolutely glacial progress, and the authors lack of knowledge on some very important aspects of developing a city much less an Imperium and the things required for it. 

Spoiler: Spoiler


  • Overall Score

The story and the people are far too simple. Ok, guy gets thrown to a medieval setting and is given leader position for no particular reason that is fine. What isn't fine is how people are portrayed as idiots. Build a wall, use stone instead of wood and store food are all things any commoner would know about in ancient times but for some reason, the people in this story need to be told. 

Prasant Mehata
  • Overall Score

 Well.I continued till ch88.but now it has become boring..MC is I think an idiot..He has forgotten many things he said he would do...Also not creative with magic.. Doesn't even experiment or think new ways of applying "magic"... and really marriage...Not even a year of story build up..

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I'm not one for long reviews, so I'll say this: 4 years and 5,000 pages later and there is ZERO sign of an 'imperium'. The plot needs a lot more direction, and at this point I don't think it will get it.

The Bus Lurker
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

If you've read the Daniel Black stuff, you'll like this fic.

 The premise of the story is another transported to another world. The MC has the typical unlimited potential to work magic. For me the story is an okay read, or average. The setting is really interesting, the situation the mc is thrown into while not unique is still interesting. The author could use an editor, as there are many words that do not fit into context, but were not caught by auto correct because the filler words are actual words, just like i said taken out of context.

I do however have three strong gripes with the story overall. 1, the connection to the gods is very sketchy, and the first couple of chapters are a little hard to follow, and in general uninteresting. 2, after one display of power, nearly killing himself in the process, the villagers follow the mc with stunning devotion. It's clear that he has very little to no grasp over magic, and has just about no memories about anything. Yet a group of 1000 people follow him, about 9.9/10 of them blindingly. The MC has some sound ideas, but to bumpkin villagers who only know farming, how would they know a good idea that the mc offers from a bad idea? The MC almost kills a dozen villagers with his magic, and it's not even addressed by the villagers, excuse me?!?! My third gripe is the characters. They're all flat. Jeff "trains the people how to fight" excuse me, a guy who has been in "a few scraps" is teaching people how to kill how to use a pitchfork or spear to fight? And he does a damn good job of it! WTF! The MC is rescued by a girl. Okay, but for reasons, she now lives in his room, and travels by his side for everything. Uhhh what? The MC talks with the village chief about people doing something productive for the village, and she literally does nothing. She trains with a spear in the mornings, and just recently started to do so. The MC refers to her as being the first real guard the village has seen in years. Yeah okay, keep thinking with your dick. The MC jumps straight into the defense of the city, and doesn't have a personality. He's just a person that goes along with situations, a person who describes himself as a loner, and is then a leader, and feels natural in 2 days. The village is too unrealistic for me, and that laddies and gentleman is what grinds my gears.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Excellent Story - A Must Follow

This is a fascinating rendition of the popular "transported/reincarnated" story template. As the synopsis denotes, the MC is transported separately from a group of souls that died during a busing accident(?). Potential readers, please be advised that it does not follow the "LitRPG" style of game windows and all that. However, it doesn't suffer in the slightest. I'd recommend you pick up this work. Few chapters, but their lengths are substantial.


After some typical god meeting shenanigans, he wakes up in the middle of a town that is currently being swarmed by goblin-esque creatures. From there, it's a fast paced headlong dive into the state of affairs for the town that is on the brink of ruin. 


This in itself (besides the sheer quality of the writing) was what hooked me. While there is a typical "summoning" that our MC missed, we get to stay away from the stereotypical political and training issues of being summoned and we instead are thrust into a more basebuilding plot  that's centered around a localized community vs. monsters defense scenario. I love it. All the while, you still stay true to advancing the MC and giving him bursts of insight to increase his control and understanding of the magic he was gifted by the gods.  


Your grammar, diction, and sentence structure are all excellent besides some occasional typos and punctuation misses. There is one habit of yours that I should comment on, ( it's one that lots of authors on the site are guilty of) and that would be the tendency to split up dialogue from supporting actions. I understand the need to separate dialogue of course in certain cases, but when you do it too much, it produces a typewriter style of reading for the audience. If you want an example, look towards the beginning of Chapter 8. It's a stylistic thing too of course, but I'd recommend being more intentional with your paragraph construction as it possesses better reading flow and would be easier on your readers. The only reason I bother mentioning it is because you're a good enough author that I can only recommend polishing tweaks.


The last thing I want to comment on is how much of a love/hate relationship I have with how much you keep us in the dark about characters' back story(*cough*Verona and Jeffrey*cough*). After all the times I've been shot in the heart by authors on this site when it comes to romance, I can't help but imagine the worst case scenario until everything has been explicitly fleshed out.  This is just a personal aside, and it has no bearing on my rating. Otherwise, I applaud the suspense as it adds a lot to the story.


Here's to hoping that you can continue to write regularly as I am certainly going to be following your tale!

  • Overall Score

I've dropped the story after Chapter 11. Chapter 1 with the introduction was fine/good and made me interested, everything after went downhill. Honestly, the author has ok grammar and sentence structuring. Although sometimes it can get annoying when you've read "allot" a lot of times.

Spoilers up till Chapter 11, personal opinion. Super honest. 

No my real gripe is that I couldn't enjoy the story enough to continue reading. Too many flaws. Most issues for me are story related:

  • At some point the MC is the new leader and it's not explained why the new guy (MC) that randomly appeared is in charge of the village. They know nothing about the guy except he has 0 memories and he is supposedly a mage. Why, would you put him in charge? Someone would need to earn leadership, it's not freely given. Either through respect, force, etcetera. No, casting 1 spell isn't enough to earn leadership. They don't know if the guy is even a fine leader, they only know he can cast spells.
  • The main character shouldn't just accept his new position either. If someone randomly hands it over to you, shouldn't you feel wary if there's any catch? Why give the position in the first place to him and why does he not ask why it's given to him?
  • The romance feels forced. The female character with silver hair randomly appears and starts following him. And from one point to another, suddenly she's stuck with him and he's just ok with it. There's no in-between, there is zero build up and no reasoning given why both are fine with it up till this point.
  • The antagonist I read is 100% delusional and 100% evil. There is no real motive here other than greed for power. If you read american comics such as Batman or Spiderman etcetera. Usually the antagonists have better fleshed out stories than the main character themselves. Nope, not this guy. He started a cult and we don't even know how he managed to make people believe in him. Sure, when an outsider looks at a cult, it's obvious it is a cult and they're doing lots of weird stuff.. Whereas the people inside the cult aren't aware of it. But the way this cult is being run, he's not even remotely smart and I don't even get why everyone is following him.
  • All characters are flat. We barely know anything about anyone other than the MC and we even don't know much about the MC himself. Almost no character building. There's only power building and low-key levelling I suppose.
  • There is no mentioning of any cultural differences which you would think there are in a different country/world/fantasy etc.
  • Informal speech is being used, a lot. In situations where it doesn't make much sense.

As you can see what I'm pointing at. I need to jump through too many hoops in order to enjoy the story. Chapter 1 was fine and everything went downhill afterwards. No world-building, no character-building, flat characters. There are too many flaws in the way the story is currently structured.

Honestly I'm only pointing out the bad stuff so I suppose I'm biased. The story is somewhat enjoyable to read, interesting stuff happens and the story setting is interesting (which was the whole reason I started reading). You'll naturally be wanting to know what happens in the next chapter. But honestly, it's not really that good of a story as I pointed out before during my rant. Sorry for ranting guys :-P

ganesh nathan
  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score


A promising novel so far looking forward to future developments.

A good thing about this novel is that the plot isn't cliche', so you can look forward to some unexpected developments.

The character development is good but it kind of seems a bit forced 

Looks like a promising kingdom-building novel

  • Overall Score



Warning, Some Spoilers!!!!


I'm at chapter 38. So, action and fantasy parts are pretty good, the world is interesting, the pacing is satisfying. Overall, I like the novel for now. There are things I don't like as well. The author sometimes likes to compare the situation and society in this magical world to the situation on earth...and quite often shows his lack of knowledge. He compared Feudalism where the government (aka nobles and royal family) has most of the power and citizens and private parties much less to capitalism. Mentioned that the religion is very similar to Christianity and directly after that sentence said that they discriminate against beastkin...didn't Christians send missionaries all over the world to get more followers (from Africa to Asia to South America)? Religions, in general, be it Christianity, Islam or Buddhism don't care about race, they care about belief. 

I like MC he is quite smart and sensible, he's not rush and his powers are good. The only complaint I have is that he showed that he likes to torture people sometimes before killing them...yeah...I don't know why the author added that part to his personality when in other cases MC is shown to have quite a compassionate heart. Hopefully, that will be explained. Another thing is  a bit more personal, others might like it differently. MC is basically a pure mage now and his close combat kinda sucks, any skilled assassin or knight that manages to get close to him could easily kill him. Even his gf should be stronger than him in 1 on 1 fight now. I'm just not a fan of such glass cannon characters. I wish his close combat was just as good as his long-ranged one, his prayer powers have the potential to make his body and reaction speed much better so hopefully, that will happen.

I will update the review after I read more chapters.


Chapter 67

Newer character is interesting and her character is explored more. I liked it. The only problems I have are some previously mentioned ones about MC not training his magic and not utilizing it completely. His abilities are the same as change at all. He seems to have enormous potential yet it's not utilized...especially in close combat, any well-trained muggle could easily kill him if they catch him slightly off-guard. After a while, such lack of progress can become annoying.  

  • Overall Score

I belive the biggest flaw in this novel is research.
City and empire building is hard and has to be done beliveble.
The city building here is not beliveble at all.
Somehow some village people are successfull in designing a city that would turn into a Capitol and bastion.
Yah not gonna happen.

Other Novels solve this for example by adding classes that give skills or in this case the village needs someone with the Blessing of the God of Building early.
That way you can have a solid excuse for all these things that happen.