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Chapter #12: UNCHAINED Part 2

(Phil’s POV)


As I finished roaring I felt my body rush forward on all fours, I knew this wasn’t a good idea, but the sight of the wolves skewered over fires made something within me snap. I rushed forward my body barely under my own control as it did I felt something slam into my chest.

The momentum of the object stopped me dead in my tracks, as I looked down I saw a spear imbedded within my chest. Since I already stopped I stood up now dwarfing every Orc in sight. As I stood the began to form a circle around me. I noticed this, while reaching down I ripped the spear from my chest.

I watched as the wound began to close but It wasn’t fast enough, I said “put 4 SP in Regeneration!”

As I finished the familiar voice echoed within my skull.

[Request Acknowledged, 4 SP put in {Regeneration} Skill] [{Regeneration} is now level 8]

As the voice finished talking I looked down at the wound but it already closed but blood was still there. Rather than just dropping the spear that was thrown at me a grabbed it like a javelin. I lifted the spear holding it close to the its head, as I did I rotated my right arm in a similar fashion to throwing a baseball.

As my arm arched over my head I released the spear throwing it at a group of High Orcs that stood separated from the group that had encircled me. The spear sailed through the air and met its mark.

The spear penetrated one of the several High Orcs and went all the way through him, its momentum allowed it to continue going forward as it slammed into another High Orc directly behind the first it had penetrated. The second-High Orc the Spear had hit struggled to pull the spear out of its gut, but I could no longer pay attention to the High Orcs as the Horde continued to enclose their circle around me, coming closer and closer.

Rather than wait I rushed forward into the circle of flesh, as I threw my-self at the barrier of Orcs I felt several more spears slammed into me by the surrounding Orcs, but I pushed forward. This caused the spears held by the Orcs to be pushed all the way through me.

As I continued forward I felt the familiar sense of pain wash over my body, but I wasn’t paying any attention to it as I lashed out with my claws at several of the Orcs who had speared me. I continued to lash out with my claws, I began to cleave them apart separating their appendages from their body. I continued pushing forward through the circle biting into Orcs and ripping limbs or heads off as I swung my arms again and again, cleaving, a path forward through the encirclement straight towards the group of high Orcs.

As I rushed forward in a crazed state I began slash with my claws at the Orcs necks separating their heads from their bodies. All they while I continued to feel getting stabbed, sliced, and cleaved by Spears, Swords, and Axes, but my wounds would heal just as fast as they were brought about.

As I continued forward I felt several spears get thrown into me making me look like A, oversized porcupine with quills poking out of it.

Using my long arms and clawed hands I began to swipe in all direction causing the closest Orcs to be decapitated and causing other Orcs to move farther away from me. I used this moment to start grabbing the spears imbedded within me and ripping them out. I pulled 5 spears from my back and then started pulling the ones from my chest and nether region, as I did the Orcs started to surge forward again.

Just as I finished removing the last spear I felt the horde completely encircle me. They began to swing weapons from all directions causing me to roar in frustration and pain. I began to swing my clawed hands in retaliation but noticed this would be a losing battle. I needed to break out of the encirclement, I then thought to myself ‘why not just go over them?’.

I continued swiping with my clawed hands at the numerous orcs but focused on straining my leg muscles to the upmost limits. I then jumped with all my strength aiming for the High Orc group with about 25 High Orcs. As I sailed through the air, I guessed this would be where the king was and If I could kill him I figured I could possibly cause disorder within the horde.

As I landed I came almost out of the encirclement of the Main Orc Horde. I pushed forward snarling and continuing to rip apart the few Orcs that separated me from the High Orc group. As I got to the last Orc in between me and the High Orc group, I lifted it up and brought its head to my mouth. I shoved my mouth over its head and neck my front fangs dug into its back while the rest of my fangs crushed it neck and skull.

I began to chew on it slowly but surely causing a reaction amongst the High Orcs group. At first, they began to all ready their weapons but then a High Orc stepped forward and started grunting and shouting in an incomprehensible language.

The High Orc was almost as tall as me probably somewhere around 9ft tall, it had greyed skin with several long scars covering its face and body. Its horn’s where its most defining feature though. It has several small horns that came out around the crown of its skull making a small pointed horned crown. It body was pure muscle and it wielded a spear and having several more strapped onto its back, seeing this I immediately new this was the son of a bitch that had been throwing spears into me.

It pointed at me and began to speak but the Music that played only grew louder and louder causing my blood to stir as the voices echoed, the drums beat, the horns howled, and the strings wailed in a melodious tune. I felt like the tune was familiar, yet it was unknown it continued to make me move forward, onward, to fight, TO KILL!

(Amir’s POV)

As myself and Rina teleported back to Keenheim we appeared on a deck that lord Elbuck was sitting out on while looking at the sky.

As I looked up to see what he was staring at I saw a magnificent sight. Hues of colors continued to form and change and intertwine with one another. as I watched I noticed that the colors Green and Black seemed to writhe and squirm around each other, like they were at odds. As I noticed this I saw the color green suddenly vanish. As it did the other colors were slowly swallowed by the color black, as they disappeared all’s that was left was a starry black night sky.

“What is going on Elbuck?” I asked

“Would I not tell Rina to inform King and you if I already knew Amir? That’s why I had her go to the King. I liked my nice and quiet border town now there’s always something going on…”

“Fair enough, any thoughts why this is going on?” I asked sarcastically not expecting a response

“No, if I had to guess it because of that Mauger. He went out into the Forbidden Forest this morning with a group of scouts and now this is happening.” Elbuck said

“Hmmm, I’d also say I agree with your opinion, I liked it better when this town was nice and quiet but Phillip sure has made things interesting here.” I replied

“That’s your opinion, I liked my nice and quiet town. Not only is it not quiet but I have to baby sit this new citizen… I don’t like this Amir I’m am not a damned nanny!” Elbuck coldly stated

“Agreed, you’re a lord under the service of King Conrad who gave you orders to watch Phillip not be his nanny, remember that. I’ll do what I can to get him out of your hair, but in the meantime, I’m going to figure out what’s happening within the Forbidden Forest.” I replied calmly.

I turned around and motioned for Rina to follow me as we began to prepare our teleportation spell. As I finished preparing I looked at Rina and said, “follow me and do not engage unless I do we are only going to see what is going on within the forest.”

Rina replied, “Yes master, I plan to follow your lead.”

“Good let us be off then.” I replied back to her as I used my teleportation spell.

When I came out of the spell I was deep within the Forbidden Forest, I waited for Rina to arrive, then we began to move.

We both used short teleportation spells after I had connected us using telepathy to communicate.

‘Master what should we be looking for?’ Rina asked

‘I’m sure you’ll know it when you see it, just keep moving forward and be careful’ I replied back to her.

As we I moved forward I soon noticed a trail that was being used consistently so I decided to follow it. I continued to follow it for more than 5 miles before anything happened.

Soon I began to hear something a low hum, as it reached my ears I tried to follow its direction while also informing Rina I had found something.

‘Rina, teleport to my location I think I found which way we are supposed to be going’ I said through the telepathic link.

‘Right away master.’ She replied within several seconds she was next to me and we are on the move again. As we continued to follow the low humming we soon heard the sounds of a fighting. Then a deep roar echoed from the direction as well.


As we continued forward we came across a small mountain. As we teleported up it we saw something interesting several wolves had grouped up together and were all looking in the direction we were heading they had all stopped and sat down while looking off into the distance. Two of the wolves looked familiar they were both jet black and It was then I realized they were the ones that followed Phillip but there 8 more wolves with them all sitting and looking into a clearing at the bottom of the mountain.

As I followed the wolves gaze to the bottom of the mountain I saw something I’d thought I would never see. A huge completely black wolf like man barreled through a horde of Orcs of about 200 strong. He tore them apart like a sharp knife cutting through paper. He moved quickly and even though he continued to take continuous damage from the horde he persisted forward tearing them apart.

Suddenly he Jumped out of the horde landing on its outer edge and began to make his way towards a group separated from the main horde. As he advanced he continued to slaughter the Orcs in front of him. He then grabbed the last Orc separating him from the group of High Orc’s and shoved his mouth over its entire head and began to chew on it, a single huge High Orc stepped forward and pointed at the wolf man who I assumed to be Phillip and started to scream and grunt.

As he did an ominous black aura came out of Phillips body, along with it a cacophonous sound. Voices began to sing in tandem, Horns began to Ring, Drums wailed as they were beat, Stringed instruments were violently plucked as this happened figures began to form around Phillip. Black shaded forms that sung and played these instruments that appeared to be completely made out of shadows, soon the voices all chanted a single word that I could understand. the voices started off quiet, then began to grow louder and louder until nothing could be heard.

“kill, Kill, KILL, KILL, KILL” the blackened figures sang

As they continued a loud sound broke the chanting

*RRRRRRROOOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRR* and filled the night sky

As Phillip roared he launched himself forward. the Huge Orc threw a spear at Phillip, the spear cleaved apart his left arm, almost completely severing it off and drew another spear from its back.

As Phillip came closer to the High Orc it used its spear to continuously jab at him, it would stab him then pull out and repeat this process inflicting massive wounds upon Phillip. Phillip continued forward though undeterred by these wounds that quickly closed themselves.

As Phillip continued forward fighting the massive High Orc, several High Orcs ran up from behind him and grabbed him and began to pin him to the ground, as they did the Tall Spear wielding High Orc ran forward stabbing his spear into Phillip’s left arms completely cleaving it off at the shoulder. Another Orc swung his massive club smashing it into Phillip’s skull.

As it did this it seemed Phillip would die, but surprisingly enough he began to thrash about uncontrollably and the black Aura that surrounded him grew. The music that had stopped continued once again, it began to be played faster and louder.

Then the wolves near Rina and Myself began to loudly howl. As this happened Phillips body began to grow, it went from be similar in size to the High Orc wielding a spear to nearly 12 ft tall

(Phil’s POV)

As I thrashed about on the ground uncontrollably looking at my severed left arm I felt something in me began to awaken something primal. As I thrashed about I felt a club smash into my head, cracking my skull which quickly regenerated.

I felt ringing in my head as my skull began to heal and I then noticed again then melodious music ringing, and the chanting voices I could now understand.


They all said the same thing, as they continued I noticed blackened figures around me made up of shadows, they were the ones chanting. I soon felt more weapons pierce into my body and then several howls ring out into the night.

The howls caused me to stop thrashing about, it caused the primal thing that had woken up to stir more to stir my whole sense of being. I felt my bones begin to snap yet again and my body elongate, as it happened I began to roar thrash about with renewed vigor.

As my body grew and I thrashed I felt the hold of the High Orcs that had grabbed me and muscled me to the ground weaken. Once this happened I sprung up from the ground with my 1 arm and legs and charged the High King Orc. As I did he threw his spear at me, but I deftly dodged it as I charged forward grabbing the High Orc king with my right hand. As my hand wrapped around its throat it lifted it high into the air, I then slammed him down into the ground opening my clenched fist into open palm as I did it.

Once the High Orc King had hit the ground I leaned over and began to use my hand to pin him down while I ripped his arms off and ate them in a single bite bone and all. After removing his arms, I tore its legs off and ate them in a single bone crunching bite. As the bloodied king lay without any of its arms or the legs, I leaned forward wrapping my mouth around its head and lifted it off the ground facing the horde.

The horde stood quietly before me as the chanting and music continued, clenched my jaws around the High Orc Kings skull *CRUNCH* then spat its bloodied carcass onto the forest floor in front of the Orc Horde and roared


I then began to charge at the now silenced Horde. The group of High Orcs had retreated back into the main horde as I rushed forward.

As I charged forward tearing through the horde with my one good arm I noticed my left arm began to regrow. I continued tearing apart the Orcs as they continued to tear into me with their weapons.

I felt my body begin to go ragged I knew I had taken a lot of damage I didn’t know how much HP I still had but I saw the 150 or so Orcs that still made up the horde and knew I had to end this sooner rather than later. As I continued to tear through Orc with just my one hand I felt several swords stab into my chest. The feeling was awful, it was all I could do not to yell in pain, but I pushed forward thrashing my right arm about and biting with my powerful maw destroying the Orcs before me.

As I pushed forward through the horde slicing the through the massive horde I felt an Axe slam into my neck, as it did I incautiously turned my head and grabbed the arm of the attacker in my maw and started ripping him apart with my right hand. As this happened more Orc piled onto me and trying to pin me down and kill me, but I continued thrashing, cutting, and KILLING!

As the Orcs piled on top of me some began to flee, seeing this I let out a Howl, telling Sun and Moon to kill the Orc’s that tried to flee. I didn’t focus on the fleeing Orcs I still had enough to deal with.

Their where still 80 Orcs I had to deal with. By this time my left arm had completely healed so I started swinging both decapitating Orcs to my left and right while steadily snapping my maw ripping heads and limbs from the Orc’s bodies.

I continued, slashing, chomping, and killing for what seemed like almost an hour and there was still 20 Orcs left. I grabbed the nearest one and dug my claws into its chest and used my other hand to start pulling its legs as I did I heard a nasty *SNAP* and the Orc was split in 2 pieces.


I lunged forward and felt two Orcs stab into my back with sword’s, but I slashed at the several in front of me decapitating them with ease.


I turned around and slashed at the two Orcs that had stabbed their swords into me repeatedly slicing them in half at the chest. I then moved forward launching myself onto the nearest Orc crushing it body under my own weight then ripping its head off with my jaws.


The several Orcs that were now left all charged me in a desperate attempt to drag me down to the ground. As the 13 Orcs stabbed into me with their various weapons into me and used their free hands to try to drag me to the ground I let out horrendous roar putting all the pain I had felt in this fight into it.


I then started ripping apart the Orcs grabbing limbs, and heads then ripping them off.


As I got to the last Orc I moved forward but was surprised to see Sun and Moon pounce onto it and start to rip it apart along with several other wolves following suit.


As I saw this I heard a familiar voice echo within my head.

[Achieved Level 6], [Achieved Level 7], [Achieved Level 8] ... [Achieved Level 10], [ Skills {Claw’s; Fangs of Death}, {Animal Instincts}, {Pain Resistance}, {Fang; Claw Mastery}, {Bottomless Stamina} have leveled up to (8)] … [Skill’s {Regeneration} and {Shapeshift} have leveled to (10)] …. [Achieved Title {Orc’s-bane: You have killed over 200 Orc’s, your mere presence cause’s Orc’s to feel terror. +5 to all attributes when fighting Orc’s}].

As the familiar voice stopped another familiar voice echoed within my skull “hahaha, you have completed your first task child of nature. Continue to grow your power and let my name be known in this world!”

“Death” I simply said as my body collapsed underneath my own weight still in my shifted form. As my I laid on the ground I looked at my thoroughly injured body. I had regrown my arm, but I still had several wounds that began to close at an accelerated rate thanks to my enhanced [Regeneration] Skill.

Then I saw a flash of light appear on my right side. I tried to get away from it but was surprised to see Amir standing their along with Rina who stared at me with their mouths agape.

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